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(en) Peru, Forging unity of the people and the libertarian alternative! (machine translation)

Date Sat, 05 Dec 2009 11:00:06 +0200

"Freedom struggle" No.8 ---- SALUDOS Classist and libertarian: ---- Libertarian Socialist
Union goes to the Peruvian people, the proletariat and working in general to express their
total rejection of government policy and the aspirations unhealthy political parties are
already preparing for the electoral contests in order to ensure or test a position within
the State, which paid only in strengthening the main instrument of domination that is
imperialism, capitalism and the bourgeoisie. ---- In response, as libertarian socialists
or anarchists raise the general reorganized the popular movement, the redefinition and
clarification of the ways to achieve the triumph of our immediate social demands on par
with the construction of the People that may overwhelm existing structures of domination
that have their main livelihood in the state, through social revolution.

As libertarian socialists hailed as a basic principle classism, ie assume it is the
proletariat in alliance with all the exploited and oppressed of our society, is who sets
the course and direction of movement is popular, and therefore social struggles should
steer towards the building of socialism and freedom.
Our class, tired of deceit and treachery on the part of governments, oppressive classes
and reformist politicians and opportunists, must fly in all their grassroots organizations
the banner of renewal, with the expulsion of these enemies of the people and servants of
the reaction .

Only the kind organized independently, without political manipulation of vote-defunct
union leaders and bureaucratic, to conquer and defend their rights and social and labor

Thus, from a perspective opposite to that electioneering tranza with trafficked and
popular struggles, raised the following immediate demands for the brothers and sisters,
working and exploited:

Stability * labor, unionization and free automatic adjustment of pensions, salaries
and employee benefits because of the rate of the basic family basket.
* Cancellation of any FTA, concession and privatization of basic and primary
resources and public services and strategic. Thus, defense of our resources and strategic
sectors, organized by the people themselves.
* Elimination and abolition of all regulations that restrict or limit the rights and
benefits of workers in urban, rural and indigenous communities.
* Freedom without conditions or social persecution for wrestlers. Elimination of all
standards and action to criminalize protest.
* Right heart of the oppressed classes to organized self-defense in case of
aggression by the repressive state forces and right wing or parties.
* Priority in payment of domestic debt, mainly to retirees and the working class.

Active solidarity and proletarian leadership for the people's struggles
In this regard we express our active solidarity with the social struggles of the oppressed
class, as those that come starring the heroic peoples of Abancay, Piura, Ancash, etc..
that stand against the exploitation of imperialism through the implementation of
transnational complicity with the Peruvian government.

Call the preparation of a robust response from the Andean and Amazonian communities before
the latest onslaught of state and big capital who seek to strip them of lands and
resources that are their livelihood. Likewise, we applaud the consistent struggle of the
guilds and unions that go beyond threats of repression and class addresses that are
enlightening, they tremble on operators.

For them, the active solidarity should influence further protests and not fall into the
trap of the dialogue table. As libertarians, we call upon the rank-class organizations and
unions to boost the autonomous pockets of resistance as a barrier against bureaucracy and
opportunism of their leaders, they will seek to negotiate with the struggles of their
bases, at all levels, and take the mud of electioneering, which only reaffirms and
reinforces the oppressive system through the "bourgeois democracy or representative", and
alienates the people's suffering and struggle.
Much of the reformist left in our country, still fall into the same error, in the same
vicious circle contradictory. The "mediocre reformism" of the warning by José Carlos
Mariategui, keeps talking about the "homeland" and "sovereignty" to try to justify their
opposition to the neoliberal economic policy that takes decades to plague our classes and
exploited sectors and oppressed, and directing the popular demands and struggles of the
dunghill "democracy Pharisees, which is good account of the commitment to" socialism
domesticated '.

Therefore, the truly revolutionary sectors, that class position in the social struggle are
the only way to abolish capitalist exploitation and build the Socialism and Liberty, must
break with the current electioneering and the bourgeois political parties of left and
right . Construction of the People, is the choice they fly, as libertarian socialists or
anarchists, and we assume as the network of social relations and struggle free and
generation of grassroots organizations, labor unions and new, which banish corrupt
bureaucracy, the opportunism sell electioneering worker and aspirations that have been
plaguing and prostituting the real organizational developments of the exploited class, as
weapons to their release.

So there is nothing to expect from the new upcoming elections, or opportunists who try to
climb in the struggles of the people to stand as the new "savior" or at least the
"outsider". Instead, now we must build an authentic popular libertarian movement to arise
destruction and overcoming this company subject to state, private property, social classes
and political parties. Because of its destruction will be erected the new building of
genuine socialism will not be authoritarian or bureaucratic, one-party or "socialism of
the XXI Century" that hide a new illusion or trap.

For this and many more points, more than ever it is the unity of the fighting. The unity
of those considering the record straight and honest and wish prosperity for our people.
It's time to take our popular venues to political opportunists who only see us as votes
for your benefit. It's time to stand and fight because we are tough times and we can not
let the situation or history will pass over. Faced with the progress of the bourgeoisie
and imperialism, it is urgent to organize and fight.

To conquer and defend our rights in the streets, neighborhoods, unions, universities,
communities, etc.., With organization and fight!

Because the best choice of the people is to keep fighting here and now!

Above the fighting!

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