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(en) US, anarchist journal, Nor'easter #8 page 14-15 - REPORTS

Date Mon, 19 Apr 2010 11:21:27 +0300

CT Workers Solidarity Alliance ---- Hello, NEAN Compas! The Workers Solidarity Alliance now has a Connecticut local, and we have just affiliated with NEAN. ---- You can see our organizational principles on the WSA Web site (www.workersolidarity.org) if youâre interested. Locally, we have mostly been focusing on organizing around reproductive freedom, housing and queer issues. We have a small local (five members), but we also have some of the most active anarchists in Hartford. If you want any more info, feel free to shoot us an e-mail at hartford-wsa@googlegroups.com. ---- Silent City Distro ---- Among the piles of snow here in the Southern Tier region of New York, weâre planning and plotting around wood stoves and howling teapots. Thereâs so much to think about during these contemplative indoor months, and Silent City Distro has been laying
low. No big events, no freeskool classes. But
weâve been reading and listening and soaking
in so much. With some new perspectives and
ideas emerging from conversations, weâve
begun planning some events and working
some stuff out. Itâs hard to organize as a âdistro.â
What is the function of a distro? Itâs a vital
piece of movement infrastructure. But without
movement, without a campaign, a distro is
simply a resource without a reason.
We exist to nourish a movement; to
provide resources; to provide a space for
connection and the tools for DIY media and
outreach. And here in Upstate New York, the
movement is growing each day. The resistance
to gas development is on our mind. Nurturing
this movement is of vital importance.
Thatâs why weâre going to shift our focus. In
the coming months, you can expect events and
publications with a focus on issues in Upstate
New York. And with the coming spring, you
can expect an upswell of anarchist activity
in this region. Weâll see you at the upcoming
bookfairs, and weâll see you in the streets.


The Binghamton collective ATTACK!
(Anarchist Tactical Team Against Capitalist
Killers) would like to announce a DIY Fest in
Binghamton on Sat., April 17! This is a date
change from the previously announced March
This is a day of workshops, skill-sharing,
networking and DIY empowerment. We
strive to reconnect ourselves with the skills,
knowledge and personal networks of people
that make our lives and our communities so
flippinâ fantastic. We emphasize community
empowerment, self-sufficiency and other
skills necessary to thrive under failing global
consumer structures. Also, we will have
information about some amazing Binghamton
projects, like VINES (community gardens),
The Urban Farm Project, Free Space/Food
Distribution Center, Food Not Bombs and the
Prisoner Support Network.
We are now accepting workshop
Want to share your skills? Know about
urban gardens, bike repair, permaculture,
knitting, massage, prison resistance, soap-
making, zine-writing, silkscreening or
something else?
We would like to hear from you.
If you would like to give a workshop,
please submit a workshop summary to
We are asking for donations of $5 to cover
costs, but no one will be turned away for
lack of funds. We will provide housing for all
people traveling from out of town. We also
encourage everyone to stick around on Sunday
to participate in community projects and Food
Not Bombs!
More info can be found at
e-mailing binghamtonDIYfest@gmail.com.

By FRANK F. Wooden Shoe Books

The past few months at Wooden Shoe
Books have been pretty exciting for us. Once
we settled in to our new space at 704 South St.,
our sales and attendance at events had been
on the rise, but a series of bad snowstorms
from December through February suddenly
reversed that. February is always a slow month
for us, but this year it was particularly difficult
due to the weather. While we had to cancel or
reschedule a couple of events and were closed
on a few occasions, we still missed fewer days
than the average school. As I write this now the
snow is still not entirely finished melting.
As for events, we sponsored The Vagina
Monologues at the University of Pennsylvania;
local IWW members did a fundraiser and
information session for an affiliated Haitian
medical services group; also, Philly Rising
Tide did an event to publicize their ultimately
successful action at the EPA regional office to
stop the permits for mountaintop removal in
Appalachia. While our open mic night was
snowed out and rescheduled, we did have a
well-attended poetry night that will hopefully
pave the way for more readings from people
involved in local poetry circles like Chapter
and Verse and the New Philadelphia Poets.
We are also continuing to do our childrenâs
This spring we are looking forward to warm
weather and increased traffic through our
bright and beautiful new store. Soon our front
counter will be completed and then hopefully
even our basement office. Our science fiction
reading group continues to meet every month
and a half or so, and our weekly free movie
series will be starting up again (this time on
Sundays). We also have plans for a May Day
alley-cat bike race.

