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(en) Le Monde Libertaire # 1584 25 Feb to 3 Mars 2010 (fr) [machine translation]

Date Fri, 26 Feb 2010 17:18:42 +0200

"States [...] ensure that no child shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. " --- Extract from Article 37 of the International Convention on
Rights of the Child. ---- Summary of World Libertarian # 1584 of February 25 to March 3, 2010 ---- "Be yourself même.com" by Fred, page 3 ---- Manufactured winter, by JM Raynaud, page 4 ---- Israel ... by Philaud, page 5 ---- Brief pell-mell, page 6 ---- The mess, Mr. Silberstein, page 7 ---- Retreats and fighting, by A. Somiador, page 9 ---- Pécresse hacked! By Bibo, page 12 ---- Schools on the carpet, by Isabella, page 14 ---- Loppsi 2, M. Rajsfus, page 15 ---- Dupuy-Dunia ..., C. Kottelane, page 17 ---- Proudhon ... by Mr. Enckell, page 17 ---- Scared of Clovis, by G. January, page 18
Colin Ward, by N. Potkin, page 19
Radio libertarian pamphlet "on page 20
Life Movement, page 21
The programs of rebel radio station, page 22
Agenda, page 23

Editorial World Libertarian # 1584 of February 25 to March 3, 2010

The biter bit, or "up there above you'll see Montmartre" passing
by UFO HUNTERS or James Bond, was seen very funny
things, last week, the strange window. At first we
asked if it was bacon or pork, even the hidden camera ... In
Actually no, it was simply (sic) right in the actions of Dubai
Israeli intelligence (Mossad called) to remove physically one
representative of the Palestinian Hamas. As have said Pandraud (Minister of
Security in 1986, it is present in the memory after the death of Malik
Oussekine student killed by 'outfield'), loss of right arm
Pasqua, the video is not for dogs! We in this
sweet land of France, we foolishly believed that it was done to monitor
offenders in grass ...

Imagine, dear readers, dear readers, that in our cameras
supervigilantes filming more than is necessary for police brutality
of all kinds! During that time we learn, by former Daily
Rue de Lorraine, Paris XIX, Goldman Sachs, large bank
U.S. has "helped Greece to make up his accounts and earning
billions in playing against the euro. Even (and especially) in the world of
market, the gang war rages. You said peace and love? .

And while profits soared, the salary increases are
often close to zero. Employers because of "exit recession" but
Like sister Anne, we see nothing coming. While conflict is
multiply. At Ikea Paris-Nord (Gonesse) of workers
blocked last week to prevent the warehouse trucks
unload. Management had proposed zero percent increase for
2010 ... In Fos-sur-Mer (Bouches-du-Rhone) in the company Arcelor Mittal,
extension issue, nothing in 2009, 1% in 2010, although as stated
CGT trade unionist: "Overtime tax-free, using
State, Mittal wins on all counts. "

Well, it also stirs in the parliamentary left, the regional authorities are
down the road. In that context heads list of Left Front
in Ile-de-France activate networks. Even in the metropolitan
Paris region, the "criers" lead "a brisk campaign
underground. All this leaves us, anarchists, somewhat doubtful,
saw little hope that we have in every election ... We prefer
various social movements in total. The lack of gasoline, that's how
it started there over forty years!

World Libertarian Agenda # 1584 February 25 to March 3, 2010

From February 21 to 28

Besançon (25)
Expo "Let us break the silence": the insurgency in the State of Oaxaca
Mexico in 2006. laparolequiroule.over-blog.com. The 25, 26, 27, 28
February at the Fraternal coffee. Thursday, February 25, Presentation
the show with a Mexican appetizer. Friday, February 25, film discussion, followed by a
slam. Saturday evening organized by the support PLOUCCC (subject).
Sunday, expo only.

