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(en) Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle against the separation wall and 43 years of occupation

Date Tue, 08 Jun 2010 09:18:19 +0300

This week picked with two subjects: Gaza solidarity and marking 43 years of occupation 43 too many! Together we shall call: NO to Apartheid YES to joint action NO to expulsion and expropriation â YES to liberty and freedom of movement ---- NO to the occupation â YES to liberation and independence. --- In this past decade, more than ever before, the contacts between those struggling grew stronger, and the Jewish-Palestinian cooperation became an inherent part of the struggle. Weekly Demonstrations are held in the West bank: Bil'in, Nialin, Ma'asra, Nabi Salah, Walaja, Bet Omar, Hebron, Bet Jala, Sheich Jerach and many other locations - became a symbol of breaking the walls of segregation towards a hope for a future of equality and a just peace.

443 ACTIONS - New Beit Nuba

"The Popular Committee Against the Wall & The Coalition Against the Occupation Marking together 43 years of occupation â 43 years too many! Friday, June 4th, 12:30 Convoy and rally near Kherbata village, next to the Apartheid Road - Information on transportation arrangements will follow."

"...The occupation marks its 43rd year, starting June 1967. It has been 43 years of domination, oppression, segregation, settlement enterprise, theft of water and lands, military regime, closures and restrictions on movement, house demolitions, political arrests, torture, one-sided annexation and killing of civilians. 43 years of war crimes and colonial expansion...."

".... On the June 4th demonstration we will focus on one case which embodies the entire history of the occupation:
The villages Yalu, Amuas and Bet-Nuba in the Latrun enclave were completely destroyed by the Israeli army during the occupation in June 1967. On some of their lands settlements such as Mavo Horon were built; other lands became the Canada Park, where Israeli citizens spend their leisure time...."

"...For many years the uprooted residents of the three villages - the majority of live today in the villages around the road 443, used to convene on these lands on the 4th of June. Since the erection of the Separation Wall the land which used to be their home is now forbidden for visitation.

"In the 90s thousands of dunams were expropriated from the residents of these villages under the pretense that the road will serve them as a major route to Ramllah. However, the road is closed to Palestinian vehicles for years. The Supreme Court has ordered to open a section of the road, in a way that will not enable easy access to Ramallah through the checkpoints of Bitunia or Kalandia. The opened road will hence lead to nowhere.
In our joint rally on June 4th we will raise our voice against the policy of expropriation and segregation and call together for life in dignity, equality and freedom."

Friday demo

One hundred and fifty Israelis joined about a thousand Palestinian demonstrators to commemorate 43 years of occupation in New Beit Nuba Friday. Coordinated by the popular committees in the West Bank and the Coalition against the Occupation the demonstration focused on the right of return of the those internally displaced Palestinians from the villages of Yalu, Amuas and Beit Nuba, which were demolished to the ground by Israel in 1967, and on the demand to open the Apartheid Road 443 for Palestinians.

Following the noon prayer the demonstration marched towards the fence which separates New Beit Nuba from the lands of the demolished villages, on top of which now lay the illegal settlement of Mavo Horon and the Canada Park. Amongst the demonstrators was also MK Hanin Zoabi, who has just returned from the Free Gaza Flotilla. Once demonstrators reached the first fence, that protects the Separation Fence itself, they started decorating it with Palestinian flags, and chanted slogans against the fence and for the founding of true peace.

Several minutes later some demonstrators managed to break the gate in the fence and approach the Apartheid Fence itself, decorating it too with flags. At this point the twenty or so soldiers present attacked the demonstration with repeated rounds of tear gas. The greater part of the demonstration retreated, and few stayed an hour longer for a game of catch with stones and gas.

Israel Puterman video âhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frvseNpbhJM
Picture ActiveStills.org: http://awalls.org/files/images/4669913296_aa123ece5e.preview.jpg


On Sunday June 6th, A group of Palestinians, Israelis and internationals demonstrate against the building of the Wall in Beit Jala, 06.06.2010. This week, the demonstrators honored the dead of the flotilla to Gaza, by carrying a mock coffins, and flags from different nationalities. The demonstrators managed to surprise the Israeli soldiers by taking another route. After being stopped, they managed to get through and reached the bulldozers which are now working only a few meters from Palestinian homes. As soon as the demonstrators reached the bulldozers, the Israeli soldiers fired tear gas canisters directly at them. The soldiers then violently pushed back the demonstrators to the road. One Israeli activist was arrested.

