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(en) US, Minesota-St Paul Tween cities, Media, Anarchists grab dominance of Twin Cities freeway

Date Thu, 04 Sep 2008 11:39:12 +0300

Anarchists have set the terms for transportation of delegates and media at the
Republican National Convention. The buses carrying the RNC delegates to and from
the Xcel Energy Center are being rerouted off of the freeways "for security
reasons." This is an affront to the decent and law abiding citizens living and
working in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Allow me to explain. -- I haven't
counted, but there are about thirty to forty freeway overpasses between downtown
Minneapolis and the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul on the freeway connecting
them, I-94. Starting Tuesday, buses carrying delegates have been redirected from
the freeway to a number of routes that snake around various city streets to the
convention center.

The reason for the reroute is that far-left anarchists have taken to throwing 40
lb. bags of cement off of the overpasses and onto the presumed Republicans (and
their running dog lackeys, the drivers and security guards). Rather than secure
the overpasses and inconvenience the anarchists, local authorities have decided
to reroute the buses. The result: traffic in the areas surrounding the freeways
has become a nightmare.

If the people in charge of security think that running the buses on the local
streets is going to keep the passengers on the coaches safe, they need some
schoolin'. I rode a Republican bus last night. Each bus has only one security
guard on board. As soon as the buses leave the freeway, they must slow down or
come to a complete stop at dozens of intersections. A stopped bus is a sitting duck.

A source inside the Minnesota State Patrol has informed me that they do not have
the manpower to guard all of the overpasses. I learned that police forces from
outside the Twin Cities are being called up and placed on "alert." (Word to the
authorities: The delegates will be leaving in less than three days.)

Meanwhile, the people of the Twin Cities are living in a traffic quagmire. But
the anarchists (who cavort on the steps of the state capitol) are having fun.

(Note: I just learned, not confirmed by two sources, that all buses travelling
between the Twin Cities are being rerouted around certain overpasses. This
indicates that it is not a "traffic" issue. Authorities seem to be concerned for
the safety of anyone travelling on the freeway in a bus.)


At RNC, Anarchists Out in Force in St. Paul, Minnesota

District Judge Kathleen Gearin: "Who Should We Return the Urine To?"
St. Paul, Minnesota,

Sept. 3 -- As outlined in Tracy McCoy's story on AC, getting close to the Xcel
Center in downtown St. Paul is difficult, just as getting close to the Pepsi
Center in Denver was difficult during the DNC (see my previous articles on AC
detailing just what lengths a credentialed individual had to go to in order to
get past security).

I'm writing this from a St. Paul branch library, having just eye-balled the
protesters that seem to have selected the State Capitol as one of their rallying
points. The anarchists, who were also present in Denver, seem to be much
stronger and out in much greater numbers here in St. Paul. Evening news
broadcasts feature fairly unsettling pictures of black-clad riot-gear laden
police, some on horseback, tackling a variety of protesters. Some of the
protesters even came prepared, wearing helmets and gas masks. A few of the
females seen being dragged to the ground were crying.

It seems that the anarchists in the St. Paul area had been planning to kidnap
delegates, sabotage air vents at the Xcel Energy Center, block bridges and
occupy federal buildings in both Minneapolis and St. Paul. They even had three
"action camps" which were held from July 21 to August 3 at Lake Geneva,
Wisconsin. Informants, who attended meetings and participated in the group's
camps and workshops, however, had infiltrated their group.

Ramsey County District Judge Joanne Smith presented a 17-page document that led
to the raid of a St. Paul business and 3 Minneapolis homes on Friday night and
Saturday morning. The raids took place in the 600 block of Smith Avenue in St.
Paul and in homes in the 3200 block of 17th Avenue S, the 3500 block of Harriet
Avenue S., and the 2300 block of 23rd Avenue S. in Minneapolis. Seven people
were arrested during these raids and are now being held in the Ramsey County
jail, while a 7th potential suspect was released.

Buckets of urine were seized, the plan being to throw urine on delegates.
According to the Minneapolis St. Tribune, there were also homemade devices used
to disable buses and other vehicles, weapons, gas masks, flammable liquids and
rags that could be turned into Molotov cocktails, computer storage devices,
documents, pamphlets and banners. The pamphlets and banners and signs were
returned to the protesters, whereupon the Judge asked, "Whom should we return
the urine to?"

The protester activity is far more intense, widespread and volatile than that
observed in Denver. While staying in the Zuni/W. 32nd Avenue area of Denver
during the DNC convention, I returned from the Illinois state party late one
night to find that makeshift signs had prohibited all parking on one side of W.
32nd Street. Later, I learned, from a woman who had a small dress shop in the
area, that 12 Secret Service personnel had placed the signs there in
anticipation of a raid they carried out on a house where the occupant had been
reported to be taking photos of Invesco Field and the Pepsi Center with a camera
with a long-range lens. Officials who heard this apparently felt that there
might be more to this than just a love of photography and supposedly broke the
door to the individual's house down; the prohibited parking was to accommodate
the police vehicles that were sent to the area.

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