From 1 to March 6
Pau (64)
Days libertarians organized by the CNT-AIT and the student section
Coordination libertarian student (CNT-AIT). Exhibit "A las Barricadas
"To mark the centenary of the Spanish CNT in the Faculty of Letters
1 to 6 March. Conference on anarchism in Switzerland at the Faculty of
Letters Thursday, March 4 at 18.30, followed by the film Land and Freedom. Concert
Support days libertarians, the centrifuge at 20:30 Friday
March 7. Opening an art exhibition, Saturday, March 8, the local
CNT-AIT. Conference on Globalization and policies
repressive, Saturday, March 6 to 15 hours, led by Rolf Peter Larsen,
the Norwegian section of the AIT, the local CNT-AIT.
cntaitaquitaine.lautre.net journéelibertairespau (a) gmail.com CNT-AIT, 18,
rue JB Carreau, 64000 Pau.

From Wednesday to Monday, until March 7

L'Isle-Adam (95)
14 hours to 18 hours. Exhibition of works of Clovis Trouille. Of
Remembrance, which was the source of its discovery by the Surrealists
1930, at my funeral, to the famous Y! Calcutta! Calcutta,
will be confronted with his favorite themes: anticlericalism,
erotic, world of vaudeville and circus fascination with being
macabre scene tinged with voyeurism and sadomasochism. Art Center
-Henri Lartigue, 31, High Street, 0134080272. Free admission.

Thursday, February 25

Saint-Denis (93)
19 hours The Dionyversité, People's University of Saint-Denis. Level:
= Modern painters classical painters. Fourth course: Pablo Picasso
(2 / 2). The second part of this approach consists of five Picasso
periods: To return to the Order (1914-1925), Anxiety, instincts,
monsters and metamorphoses (1925-1931), Marie-Therese (1931-1937), Woman
crying and War (1937-1945), The Myth, and the Glory of Solitude
(1946-1973). Introducing Yolaine Guignat. Labor Exchange
Saint-Denis, 9-11, rue Genin, metro line 13, Porte de Paris, or RER D
Free admission.

Saturday, February 27

Rouen (76)
14h 30. Discussion meeting. The social romance and black with Jean-Pierre Levaray
and Thierry Périssé around their books Kill your boss's heart to
structure. Librairie the Infidel.

Paris XX
From 13 hours. Day Book. Books New and Used, refreshments.
Debates: 14 h30 with Hugues Lenoir, author of Educating for emancipating
16h30 with Guillaume de Gracia author of The Horizon Argentine. Petite
history of paths taken by people power. 1860 2001 to
CNT, 33, rue des Vignoles, Paris 20e, metro or Buzenval Avron.

Monday 1 March

Valves (56)
20h 30. We are called to the polls. Like us, you think it does
change anything. What are the alternatives? Come discuss with the group
Lochu libertarian. Maison des Associations, 6, Tannery Street.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Saint-Denis (93)
19 hours The Dionyversité, People's University of Saint-Denis. Cycle: The
technological tyranny over First: Technology, the great
dispossession. Presentation of William and Cedric Biagini Carnino. Exchange
Labor Saint-Denis, 9-11, rue Genin, metro line 13
Porte de Paris, or RER D Free admission.

Thursday, March 4

Merlieux (02)
18 hours. Leo Lapointe, one of the leaders of the polar northerner will
cause Vagabond Bay of Somme (2005), La Tour de Lille (2007)
Death on the Lys (2009), three thrillers in Ravet-Anceau on the
corridors of power and financial abuses. Appetizer buffet. Entry
free. 8, rue de Fouquerolles. Contact: 0323801709.

Saturday, March 6
Le Mans (72)
16 hours. Coffee hosted by the libertarian group Lairial: Hierarchy
Is the only basis of power? Available, Table Press
Material. Grocery du Pre, 31, rue du Pré.

Nimes (84)
15 hours. The group-Gard Vaucluse Federation of Anarchist organizing
a public meeting about the attitude of anarchists to deal
elections. In Room 2 of the center-Pablo Neruda.