He was released after long detention at the late evening with 5 days restriction from Beit Jalla.


"There will be a demo tomorrow in Beit Omar, if you wish to join please contact me. D."

"Jamie, a British national, was arrested today during a demonstration in Beit Ommar. While the main group of Palestinians were prevented from participating, a small group including PSP activists and national committee members walked through the fence that was cut open in a previous demonstration and marched along Route 60 (not stopping traffic), carrying Turkish and Palestinian flags. They were soon corralled into an area in front of a shop where they stopped and made speeches of solidarity with the people on the Freedom Flotilla, the recently stopped Rachel Corrie boat, as well as the 3 people injured and 2 killed by settlers in the last week in the Hebron area. As they made their way back into the village, the large military presence following them, they stopped to hold their flags in front of the Israeli military tower at the entrance to Beit Ommar. One international, supported by Palestinian participants, climbed the wall and stuck a Palestinian flag on the structure surrounding the tower. After marching a few more feet, he was pulled out of the crowd and arrested.

He is being accused of assaulting a soldier, though there is videotape showing him standing holding a poster seconds before he is grabbed and thrown to the ground by three soldiers.

He will be appearing in the Russian Compound court tomorrow (Sunday) morning. Please let me know if you can be there"



About 10 Israelis and over 20 internationals joined a larger than usual weekly Palestinian demonstration against the land & naval blockade on Palestinian communities that Israel implements by means of fences and bullets. Due to the blockade getting into Bil'in was trickier than usual with many entries blocked by mobile checkpoints, covering both entries to Kufr Naama. The demonstration was led by a model of the Marmara mounted on a car and staffed by demonstrators, surrounded by enthusiastic singing and chanting. When the procession reached the fence, demonstrators dressed up as pirates and waving a black-and-white Israeli/army/pirate flag charged the ship in an enactment of the flotilla raid, but failed to take over. The Israeli soldiers, obviously keen on a more realistic reenactment of the raid, flooded the area with gas and stormed in right after someone called through a loudspeaker that the demonstration was not violent and no repression was necessary. Several demonstrators and journalists were injured by the soldiers who tried to grab them and by the gas. Three were arrested: a 73 years old Israeli demonstrator (me I.S. - who spent the afternoon being examined in a hospital and then released), the local Palestinian who had been shot in his leg while cuffed and blindfolded (and who was arrested and released more times than anyone cares to remember), and one of the organizers of the flotilla, the Palestinian citizen of Israel Howeyda Arraf (for whom this was the second arrest in three days). The army's weapons set fire to some olive trees, and was extinguished by Palestinian firemen in purple camouflage.

Y. P.:
"I would like to add a little more to Hagai's report about what happened before and after the demonstration, regarding the encounters with the Israeli Army.

In the morning the Israeli Army detained several cars for half an hour at the entrance from 443 to Hirebta, when we were on the way to new Beit Nuba. The soldiers took IDs and took face photos, one by one, with an Apple IPhone. They probably also took pictures of the number of the vehicles. The soldiers warned us that we were allegedly doing something illegal by crossing the barrier, and warned us that we should not enter. There was also a sign there that says: "Israeli? You got here by mistake? Go back!" or something like that if I'm not mistaken, it is some sign to warn every Israeli to go back.

On the way back from the demo in the afternoon, those who did not continue to Jerusalem and returned to Tel Aviv saw that the barrier we came from was blocked, So we returned to Tel Aviv through the Niâlin checkpoint. The soldiers detained us at Ni'lin after a car drove fast through the checkpoint and refused to stop, apparently a settler who did not understand why the soldiers suddenly stop vehicles there. My car was followed and stopped by the soldiers. I told the soldier that we are stopping, not like that one. The soldier immediately asked: "Are you on our side or their side?" Apartheid law clearly.

I tried to explain to the soldier that we came from the settlement of Nili and visited friends there, but the soldier asked about the shirt I was wearing, a Flotilla solidarity shirt. The soldiers decided to detain my car and another vehicle at the checkpoint. The soldier who asked earlier "Are you on our side or their side?" insisted to question us about our political views, our opinions, and he asked in particular if we are for or against the rally. I told the soldier about visiting friends in the settlement of Nili and that we never heard of any demonstration. I tried to explain that all other day I pass through checkpoints and had never been stopped. He asked again about the shirt, so I told him it was from Tel-Aviv.

