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(en) Poland, Warsaw Picket: The State is the Real Terrorist

Date Fri, 12 Sep 2008 23:37:31 +0300

On Sept. 11, a protest was held in front of the US Embassy in Warsaw. Sept.11 is
a day which is strongly connected in the American mind with terrorism, so it was
no coincidence that on this day, people showed up to challenge the way the idea
of terrorism is being used in the US (and in other countries) to stifle
legitimate protest and resistance while at the same time terrorizing people into
supporting repression, torture, war and murder. ---- The immediate inspiration
for this picket was the arrests of hundreds of people at protests against the
DNC and RNC in the US and, in particular, the arrest and charges of "conspiracy
to riot in furtherance of terrorism" against some people involved in organizing
the protests or their logistic support. We would like to send our message of
solidarity to Monica, Eryn, Luce, Erik, Nathanael, Robert, Garrett, Max and
others who face these harsh charges while the real terrorists carry on their
business with impugnity.


The state's attempts to invent "terrorists" could be considered a farce - if the
consequences for those charged weren't so gravely serious. Hundreds of people
have been the victims of the US anti-terrorist hysteria. The horrible incidents
of Sept. 11, in which many innocent civilians lost their lives and thousands of
others suffered or became ill, provided a pretext for these actions. Yet the
brunt of the wars in Iraq and Afganistan, the anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim
hysteria, the increased invigilation of citizens - this has been borne most
often by normal people who have nothing to do with the murder of anybody,
nothing to do with terrorism. These people - those who have had bombs fall on
their homes, or have seen loved ones maimed or killed, who have been deported,
surveilled, locked up, denied habeus corpus - they have in fact been TERRORIZED
by the state which claims it is fighting terrorism. But is it really?

When examining the facts around Sept.11, one sees that something is very off
indeed. The "official version" not only does not make sense: there is extremely
strong evidence that much of it is bullshit and that a large scale cover-up, if
not a CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT REAL TERRORISM, took place. (Those interested can
read the Terrorism Timeline or watch such films as "9/11: Press for Truth" or
"Loose Change", to name a few.)

How is it possible that a technologically advanced military did not intercept
the planes which crashed into the WTC when it is standard procedure to intercept
planes which diverge off their flight path? How is it possible that when the
military claimed to be looking for Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden in Afganistan
they let a large convoy go right past the border into Pakistan? How is it that
at first the government only allocated $3 million for the 9/11 Commission? The
answers are very uncomfortable, even unthinkable for millions of people: the
government did not want to stop a real terrorist attack, they did not really
want to apprehend Bin Laden (who they used to cooperate with), nor did it really
want any real investigation into the matter.

It is important to compare this with the state's actions before and during the
DNC and RNC: they infiltrated and inviligated groups, they gave police in each
city $50 million to make sure the conventions were not disrupted in any way,
they turned the cities into police states. In the end they put ridiculously
severe charges on people, some of whom probably committed no serious crime
whatsoever, let alone terrorize anybody. It looks like much more was done to
stop RNC protests from getting a bit strong than was done to prevent the deaths
of thousands of innocent people at the WTC.

For anybody paying enough attention, this is the typical modus operandi of this
oppressive state which will stop at nothing to prevent citizens expressing their
anger and dissent in anything but the most passive way. It is this ability to
crush all resistance and to attempt to scare those who dare protest that keeps
the politicians in power, unchecked, free to conduct the most heinous wars and
abuses against its citizens and the people of the world.


We grieve the loss of innocent lives which is the result of wars, oppression,
brutalization, exploitation. Such violence against people only breeds more
violence. The greatest hope of overcoming this spiral of despair is human

On September 11, when some choose to mourn individually, we choose to challenge
people to think about this as connected to the larger phenomenom of terrorism
and to consider its real character and its causes. In examing the nature of
terrorism, we ask people to also take a look at what was going on at the RNC and
to ask: was that terrorism, or freedom of expression? Were the thousands of
people on the streets supporters of terrorism or were they the ones who spoke
out against the real terror which is going on?

We think that the answer will (eventually) be obvious to many.


Anarchist Solidarity
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