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(en) Britain, The BRISTOL CLASSWAR anarchists produced THE BRISTOL HUM... Issue 1 January 2010

Date Tue, 08 Jun 2010 10:14:22 +0300

The only paper in Bristol not owned by the Daily Mail. -- GUESS WHO'S BACK!? -- Saturday September the 12th. Remember this date ,as it will go down in history, as the day Bristol Class War was reborn. -- After visiting the Bristol Anarchist bookfair ,& being largely unimpressed, by the middle class kids playing at politics. A contingent from the Class War stall, decided to reconvene to the boozer, for some proper discussion, on the current state of Bristol! -- As the mass exodus began to attract further followers. Old & new friends came together,with a renewed hope & enthusiasm ( & a few beers) to bring together, a new Bristol Class War group. --- It's not as if we've been away,many of us there,have been involved in various local & national issues.

Fighting for the rights of the
working class & those without a
voice. Fed up with politicians & the
banks,taking our money & us
for idiots. Cuts in wages,jobs &
The rise of Right wing bigots
on our estates,trying to fool
people with their lies.
Police oppression & the big
brother state.Wars no one
wants & being fed the same
old bullshit by those in
We've had enough of all
that,& want to create change.
We had our first meeting a
couple of weeks later.lots of
people turned up & We've
got lots of ideas.But it's not
just about us,we want YOU to
become involved.Life is not
something that happens to
you,it's something you make.
If your interested in more


Section 5 of the Public Order Act. What a load of bollocks.

This law means if your walking down the street telling
your mate what a cunt your boss is and a copper
overhears you. The copper can ask you to pay an on
the spot £80 fine or arrest you and give you a court
date where you could pay £1,000 fine. And this is
cause your language may be '' threatening, abusive or
insulting''. How a vague is that. You could call some
one a numpty and that could be seen as ''insulting''.
Now I don't think walking down the street
shouting cunt shit fuck and any child that looks at you
is alright. But this is just another stupid law that we've
managed without for years.

This law also applies to what your wearing. There was
a bloke a while back selling 'Bollocks to Blair' t
shirts who was fined him £80 for causing harassment,
alarm and distress. Now to me the Police uniform
causes ''harassment, alarm and distress'', but I don't
think I'd ever get £80 out of them.

How Social Services victimize women with Postnatal Depression.!

This is what happened to my
family. I'm a woman who had
three loved, happy, contented,
and well adjusted children.

Social Services has broken up MY
family because of Postnatal
Depression. It is no surprise
that Women are frightened to go
to their Doctor for help, if my own
experience is typical.

In 1998 I had my third child. She
was premature,
with all the medical problems ex
perienced by such a small baby. I
found it very difficult to cope with
this and went to see my Doctor.
While I was still able to look after
my children I was very depressed.
My weight dropped to 5 stone. I
knew I needed professional help
before my illness Affected my
ability to care for them.

My Doctor was a typical, old
fashioned pompous middle class
TWAT.I was told to go away. He
told me, "There is no such Thing as
postnatal depression". I had
experienced mild depression with
my first two children. My Doctor at
that time gave me the help I

I tried many times to get help
from this doctor and got nowhere.
I continued to lose weight. I was
desperate to get help for myself
as I was not looking after myself
very well, although I was able to
care for my children. I was always
exhausted. In my own mind I knew
that I was ill. I questioned my
ability to care for the needs of my
children and even though I WAS
meeting their needs the
depression it makes you think you
are not.

I was left with only one place to
go for help. I went to Social
"help" was to take my children
from me. This not only destroyed
my life but also that of my children.
Since my children have been in
foster care they have changed

My children are very
unhappy, and still wish, more
than anything, to come home.
My children have to make
secret phone calls just to get
more contact with me.

I am writing this as a warning.
HAVE YOUR SAY. Women in my
position shouldn't be
BAD PARENT, or have their
children taken from them
because of this illness, when all
that was needed was a little
practical help. Useless middle
class Social workers, pompous
posh Doctors and an Upper
Class, out of touch geriatric
Judge ruined MY Life and that
of my kids. I know that if I had
been richer, better educated,
and better informed, they
wouldn't have even thought of
doing what they did. Don't ever
expect any real, practical help
from any of them. YOU HAVE


Privatisation of Bristol NHS

Avon and Wiltshire
Partnership NHS Trust is in
the process of applying
for Foundation Trust
Status, which appears to
be back door privatization.
It is not only NHS Trusts
that can become
Foundation Trusts. Private
company's like Bupa
can apply to run services
or even the whole of the

Once they have become a Foundation
Trust they could outsource
some or all of their
functions to the private.
sector. Now the
Government are saying
that having a Foundation
Trust would be better for
us (as they always know
whats best) because we
could become members of
the Foundation Trust, have
in input into Trust
expenses and vote on who
goes on the Boards of
Governors. So there would
be more accountability.
Now as we all know the
Bristols' major bus operator
First are offering a wonderful
free medical service to their
drivers because they are such a
compassionate and caring
multinational. Sound too good
to be true? That's because it is.
They have contracted private
company 'Cotswold Medical' to
examine drivers and declare
them fit for work when their
own GP and consultants have
said otherwise. This comes only
months after another private
medical outfit 'Active Health
Partners' (AHP) lost their
contract with the company
because sickness absence
increased. These fucking
clowns advised one driver to go
to A&E with an ear infection
after seeing their own GP and
given medication. The driver
obediently waited four hours
with the seriously injured at the
BRI only to be spoken to into
his pustulated ear by an
indignant doctor to stop
wasting their valuable time. He
couldn't help but agree and
meekly sloped off with an
embarrassed glow. So
concerned are First Bus
UK with the welfare of
their drivers that the HR
department go out of their
way to impoverish them
when ill by stopping their
statutory sick pay. The
deviants only cough up
when the definition of
'statutory' is explained to
them. Doctors certificates
and company documents
have been known to
magically vanish.
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