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(en) Anarkismo.net: Left and Zionism, like eating salt and sugar at the same time by author Urrea Esteban Ferreira [machine translation]

Date Mon, 07 Jun 2010 11:11:02 +0300

The following article was originally prepared for Issue No. 31 of the Road Map Magazine. Publication that is driven by a group of resident Palestinian community in Chile. My intention as a collaborator in this monthly magazine, aimed primarily to assist with analysis from a libertarian perspective. For in this way readers approach the Roadmap, the forces of socialism libertarian ideas. In this sense, the letter has an approach that aims to be a basic contribution to the knowledge of our school of thought, but above all, aims to be a critique of the state of Israel and international Zionism. Left [1] and Zionism are antithetical, are words loaded with content, but in a completely opposite meaning, something like a deafening silence, like mixing oil on canvas with latex, like confusing love and hate.

However, both the historical concepts that seem contradictory are complementary in their goals of domination, adapting speeches of various political stripes in its justification of expansion.

Historically, the interior of Zionism have been different trends and / or factions both positions accepted by most as representative examples of the various minorities. All issues can be understood as daily dynamics within a political movement and even within a political system, as well as occurring within this specific organic also occur in any building subjective space, both at micro and macro social.

Could be understood as different voices arguing inside. However, the hegemonic position which is expressed out from the beginning of the Israeli state, has always been unequivocal: slaughter, dispossession, occupation and control. Since even any babbling critic, is completely out of context, or suppressed by the strong and broad state apparatus (with influence supranational or affecting more than one nation) created to socially isolate and berate the different expressions criticism, which is known awkwardly as: "Jews who hate themselves."

I. The origins of the parties and the creation of an independent national state.

To find the origins of the Left parties which includes Zionism, we must go back before the founding of the state, where we are, with the exception of PC, which all have a nationalistic line.

The first Jewish political parties we can find in Russia the Czar, which originated due to the oppression they suffered as a minority community living and exploitation of the proletariat in the workplace. The main difference is between Zionists, who were the minority and majority sectors, non-Zionists.

The clear division of waters (Zionists, non-Zionist and anti-Zionist), is an antagonism that remain to this day, a dynamic that will help us to maintain that the contradiction is illusory left-right within this stream of thought and action.

The scope of those groups that were formed in pre-revolutionary Russia, pointed only to the popular sectors of the community, and that their immediate demands (protection of minority rights and the work environment) were considered the first priority. Therefore, never sought the unity of the working class regardless of their nationality, they discussed the issue, because it was the main criticism of Lenin wielded against them.

Just as there are nationalist movements, Zionism does not necessarily ascribed [2], which posed as the only way for freedom of the Jewish workers, the creation of an independent national state. This idea slowly begins to take shape within the Left, which spread and eventually carried out the immigration to the territory of Palestine.

II. The essence is seen when the curtain rises

While there are dissenting voices trying to humanize Zionism, are common and real practical effects, which define a political current, or an ideology.

It along with the historical development of mankind experimentation in relation to material conditions, "in which both consciousness and demonstrate the rationality of the various workshops and events. In turn, this relationship is where you set the false or true ideological framework created to wield power or hegemony of the privileged position of certain sectors in the production process [3]. It is here, where they collide and stressed the ideals, the "politically and ethically correct," the claims of objective truth, the intentions of a decent life for all humanity reconciled with itself and, of course, the domination of over others. In simple words, is life itself (in fact) which reveals the true human face and the real intentions of Zionism, which, in raising the curtain show stripped of alleged false trappings of protocol and progressive ideals are manifested without masks.

We just want to use three examples to outline our approach more concretely:

a) The acts of the Likud party and his government of consensus organized in 2006. His subsequent invasion of Lebanon, which is signed and planned, nothing more, nothing less, than Amir Peretz, a former union agitator in large general strikes, then MP for the Labour Party in 2006 has served as Minister of Defense and, therefore, organizes the ironically named military operation "Just Reward" [4].

b) The evacuation of Gaza, carried out by Sharon in order to destroy more easily isolate and control the territory. Tactical and strategic decision that resulted in a break from Labour and its subsequent convergence with the racist right, the party called Kadima.

c) The ongoing construction of settlements (about 1600) on the land of Jerusalem, who come to deny the "search for peace longed to try to get Israel."

