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(en) Northeast America, Nor'Easter* #1 - Nobody for president, A Better Choice, Two Battles in the Struggle for Greece

Date Wed, 12 Mar 2008 10:24:23 +0200

Nobody for president ---- The complete NEAN endorsement can be read at:
Unconventional Action: http://unconventionalaction.org/ The Northeast
Unconventional Action tour is mostly over, but it may still be possible to get
involved. The tour schedule is available at: http://www.
---- A Better Choice: Challenging the Two Party System By Jake Carman ---- While
the US voting public chose between a few bad corporation-nominated candidates,
members of the Northeast Anarchist Network (NEAN), Unconventional Denver, and
other groups across the country spent "Super Tuesday" protesting representative
democracy and promoting direct democracy and practical democratic alternatives.

NEAN organizers in Boston
put out a call for a day of action against
the elections, and Massachusetts anar-
chists and their allies responded with a
campaign of hanging and wheat-past-
ing fliers and posters on buses, trains,
campuses, and city streets, carrying out
at least four banner drops and other cre-
ative actions.
Commuters driving into Bos-
ton during heavy morning rush-hour
traffic found something to occupy their
minds: A banner hanging over the Mar-
ket St. Bridge in Brighton read, "Love
Democracy, But Hate Politicians?" On
the next bridge, the Everett St. Bridge,
a second banner read, "Try Anarchy.
It's Democracy Without Politicians,"
with NEAN's web address at the bot-
tom. In March, the NEAN-affiliated
Boston Anti-Authoritarian Movement
(BAAM) is hosting a presentation on
challenging representative democracy
and promoting direct democracy, fol-
lowed by a workshop and meeting.
Anarchists with Unconvention-
al Denver, an anti-Democratic National
Convention organizing group, called
for a day of action against the prima-
ries and were able to get a banner over
Interstate 25 reading, "Two Parties, No
Voice." The action was covered by Fox
According to a report back
from Unconventional Denver, actions
also took place in Grand Rapids, Mil-
waukee, and California. "Just hours be-
fore the caucuses began in Grand Junc-
tion," Unconventional Denver wrote,
"a banner was unfurled stating `WE
VOTE NO' on the new parking garage
in downtown Grand Junction. Embla-
zoned with a red anarchy sign, the ban-
ner faced the Wayne Aspinall Federal
Milwaukee participated with
three banner drops of their own, which
read, "Victory Against Politics," "Shut
Down the RNC," and "9-1-08," refer-
ring to the beginning day of the Re-
publican National Convention. Outside
Milwaukee, two banners were hung
on billboards along US Highway 41 in
Oshkosh, reading, "Demicrans and Re-
publicrats Both Fuck Working Class,"
and "8.24.08 Recreate68.org/9.1.08
Various groups in California,
including anti-war activists, picketed
debates and polling stations on and be-
fore "Super Tuesday." On January 21,
hundreds rallied against the war in front
of the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, the
site of the Democratic Party Debates
Protesters shouted, "Clinton, Obama
you will see, the Iraqi people will be
free," as anti-war groups, including the
Maoist front-group ANSWER, tried
to pressure the candidates to take firm
anti-war stances.
On primary day in the Bay Area
California, the group Direct Action to
Stop the War (DASW) held protests a
5 p.m. at both Clinton's campaign of-
fices in San Francisco, and Obama's in
Oakland. In an article for the Bay Area
Independent Media, DASW member
Kate Raphael said, "Hillary Clinton
still refuses to acknowledge that her
vote to authorize war with Iraq in 2002
was wrong." Raphael also said Clinton
supports "the surge" of troops in Iraq
believes it is working, and "voted for
a resolution threatening military action
against Iran."
The anti-war protesters also
had something to say about Obama
who is considered the anti-war can-
didate by many US liberals. "Barack
Obama wants to end the war in Iraq only
to escalate it in Afghanistan and attack
Pakistan," said activist Vern Nuanez
"He recently wrote a letter justifying
Israel's refusal to allow fuel, food, and
medicine into Gaza, where people are
literally starving and freezing to death."
The overwhelming participa-
tion in this day of action is an encour-
aging sign of things to come as mo-
mentum builds and time gets shorter in
the countdown to Convention Summer
2008. The seeds of doubt are taking root
in the minds of the public. Rebels, our
time has come: out of the woodwork to
build popular democracy!
-Boston Call for Super Tuesday Day of
Action: http://boston.indymedia.org/
-Unconventional Denver Call "We Vote
No:" Http://www.unconventionalac-
-Unconventional Denver "Round-up of
Super Tuesday Protests"
-Milwaukee banner drops
-Oshkosh banners: http://prod.
-Los Angeles Protests
Democratic Debates: http://la.
-Bay Area: Protests at Major Demo-
cratic Candidates;' Bay Area Offices
on Primary Day
h t t p : / / w w w. i n d y b a y. o r g / n e w s -