The Outside In

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The World Libertarian # 1583 of 18 to 24 February 2010

"Oh say, sir, what c'qui s'pass'rait
If the Blessed Virgin, she miscarried
Without paradise, it ought p'têt better
S'te product, made me dream a little ... "

Agnès Bihl

Summary of World Libertarian # 1583 of 18 to 24 February 2010

Breaking the consensus by Fabrizio, page 3
Winter Fairies, etc. burka, J.-M. by Raynaud, page 4
Safely across the board, by Moriel, page 5
Brief to the winds, page 7
News fronts, H. Lenoir, page 7
In the short week, by Floreal, page 8
From the burka ..., by M. Le Bellac and J.-M. Lévy-Leblond, page 9
Abortion under the carpet by P. Schindler, page 9
Your money or your life, by J. Langlois, page 10
The problem of annihilation, P. Sommermeyer, page 13
About Zinn, by JP Garnier, page 15
No-Tav, for international relations of the FA, page 17
Sexuality in prison, by J. Lesage de La Haye, page 18
For a brochure on Radio libertarian, page 20
Life Movement, page 21
RL Programs, page 22
The agenda of all the adventures, page 23

Editorial World Libertarian # 1583 of 18 to 24 February 2010

Exit National Identity, media-fiasco UMP so beneficial to the lines
pure juice, finished the main fear for influenza so juicy our labs. Hi,
Bagram, Guantanamo and Afghanistan discreet, hello bulldozers in
squats as in Bagnolet, Stalinist enclave trend lasts
neoliberal territory. Our masters fools are never at a loss to good

Hortefeux fact and give a heavy artillery with his tative
Project Loppsi 2. According to police custody for ti engenders is the
generalization of the cove for kids thirteen years, the extension
exponential of video on computers flicage
distance as in China. It bubbles during the "totalitarian democracy"
all that reassuring, just before the regional, constituency senile at
skull soft and full of jelly scared. Odd that, this blow,
either a colleague kneeling poses the question aloud: "
Must we choose between freedom and security? "

Silently and humbly submitted, the media still very emissions while
Box, elbows and lips like matches shivering in their
charred box. It must be the foremost teaching for
prepare blandly deficits of different holes, finance,
Safely, pensions and p'têt well as the bankruptcy of Portugal,
Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain, cynically treated and Piigs
donctout just good to bleed until the turn of the Franchouillie,
the rest of Europe and the great marabout USD.

With us, however, the money there, if one believes in a paragraph
unfairly passed unnoticed by our excellent colleague chains of 9
last December, includes coverage in a pearl uttered by the full Senate
Senator and dealer Serge Dassault aircraft billionaire: "Since 2003,
the state has spent $ 160 billion (it has read) euros relief
burdens for businesses, without creating a single job. "Word of
boss and not least!

A "specialist" - still - Joseph Stiglitz (Nobel Prize is not
of the mud) politely indignant on Radio-Paris of
perversity banks but still has dealt learnedly that the economy
market remains an essential tool, another 'especial' provides
a new crisis to end 2010 short, people did not finish in
drooling and articles sometimes difficult but always lucid our
Comrade Jacques Langlois luminously remain relevant. And even if
Society seems to make some outdated and blasphemous, it
remains that the solidarity and decay are more than ever
projects against the realistic management of our lives modeled on the bait
profit as ordinary SMEs.

World Libertarian Agenda # 1583 of 18 to 24 February 2010

Thursday, February 18

Merlieux (02)

18 to 21 hours. The Library invites social Gisèle Bienne, for
evoke the Great War, Blaise Cendrars through the farm of Navarino
(Gallimard, 2008). It's happening all around, on the Chemin des Dames ... Table
Press. Cocktail dinner. Entrance free. 8, rue de
Fouquerolles. Information: 03 23 80 17 09.

Saint-Denis (93)

19 hours. The Dionyversité, People's University of Saint-Denis. Level:
= Modern painters classical painters. Third course: Pablo Picasso
(1 / 2). "I do not paint what I see, I paint what I think. "
The childhood and formative years, Blue Period and Rose Period, the
Cubism. Introducing Yolaine Guignat. Labor Exchange
Saint-Denis, 9-11, rue Genin, Subway Line 13, Porte de Paris, or RER D
Free admission.