Armchair Revolutionaries Collective

Since the G-20 in Pittsburgh, weâve been
working hard to keep the momentum strong. When
those of us who were in Pittsburgh came homewe gave a talk about our experiences to between
15 and 20 students from the local university. We
also showed them the film by Indymedia and the
Glassbead Collective called Democracy 101 about
the police response to the G-20 protests. The group
of students seemed interested, and a professor even
called us âexceptional youth peopleâ for protesting!
We have also taken part in a protest organized
by West Chester University Students for a
Democratic Society (SDS) in response to the troop
surge in Afghanistan, in which we marched from
the university to the middle of town. We stopped at
the local Democratic Party headquarters to show
that this war goes beyond just the right wing and is
an effect of the capitalist system.
Members affiliated with the collective and the
SDS chapter put out a radical newsletter entitled
Demand the Impossible.
We are now working on mobilizing locals to
get down for the Funk the War and the ANSWER
Coalition demonstrations in D.C. this March. To
build momentum for these actions, we hope to
plan a week of events against the wars in Iraq and
Afghanistan, working with SDS and other local
anti-war organizations.

Pittsburgh Organizing Group By MARIE SKOCZYLAS

After a long summer participating in the
various working groups of the Pittsburgh G-20
Resistance Project â and providing our own
group support through trainings, workshops,
communiquÃs and more â to help make the
resistance to the G-20 summit a smashing
success, Pittsburgh Organizing Group (POG)
took some time to reflect and regroup.
Our first action of 2010 was a solidarity
demo with the Free Workers' Union Berlin
(FAU-B). On Dec. 11, 2009, the Berlin courts
decreed that the anarchist-syndicalist labor
union, 300 members strong, could no longer
call itself a union or organize. The Babylon
Cinema had been seeking to legally undermine
the union, which has emerged within the
company as the strongest and most active
workers' organization. FAU-B member Hansi
Oostinga stated, "Our month-long struggle
at the Babylon Cinema has shown that self-
organized, grassroots resistance is possible and
can be successful, but also that all attempts will
be made to stamp it out. A good union is one
that the boss doesn't like." The FAU-B called
for international solidarity, asking supporters
to protest outside German institutions,
companies and diplomatic missions. Germany
is the largest foreign investor in the Southwest
Pennsylvania region, with 70 German-owned
companies employing over 15,000 workers.
POG stands in solidarity with
grassroots labor initiatives facing
government repression, seeing
the struggles of workers here as
inseparable from the struggles
of workers in Germany and
The action was postponed
due to the snowpocalypse
â the paralyzing storm that
hit our region in February.
Check the POG Web site
(w w w.organizepittsburgh.org)
for the rescheduled date.
On April 8, POG will host
two speakers from Greece. Sissy
Doutsiou and Tasos Sagris are editors of a new book on the Greek insurrection, We Are an Image from the Future: The Greek Revolts of December 2008, and members of the Void Network
(http://voidnetwork.blogspot.com/) â a group promoting art, theory, action and the creation of autonomous spaces. After the police killing of a 15 year old in 2008, Greece erupted in an insurrection that shocked the globe and brought hope to people struggling against authority. For weeks, hundreds of thousands of people, young and old, took to
the streets, fought with police and attacked symbols of government and capitalism. Greek society has been altered and anarchists have been playing a prominent role. Where did this social explosion come from? Where has
it gone? The time and location of this
presentation is still being decided. Check
the POG Web site for details.
In May, as part of the Month of Anarchy
events, POG will host a talk by Peter
Gelderloos, as well as our annual Anarchist Ball. We will also hold a meet-and-greet orientation for folks interested in becoming new POG members on May 22. The details for all these events will be on the POG Web site as soon as they are solidified.
Finally, POG is in the midst of production for the next issue of Steel City Revolt! Highlights include articles on Kurdish anarchism, anarchism in Jordan, the case of
the Belgrade 6, the state of local surveillance
and the structure of the Pittsburgh Police, an
analysis of the Citizens Police Review
Board and updates on radical Pittsburgh
projects. Subscribers to SCR! will receive a
copy of CrimethInc.âs next issue of Rolling
Thunder, which includes a comprehensive
report and keen analysis of the G-20 organizing
and demonstrations. The issue also features
a report on the anarchist scene in Pittsburgh,
written from the perspective of long-time
POG members.