They serve the hegemonic ideology clearly plotted in Tel Aviv. Regardless of their inclinations, that is, if not for that run by the Left or the Right to the Nakba, as the difference between Right and Left in this case was always zero. On the contrary, these three facts Zionists declared purposes: ethnic cleansing "from the slaughter and Apartheid" to get a free territory Arab presence and consolidate a national state ethnically pure Greater Israel, the greatest vice of all nationalist and racist autocracies that have existed in the history of mankind.

In this sense, if it is true that Zionist Left faction differed in the media, in full accord in the end, that is fully matched in the final wish of Yabotinski [5], which concluded in their thoughts and actions, not was necessary to attach importance to the Arabs or dead, much less criticism and recriminations confronting the international community through the process and consolidation of its proposed program. It is therefore at the point where we find the objective relations between individuals and is in this area when the social reality unfolds without ideals, when "we look at reality through the eyes uncovered" (says a tender and beautiful film H. Miyazaki). It is here, when show the very pragmatic practice, when our actions are a true reflection of our way of facing the world, our ethics and morals, our respect for each other or the other, our respect for the right to live, the sovereignty and self-determination of peoples, of our vision of democracy, either as a procedure on one side or as a strategic vision of building social institutions on the other, ie as a political regime [6].

III. The human sensitivity to the extent of Zionism and the use of a false identity.

Another aspect is what the Jewish political scientist Norman Finkelstein has called "The Holocaust industry." That is, beyond the slaughter and torture, the State has used the language of the oppressed and the abuses of Nazism to successfully integrate those who did not identify with their political ideology to legitimize socially occupation of Palestinian territory.

A crazy example to strengthen and implement its policy, is the instrumentation that has made the AMIA [7] in Argentina of literary works of Marxist writers, such as from the book "Terror and Misery in the Third Reich" by Bertolt Brecht , 24 scenes drama that makes a devastating critique of Nazism, representing his mentality and his campaign of terror. Tricks like this to exploit the human sensitivity to the exercise we do not, because his actions clearly shimmers. That is, the maximum instrumentalizing Shoah for political purposes, end the practice by making it clear to the Palestinian people.

IV. The contradiction Left-Right, or anti-imperialism "for the Left Socialist Imperialism.

From the perspective of the Left, which arise social change, ie from the position of a revolutionary-minded Left, the conflict that exists in the Middle East, not going through a conflict between Left and Right. In fact, with which we completely agree, think they understand that position, is not understanding the magnitude of the problem.

All Zionist parties despite their dispute over the electoral arena, whether Right or Left, identify with the aims of the Jewish Agency [8], which leads us to think that really the division between left and right is a totally secondary issue, both from an objective standpoint and subjective.

The conflict must be understood as an occupation by imperial and colonial character. Since its installation in 1948 violence, Israel plays the role of gendarme and guarantor of the designs of its various historical allies. At first approached the European imperial powers needed to maintain their estates: England control over the Persian Gulf, Iraq and Egypt (Suez Canal), the French colonial rule in Algeria, Morocco, Syria and Tunisia; Italian colonial rule over Libya and so on. In the second period, characterized by the reorganization geopolitical and imperialist map changes. Tel Aviv is seeking new allies, finding rest in the U.S. foreign policy Seek the support of the powers of the Western world, was favorable to both parties from the strategic point of view (imperial and colonial), and was instituted as the main tool to dismantle the Arab nationalist intentions and purposes of the Pan-Arabism, because both to be against the redesign of the Middle East.

An example that helps us to plot the result of Israel to the projections of imperialism, is the programmatic shift was the party Mapai [9] and abandoned its socialist roots to moderate stages of social change through peaceful means and to not clash with U.S. interests

V. And then where do we place the hope?

During the last election, the Labour Party has lost voters. The steady decline in their level of popular support has made increasingly more isolated is their negotiating proposals and non-aggression. Inside, each time becomes more real intentions converge in a new space with the parties of the radical right.

On the left, the Meretz party is totally decalcified and without prospects [10], while on the side of citizens entitled to vote, the slopes are increasing towards the parties representing the proposals of "endless war until eliminate terrorist groups. " To do this, just enough to look at the first three preferences of the results of recent elections.