Friday 19, Saturday 20 and Sunday, February 21

La Plaine-Saint-Denis (93)

20h 30 and 16 hours on Sunday. Representations Feet
inside, (intimate cabaret) Stéphane Arnoux, which deals with "the case
Tarnac "events of Montreuil, counter terrorism and violence
police. Théâtre de la Belle Etoile (company-Jolie Môme). 14, rue
Saint-Just, La Plaine Saint-Denis. M ° Porte de la Chapelle. Bus 153 or 02
Église de la Plaine.Réservations to 01 42 55 50 25. Rates: 14 and 9
euros. ciejoliemome.org / spip.php? article351

Friday, February 19

Orleans (45)

20 hours in the workshop. Debate proposed by the Group of Gaston Couté
Anarchist Federation on the theme: Company. 203, rue de Bourgogne.

Saturday, February 20

Saint-Jean-en-Royans (26)

20h 30. The group rattle Street invites you to an evening debate on the
women's prison and after prison. We view the short film
Plural in the presence of Helen MOTTEAU, director, and discuss
with Helen and a speaker from the International Observatory of Prisons
(OIP). In Activ'Royans, 29, rue Pasteur. Contact: laruerale (a) no-log.org

Chambery (73)

20 hours. Screening of The Take by Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein (2004) to
Hall Jean Renoir (50, rue Nicolas Parent) followed by a discussion and cocktails
dinner. Free admission. Contact: FA73 (a) nolog. org Site Group:

Poitiers (86)

Debate organized by the group Black Flag. See page 21.

Dijon (21)

15 hours. Ambulation anti-video surveillance, with a tour
vestiges of civilization sécutitaire. Place Francois Rude. Port
mask recommended!

Paris XI

Opening the exhibition on the struggle of undocumented migrants. View in fourth


15h 30.Thierry Périssé for his novel The Heart in the book published by
Singing Nettles Publishing (November 2009). Library Street, 10 Street
Robert Planquette, tel. : 0142233218 - and on the web:
www.bibliotheque-larue.overblog.com, Metro Abbesses or Blanche.

From February 21 to 28

Expo "Let us break the silence": the insurgency in the State of Oaxaca
Mexico in 2006. For the occasion, a fellow Vocal (Voice of Oaxaca
constructing the autonomy and freedom) accompanies the exhibition.
Information: laparolequiroule.over-blog.com

Besançon (25)

From February 21 to 24 at the library The Autodidact, 5, rue Marulaz. Sunday
February 21, expo and cocktail. Tuesday, February 23, conference with a friend
of Vocal. Exhibition will be visible on Monday, Tuesday Wednesday afternoon.

Saint-Claude (39)

From February 25 to 28 at the Fraternal coffee. Thursday, February 25, expo
Mexico with a drink. Friday, February 25, film discussion, followed by a Slam.
Saturday evening organized by the support PLOUCCC (subject).
Sunday, expo only.

Monday, February 22

Saint-Marcellin (38)

20 hours. The group rattle Street, in partnership with the Collective
associations and several of Saint-Marcellin, invites you to an evening of
Film discussion around the film Rachel on Rachel Corrie, a young activist
American killed by an army bulldozer israélienne.Au The Movies
Melies, 20 bd Riondel. Contact: laruerale (a) no-log.org

Tuesday, February 23

Dijon (21)

19 hours. At the initiative of the Group libertarian and Tanneries, Evening d '
information and support to the struggles in Oaxaca (Mexico). Projected
Film Oaxaca, between rebellion and utopia. In the presence of Cosmo, companion
Vocal (libertarian group in this city). Discussion then lunch.
Library of the Autonomous Area of Tanneries.

Saint-Denis (93)

19heures. The Dionyversité, People's University of Saint-Denis. Level:
Make no story (s)! Third course: What I learned about
slave trade. Presentation of artist William Wilson. His
Drapery exhibition on the history of the slave turns in
several countries, and has been the subject of a book, The Black Ocean (Gallimard
Youth, 2009). Bourse du Travail de Saint-Denis, 9-11, rue Genin, Metro
line 13, Porte de Paris, or RER D Free admission.

The World libertarian weekly Anarchist Federation, adhering to
International of Anarchist Federations

Each booth Thursday, 24 news pages in colors as seen by the
Anarchists for two euros


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