Boston AntiAuthoritarian Movement (BAAM)

Existing in some form or another since 2001, BAAM
functions best as an entryway-into-Boston-anarchy
propaganda group, plugging new people in to projects that
best suit their inclinations and strengths, and generating any
number of successful, ongoing, autonomous projects. We
have continued producing and distributing our monthly
publication. At this writing, we are working on issue #31.
You can check out current and archived issues on our
Web site: www.baamboston.org/baam-newsletter.
Do you listen to podcasts?
On both iTunes and our Web site
(http://AnotherWorldIsPossible.soup.io/) we
have thus far recorded and released over 30 hours
of anarchist and revolutionary material that
has been downloaded and subscribed to by an
absolutely astounding numbers of Internetians.
Because BAAM strives to unite anarchists
working on a variety of projects, BAAM's
members are themselves involved in a variety
of other efforts, engaging in activities as
disparate as Food Not Bombs, bicycle
repair, prisoner support and Boston

The 9th NEAN Assembly By DYKONOCLAST

O.K., so it happened to coincide with
Philadelphiaâs second-most severe snowfall on
record. Nevertheless, anarchists from Boston,
Pittsburgh, Hartford, New Haven, Syracuse,
Philadelphia, Albany, Binghamton and beyond
made the trip to the Lava Space in West
Philadelphia this past December, where but few
of us could resist singing the Fresh Prince of Bel-
Air theme song.
Wooden Shoe Books in Philadelphia
organized and graciously hosted the
Ninth Assembly of the Northeast
Anarchist Network, where 30
or 40 of us congregated. The
first day was dedicated to
meetings, and workshops
were slated for the second
day. Saturday, as we noshed
on dumpstered fruit, we
discussed the following
items (and more):
ââ BAAMâs resurrected
proposal of hosting radical
community outreach events in
our respective cities in the month
of May.
ââThe remains of projects and
committees that had started at some
point in our Networkâs three-year history
and whether or not they can or should go
ââ Where NEAN â and anarchists in
general â fit in with the U.S. Social
Forum in Detroit in June 2010.
ââ How to deal with sexual assault and those
in our ranks who perpetrate it.
After a difficult but mostly respectful
discussion about the last item, we drafted
a statement that we hope to broaden with
action: We will not tolerate sexual assault.
NEAN demands accountability from assaulters,
in accordance with the wishes of the survivors,
whom we are committed to supporting.
The local Food Not Bombs brought
glorious relief to the discussion with a delicious
veg-heavy meal. We largely spent Saturday
evening digging our vehicles and ourselves
out of the foot-and-a-half of snow that had
accumulated, and then digging our way into
parking spots â only to dig ourselves back out
again the following morning.
Back at the Lava Space, we learned
that all of the workshop presenters were
too bombarded with snow to be present.
Undeterred, we launched into the planned
G-20 reportback from organizers of the
Pittsburgh G-20 Resistance Project. Though
the presenters feared uninformed negativity
from the crowd, most people in the room had
not only been G-20 participants, but they also
had positive reflections on the events and their
impact on Pittsburgh residents, Pitt students,
anarchist participants and the broader U.S.
anarchist movement.
When the assembly proceedings
concluded, we still continued to reap what I
consider the greatest reward of this network:
networking. In fact, if I were to criticize the
planning of the assembly, it would only be
that it did not include enough opportunities
to network. As social anarchists, social
connections are our strongest weapon against
every form of oppression and repression. It is
precisely these pleasant conversations over
plates of food that strengthen our friendships
and connections with like-minded folks from
distant cities, giving us fresh ideas, energy and
inspiration to keep loving and keep fighting.

Emerson Anti-Authoritarian Society

The Emerson Anti-Authoritarian Society
is a recent addition to our community, after
a brief period of inactivity. Weâre dedicated
to bringing all sorts of radical thinking to
Emerson College, with the goal of knowledge
always in mind. So far weâve put together a very
successful Really Really Free Market, which
attracted about 75 student participants. Our
next event was a âKnow Your Rightsâ
training taught by the Boston
Anarchist Black Cross. About 15
students came for the hour-long
info session and left with a greater
understanding of their rights when dealing
with the state and its agents.
Our biggest opposition so far has been
Emersonâs property management team,
who are currently blocking us from booking
rooms with what can only be described as
bureaucratic bullshit. Weâre intent on securing
our right to book rooms and host further
events at Emerson, management be damned.
The future looks bright for our group, and weâre
all excited and determined to bring a greater
anti-authoritarian attitude to the students of