The soldier insisted that he suspected we were all in the demonstration areas and tried to get a confession out of us: "I just want to you tell me where you were? If you protested, say it, that's all." The soldier hinted that if we face it, he would free us. My car had another activist with a shirt: "Want peace? Stop supporting the Army Now!" the activist said to the soldier that he had no authority to detain us. One of the soldiers insisted that they have all the authority to hold us up and that they have much and many more power. The soldier said he had all the power here to do what he wants.

Things began to look grim, and it seemed like the soldiers were looking for an excuse to raise the level of violence with the activist detainees. The soldiers consulted among themselves and it seemed like they havenât decided what to do with us. They did not say how long they will detain us, and I think they were looking for an excuse to take us aside and beat us up or something. When we saw the soldiers were not going to let us go, I told the officer that I work for the ministry of education in the Israeli court and also for an Attorneys office â and I demanded him to call police to handle us. The soldier did not answer, so I asked several times what about calling the police? The soldier ignored me and talked on the phone, so I asked him again: "Are you speaking with the police on the phone right now?" He said no, so I told him we are the ones who are going to call the police! Shortly after that the soldiers decided to release our car and another vehicle that they inhibited.

This non important little incident shows again that the fascist soldiers and police officers arrest people by the shirts they wear, according to their opinions, according to which side they are on, while trying to intimidate and deter anyone who has a different opinion. The deterrence in Israel is not for preventing the expression of opinions, but also by trying to prevent people from having a different belief. The violence today is terrible and I'm sure it will increase much more."

Video of the demo: http://www.youtube.com/v/VlBkbhxFfIY


"A demonstration supporting the break the siege flotilla will be held tomorrow, Monday, 31.5.10 in front of Ashdod port."

"The army took over the flotilla and, according to the press, killed 10 people and injured dozens. We will leave Tel Aviv Gan Lewinski at 11:00, and 10:00 from Jerusalem near the location of the Comity Against houses Demolition at King George 14."

About 200 Israelis came to the demo on the shore near the entrance of ships to the port.

During the few hours we demonstrated there we could see the smaller yachts escorted to the port.

More details and pictures at: http://anarkismo.net/article/16755

Evening demos at:

Jerusalem: 19:00 Paris square
Haifa: 19:00 Al-Jabal/Al-Carama intersection
Tel-Aviv: 19:00 In front of the war ministry compound at Kaplan Street

About two thousands converged at Tel-Aviv in front of the war ministry compound.

M. C. was arrested during today's big demo in Tel-Aviv, against the Flotilla massacre.
He will be brought in front of a judge tomorrow morning, 9:00, at HaShalom court in Tel-Aviv (Weizmann corner of Shaul Hamelech).

Come to show solidarity,


Demonstration, tomorrow Wednesday June 2nd, at 6:00pm in front of Beer Sheva prison:
Wednesday 2.6.10 Beersheba demo at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GIBVimm70w

Release the peace activists trying to help Gaza!

for more information and transportation:

Jerusalem - D.

Tel Aviv - Ya.

Beer Sheva - Ye.

5/31: Israeli Massacre of Activists on Freedom Flotilla - RAW VIDEO

The video was lived from the "Freedom Flotilla convoy" by TV reporters boat when Israel commando storm, attack, shooting and killing peace activist at the ship. On the video you can see the horror when Israel forces circling and shooting bullets to the ship, dead and wounded caring across the cabin.

http://www.actionla.org:8080/actionla/front/detailed3.jsp?title=5/31: Israeli Massacre of Activists on Freedom Flotilla - RAW VIDEO&newsId=767&filename=1275381047968&ext=flv



"Demonstration in solidarity with Freedom Flotilla - Saturday 3pm

Letâs stand together to honor the Freedom Flotilla martyrs and to
lift the siege on Gaza.

In honor of those killed by the Israeli military on the Freedom Flotilla,
for all those who organised it and participated in it, and in memory of 43
years of occupation, Youth Against settlements invites you to participate
in our weekly demonstration.

