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(en) France, Anarchist journal, Alternative libertaire: Conspiracy theories: the shot of social criticism by Emma Klotz (machine translation)

Date Fri, 18 Dec 2009 09:48:47 +0200

"I have doubts about the attacks of September 11. "Who has ever heard that? The conspiracy
theories have grown steadily over the past ten years, and this has been dismal. For after
the superstitions and religions, they are new blinkers, a new obstacle to revolt, by
obscuring the understanding of capitalism and imperialism. ---- Text file: ---- * The shot
of social criticism ---- * The band Dieudo: Ex-gauchos, néofachos through the conspiracy
theory -- * How to meet a friend in the process of switching? --* The best-of -- "The
truth lies elsewhere. In the early 1990s, the famous television series X-Files involved
two FBI agents assigned to the "paranormal affairs department" with a disturbing world
governed by hidden forces. Fox Mulder and Dana Scully - is their name - faced over two
episodes of conspiracy: one governmental elites fomented by evil, the other by alien
conquerors whose elites would just hide there.

Atmosphere paranormal themes UFO (UFO = study of unidentified flying objects), cynicism
and concealment of power "who know" decryption accessible only to the initiated: the
series cut a true success by playing on all the springs of the imaginary conspiracy .
Since then the seam has been widely exploited, the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown as being the
best known example. However, if the mystery and the plot may make good television and film
entertaining, we can not do that bad politics. And this is the problem with the
"conspiracy theories", that sort of alienation of the mind that imagines that the origin
of any historical event, there is a conspiracy occult group powerful enough to pull of
countless strings, while remaining of course out of sight of ordinary mortals.

In explanation visible - either official or commonly accepted - as the unexplained
temporary, the conspiracy theories between an explanation hidden, accessible only to those
who will decipher clues endless feeding a reading overall. In the imaginary conspiracy, no
room is left for the unexpected, non-intentional, random, error. Any coincidence is
significant. The sequence of events is necessarily a causal perfect and controlled by its
protagonists secrets.

Denouncing manipulation, conspiracy theory works itself into a loop, a manipulative way,
in that its frame of reference is predetermined. The conspiracy and its beneficiaries
preexisting indices that are supposed to give them body.

Thought Police History

Thought police history, it is never very far from the real social and political criticism,
and the parasite does it competition. Thus, when questioned by example on the conditions
under which multinational pharmaceutical companies will benefit from the epidemic of
influenza A, it is in politics. When they are called, without evidence, as to the origin
of the epidemic "because it brings them, there is slippage, it is passed into the
conspiracy theories.

The attacks of September 11, 2001 boosted the conspiracy theories. On this occasion, it so
depressing, attained the status of "thought" subversive, non-compliant. Paradoxically, the
United States that the official version of September 11 is the most questionable. It must
be said that the instinctive distrust with respect to the federal government is culturally
as all conspiracy theories proliferate. In this case, a surge of patriotism and racist
seems to have played. What Arabs with box cutters could have dealt a blow as the global
superpower is the domain of the unthinkable for many citizens and citizens of the United
States. The script can not be otherwise, the White House and the CIA are necessarily involved.

Bigard to Rockin

We measure the expansion of conspiraionnisme when individuals take the risk to report
publicly on their proximity to these theses. This applies to the comedian Bigard, the
actress Marion Cotillard, the filmmaker Mathieu Kassovitz, rappers and Rockin Keny Arkana
... as well as Jean-Marie Le Pen, and even the former Minister Christine Boutin .

Sign of the times, as each thrust conspirationnite Acute Illuminati (see this
best-of-cons) are back. Or more precisely their myth. The Movement damned imperialism
(MDI), a group of extreme right Kemi Seba, are at the heart of its struggle against
"occult powers". The Free-Thinker, a dentist from Marseilles who, between two fillings,
has become one of the featured speakers for Equality and Reconciliation, another far-right
group headed by Alain Soral, indeed an obsession.

Quest for meaning

Jean-Bruno Renard, a sociologist at the University Montpellier III, the social and
cultural disintegration of modern society is a breeding ground for developing theories of
conspiracy. The causes are for him the "cognitive relativism," "fragmentation into
sub-cultures, the devaluation of" official channels of communication "(Political
Sciences), or increased confusion between image and reality. Pierre-Andre Taguieff in
Frequently Asked illuminated (Fayard, 2005), it evokes the end of major political or
institutional religions and the quest for meaning that results. "It is as if the plot was
going to drive the progress as the meaning of history," he writes.

The conspiracy theories, inventing causes whimsical real events, in fact obscures the real
market mechanisms of capitalism and globalization, which, shocking as they are, are all
that is most logical. As if the conspiracy could not accept that capitalism is inherently
an evil system, and they needed to shift the responsibility of occult groups. An example?
The Bilderberg Group. It really exists. This seminar brings together once a year the cream
of the Western ruling classes for lectures and talks different. This is typically an
institution that by its mere existence, we learn about the character class and
non-democratic capitalist system. But his curiosity aroused privacy. The conspiracy
ascribe the sudden and excessive powers of evil. The Davos summit is similar: it is a
place where a boss has to be seen to prove that account; ditto for a politician. Moreover,
there is no need Bilderberg or Davos for the business community, political and media will
attend. The social networks and reproduction of the bourgeoisie are quite enough. All this
is not the plot, but a conniving class established. Sociologists studying it. Just read
the same point of view to see: captains of industry, politicians, aristocrats and
television stars have been dating and marrying their children together. You want a more
influential group in France that the Freemasons and the Illuminati met without conspiracy
or secret society? It's called the MEDEF, the UMP and PS ...

A new "socialism of fools"

To the extreme left, the problem with conspiracy theories, like anti-Semitism was a
problem with socialism of the nineteenth century. The aversion to the popular image of
"Jewish banker" had received some complacency among socialists and anarchists, who,
although not being fooled, thinking that the popular anti-Semitism could fuel
anti-capitalism. The Dreyfus affair showed them that it is primarily fueled by the extreme
right. They are kicking themselves and declared that anti-Semitism was in fact "the
socialism of fools." Today, conspiraionnisme is the new "socialism of fools", who under
the guise of subversion, simplifies the world, instilling irrational thinking, the
discredited radical social critique, and ultimately discourages collective action -- what
good acting in effect since "everything is preordained" by the "occult masters"? As the
various religions and superstitions, conspiracy theories is an enemy, and it is time to say.

Emma Klotz

Better to laugh

Some websites will enumerate the theories, dissecting the unmask ... or ridicule.
- Http://www.snopes.com/
- Http://www.hoaxbuster.com/
- Http://charlatans.info
- Http://www.traulever.net
- Http://www.conspiracywatch.info

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