Today the idea that the Israeli population is in danger and under constant hostility on the part of the Arab World, has managed to convince the people of Israel, justifying through this terror is increasing, the thoughts of the extreme right (security and prevention in a hostile world) who have deep draft and increasingly achieve greater social base of support [11].

It is in this framework, good and bad, that the approaches of a "Clash of Civilizations" are to gain greater validity.

Report this macabre farce ideology is important, help to create bonds of solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians and the expulsion is an additional task. But as demonstrated in the successful uprising of 1987, the main effort should be nurturing the mass direct action, street fighting is popular. That itself, ensuring that it is not politically capitalized, as happened in the early nineties, by the most corrupt leaders and faithful to the purposes of Israel.

For no matter how small our contribution to this great work, we refer to the complete emancipation of mankind, nothing is in vain in this world, because as Bakunin said: "Our work is not lost, nothing is lost in this world : water droplets, though invisible, able to form the ocean. "

Ferreira Esteban Urrea.


[1] From the beginning, I ask readers to bear in mind that within the Left there are different trends, within which, from my perspective, only libertarian socialism, or socialism in freedom, is the only phase history that will overcome the current conditions of existence created and the various socialist experiments of State.

[2] The case Bund Party (Fraternity). View: http://www.matzpen.org/index.asp?u=101&p=chap2-06

[3] See the following article I have written, "Elements for an analysis of the Israeli state ideology." In: Road Map Magazine, Issue No. 29, January 2010.

[4] Without sensationalist claims, but to design a permanent and systematic assault by the army of Israel, we can not forget the nearly 1,500 people (registered on August 18, 2006 in "Mideast War by the Numbers", The Guardian) killed in the invasion of Lebanon, of which 1187 were civilians, one third under 12 years, 46 Lebanese soldiers neutral in the conflict, 74 Hizbullah fighters and 160 Israelis, of whom 120 were soldiers. According to the August 14 "officially the last day of hostilities", other guerrilla groups who lost limbs in the clashes were: The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command-, two fighters, the guards Popular Lebanese Communist Party, 12 militia, Amal, 17 fighters. Moreover, 72 hours before the cease-fire, the act indignant, as a clear revenge for the defeat of Israel, launched nearly one million unexploded cluster bombs and anti-personnel mines, added to the end of November same year, 23 new casualties and 145 wounded, which amounted to three Lebanese daily were victims of an explosion. See: José A. Gutierrez. "Lebanon: new Israeli slaughter of fascism and the crisis of imperialism" and "afterword: a cloud in the Fall", both available in: Man and Society Review, Second Time, No. 20. New Years Eve 2006. Santiago Chile.

[5] Zeey Yabotinsky (1880-1940) is a figure of world Zionism, an organic intellectual in Gramsci's words, which influenced many aspects which we characterize as the current hegemonic ideological political line of Tel Aviv, since its thought and action inspired in large part to the factions who founded the Likud party, the political arm of the extreme right.

[6] See online: Cornelius Castoriadis. "Democracy as procedure and as a political regime." Original text in: La strategia nella società che democratic change, Ed Datanews, Via S. Erasmo 15, 00184 Rome, May 1995.

[7] AMIA: Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina

[8] Major agricultural financier in Kibuts carried forward and the maintenance of functional activities of the Zionist spectrum. This search for economic benefits to sustain the party apparatus, led to the differences between Social Democrats (Mapai) and sectors that were considered revolutionary left (Mapam), leave their line and close ties with the proposals right.

[9] leftist tendencies that led the early formation of the State of Israel, as always occupied central positions in major sectors of power (the Histadrut, art that sought to create a new society, the Jewish Agency, spread throughout the world for fundraising and the national government) and also had a social base of support that traded their choice, since most of them were officials of the various devices, therefore, lost employment and social security.

[10] In fact, in the fourth quarter, Matzpen has achieved greater adherence of leftist groups and those who believe in the right to live in peace.

[11] The fear of such a universal human characteristic, with the main premise that the nation states were able to conform and maintain its ideological framework. Today, it remains instrumentalized for evil purposes and obsessive in politics. For example, the Chilean political system and their parties, especially the democratic parties, which use the HH.RR. perversely and memory of the coup, as fatal to a people when you try to be organized in the democratic and politics seriously: in factories, neighborhoods, universities, etc..
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