Where: the Old Municipality Square, Hebron
When: 3pm on Saturday 5th June

Youth Against Settlements organizes a weekly demonstration as part of the
ongoing struggle to open Shuhada street and win freedom of movement for
Palestinians in Hebron. Israelis and internationals participate in this
demonstration in solidarity with the demand to end the occupation.

The Israeli occupation forces closed Shuhada street in 1994 after the
Ibrahimi Mosque massacre and Palestinian automobiles have not been
allowed to use it since. After that, in 2000, Palestinians were forbidden
from walking in Shuhada Street, supposedly for the security of 600 Israeli
settler occupying the heart of Hebron.

The Israeli army has also closed 500 shops in the city and their policies
and practices have forced the closure of more than 1000 other shops.

The occupation of Hebron has turned the lives of 200,000 Palestinians into
a living hell.

Letâs raise our voices and demand the end of occupation and the lifting of
the siege on Gaza.

Letâs stand together to honor the victims of the Flotilla.

Youth Against settlements."


On Saturday June 5th in Hebron, around 60 demonstrators protested in solidarity with the Freedom Flotilla victims and against the severe Israeli apartheid and freedom of movement violations in the city and throughout Palestine. Some demonstrators were carrying a boat with many flags and on top of it 2 kids held a coffin covered with the Turkish flag and written over "human rights" and "justice". After some speeches and chantings, the demonstrators turned to march as usual through the allies of the old city but were soon blocked by dozens of Israeli soldiers, which refused to explain their discriminatory behavior, allowing settlers to march just an hour earlier. To avoid further army violence and arrests, the demonstration was declared over.


this Friday demo will carry the solidarity with all the victims of the solidarity flotilla people who were killed by the Israeli terrorist occupation forces in the international water we call all the people to come and to participate in the demo of AL-Ma'sara village we need creative ideas connected to the event that happened to the sheep's. People who are interest in creative ideas can join us Thursday night at the community center or Friday early in the morning to prepare everything for the demo.

Mahmoud Zwahra
Al-Ma'sara village - Bethlehem - Palestine


On Friday June 4th a short demonstration was held in Nabi Saleh due to a village mourning. The Israeli army raided immediately into the village and blocked its main intersection, forbidding any vehicle to pass through. After an hour of clashes with the army, demonstrators had gone home or to console the mourning family. Nevertheless, Israeli army soldiers remained in their newly claimed post hours after, harassing the local community. One Israeli demonstrator was arrested for simply talking to the soldiers.

David Reeb Friday 28.5.10 video on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ReA-wcTK-s


The Friday afternoon demonstration was the pick of the joint struggle at the neighborhood.
As usual it draw few hundred demonstrators including activists of the AAtW and the radical left, and also people of the Zionist left. The loose coalition expanded the struggle to demonstrations in other cities an a new initiative as follows:

"Sheikh Jarrah in Solidarity with Dahamash - Together against oppression and racism

Dahamash is a small unrecognized village between Lod and Ramlle that existed since before 1948 and was build on privately owned Palestinian land. The state of Israel refuses to recognize the village claiming the land is agricultural land, while in adjacent Jewish villages land is rezoned for building.

Now that the Municipality of Ramlle is building a new Jewish neighborhood adjacent to the village, the mayor believes the new Jewish residents will prefer not to have Dahamash residents as neighbors and so has issued 70 demolition orders for houses in the village. 600 men women and children of Dahamash are going to loose their homes if we don't act to stop this!

Like in Sheikh Jarrah, the establishment's discrimination and blunt racism of the government and "justice" system is screaming to the sky in Dahamash.

This Wednesday (9.6) we, residents and activists of Sheikh Jarrah, will join the people of Dahamsh in a demonstration ending with a concert of the Palestinian band DAM.
Transportation will leave Jerusalem at 16:00 from the bell garden (Gan Hapa'amon)."


The demonstration to commemorate the 43 years of occupation and struggle against it, draw few thousands participants of the left, including the Zionist left.

An anarchist block with our flags, banners and chants included those of us who were not lost in the big crowd. According to media, this demo included 6 thousands participants. The theme and the bigger than usual number of participants were because of the combined protest of the 43 of occupation and the harassment of the Gaza flotilla.
See Previous reports at: http://ilanisagainstwalls.blogspot.com
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