Boston Anarchist Black Cross
The Boston Anarchist
Black Cross is, as ever,
hard at work defending radical
movements and supporting prisoners. We
continue to correspond with, do research for
and send free literature to prisoners, and we're
keeping up our $20 monthly contribution
to Jericho Boston's commissary fund, which
goes toward meeting the material needs of
political prisoners. Our medium-term project
of revising our distro of literature continues
steadily as we clean up our old titles and add
new ones to the literature we both table and
send to prisoners.
Anticipating the relocation of two of
our core members at the end of the summer,
we held a strategizing session to re-state our
goals and outline our future work. It was a
productive and energizing meeting, but, as
a very small collective, we will be hurting for
people when these two leave. If you're in the
Boston area and value our mission of prisoner
support and anarchist legal defense, there is no
better time to get involved than now!
We did some year-end math and found
that in 2009 we were able to strike a healthier
balance of spending and fundraising than in
2008! In expenditure land, our war chest has
opened a few more times since last you heard
from us. We answered the call for Carrie and
Scott's need for money, as the two Minneapolis-
based activists, age 20 and 22, are facing a
federal grand jury in Iowa investigating animal
rights vandalism from 2004. Scott was released
in November and faces conspiracy charges
under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act,
but Carrie is still in jail for contempt of court,
so write her a letter!
We sent money to help get Indigenous
prisoner Oso Blanco a lawyer after he was
tortured and had his religious rights violated in
prison. He has thus far served 10 years of an 80-
year sentence for expropriating $165,000 from
banks to send to the autonomous Indigenous
communities in Chiapas, Mexico. We were also
able to respond promptly to help bail Ojore
Lutalo out of a rural Colorado jail from absurd
charges of âendangering public transitâ on
his train ride home from speaking at the L.A.
Anarchist Bookfair. Recently released from
prison after 27 years, his train charges were
dropped when it became apparent that the
accusations were completely unfounded. We
also conducted a Know-Your-Rights training
at Emerson College â because party kids have
rights too!
In fundraising land, our fancy Saintless
Valentine's Day dinner was a fun-tastic,
delicious success. We raised a healthy
amount of money for not only our operating
expenses, but also for Jason Vassell in Western
Massachusetts, who continues to face assault
charges two years after defending himself
from a racially motivated attack (more info at
justiceforjason.org). We once again raised a
modest amount for our group and the Certain
Days Collective by selling their gorgeous
âFreedom for Political Prisonersâ calendars.
Now we're gearing up for the Self-Styled
Anarchist Fashion and Craft Show on March
13, where we will exhibit and sell fashion
and functional designs made and modeled by
local radicals. It promises to be a spectacular
If you donât regularly come in contact
with our fine collective members, we are
pleased to announce that we can now
electronically accept your money via PayPal
at bostonabc@riseup.net. Needless to say,
we still accept cash and blank checks (Boston
ABC does not have a bank account, though we
plan to set one up in the near future) at:
Boston ABC
P.O. Box 230182
Boston, MA 02123

NEFAC Boston

The Boston Local Union of the
Northeastern Federation of Anarchist-
Communists (NEFAC) held an emergency
fundraiser on January 30 for Batay Ouvriye in
Haiti. Batay Ouvriye is a worker and peasant
group entrenched in the struggle against
capitalism and imperialism. Our goal was
to help their organization recover from the
destruction of the earthquake and advance
the class struggle under conditions of physical
devastation and increased military occupation.
With two weeks to plan, we pulled together
an event that was modest but successful. In
freezing weather, 40 people gathered at the
Encuentro 5 community space in Bostonâs
Chinatown to enjoy refreshments and
information. The program consisted of a talk
by Mario from the Batay Ouvriye Solidarity
Network, who drove up from New York, and
words of solidarity from Maria and Julio of the
local Bank Tenants Association. We distributed
printed information and raised almost $1,000
for Batay Ouvriye. We continue to publish our
bi-lingual newsletter, âFreedom/Libertadâ,
and are preparing to embark on the 15th issue
of the NEFAC magazine, the Northeastern
Our members are also involved in
various local struggles, such as the fight
against foreclosures and evictions. Some of
our members are active in City Life/Vida
Urbana and the Bank Tenants Association.
We are planning to unite like-minded folks
this spring in a âflying-squadâ type group to
turn out together for labor and neighborhood
actions, and we are preparing for the NEFAC
conference in Baltimore on the weekend of
March 20. Weâve been in conversation with
other anarchist-communists and syndicalists
about nation-wide collaboration since the
Class Struggle Anarchist Conference in Detroit
and have members on an inter-organizational
committee. We also continue our ongoing
monthly Theory and Strategy reading and
discussion group, and we have recently added
a new supporter to our local.
NEFAC Boston
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