Two Battles in the Struggle for Greece

In January, the City of Patras,
Greece, was the site of a major victory
for thousands of migrant workers liv-
ing in shantytown settlements. Accord-
ing to the recently-launched Indymedia
Patras, on January 19 and 20, Patras au-
thorities served the mostly Afghani and
Kurdish migrants (who for years have
flocked to the Greek port city hoping
to gain passage to Italy) an unsigned
final eviction warning. Police had the
settlement surrounded by January 21,
and despite organized protests from an-
archists and other supporters, managed
to demolish a portion of the settlement
on January 23.
On January 29, however, the
tide turned. According to Indymedia
Patras, "in an unprecedented move, the
vast majority of the settlement's resi-
dents (over 1,000) joined in the soli-
darity demonstration and demanded
their rights to dignity and asylum...The
demonstration took the authorities by
surprise and local mass media report
that in its light, the knocking down of
the remainder of the settlement is to be
postponed." This is a major victory for
the Patras settlement, but the struggle
will surely continue.
Another battle took place the
weekend of February 2 and 3 when 100
fascists from the Chryssi Avgi (Gold-
en Dawn) group gathered in Athens'
Kolokotroni Square for the 12th anni-
versary of the Imia islets dispute with
Turkey. Anarchists and other anti-fas-
cists, numbering around 400, marched
to defend their city from racist hate, but
when they reached Kolokotroni Square,
the police had formed a protective wall
around Chryssi Avgi. Soon, the cops let
fascists cross the line to stab two of the
anti-fascists and hit others with rocks.
One of the stab victims needed surgery,
but is not in critical condition.
At 11 a.m., a fight broke out
between the two groups, and the police
responded again by aiding the fascists
and beating the anti-fascists, knocking
one unconscious. Afterwards, small
skirmishes that broke out across the
city exploded into larger battles for
the city's main squares. According
to The Irish Times, "About 400 anar-
chists barricaded themselves along the
main street, throwing rocks and petrol
bombs," a police officer at the scene
said. "Two policemen and two anar-
chists have been slightly hurt, but there
are no serious injuries."
The anarchists and other left-
ists, in their occupied squares, orga-
nized another anti-fascist demonstra-
tion for 6 p.m.
According to Athens Indyme-
dia, "A little later than 3 p.m., the Pub-
lic Prosecutor announced their decision
to ban the manifestation of the fascists
and disperse their gathering.
The fascists initially refused,
but left when they saw more
squads coming." The leftist
radicals held their anti-fascist
demonstration in the evening
as planned, and the riot police
again attacked the 600 marchers
with chemical weapons and ba-
tons. The attack resulted in 120
arrests, and many others were
sent to the hospital with inju-
ries. Though all of the arrested
were released without charges,
"among the ones in the hospi-
tal, four to five of them stayed
there, including a female comrade who
had been hit by a tear-gas shot directly
on her eye and her forehead," accord-
ing to Athens Indymedia. Around the
end of the demonstration, anarchists at-
tacked a police station with incendiary
Patras Indymedia Article:
Photos: http://patras.indymedia.org/
Athens Indymedia Article:
The Irish Times:

* The Official Quarterly of the northeast anarchist network

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