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(en) Britain, Anaechist Federation Resistance #103 June 2008 - page 4 -

Date Sun, 01 Jun 2008 07:37:56 +0300

Criminally insane ---- This year in the UK, recent figures show a record number
of 108,000 prisoners incarcerated in the system - a figure which is constantly
on the increase. As well as the overall prison population on the increase, there
is an alarmingly high rate of prison suicides. Around 80 people a year commit
suicide in prison, this figure includes men, women and teenagers. An average of
200 individuals are resuscitated following serious suicide attempts. ---- A
report from the Royal College of Psychiatrists notes that over 70% of sentenced
prisoners suffer from two or more mental disorders compared to less than 5% of
the general population; and that over 60% of remand prisoners suffer from some
kind of mental disorder. They further note that 9 out of 10 prisoners will
experience some kind of mental disorder compared to 1in 5 of the general population.

Commenting on the UK prison system, Re-
becca Roberts, sub-editor of Criminal Jus-
tice Matters, published by the Centre for
Crime and Justice Studies, said that it
"challenges us to think more critically about
the role of the State and the extent to
which detention is used as a form of social
The Anarchist Federation envisages a
world based on anarchist-communist prin-
ciples. A world where we can do away with
such institutions. Institutions that are an
integral part of the economic system of
capitalism and the repressive machinery of
Statism. A system that is itself criminally


RIP Pauline Campbell 1948-2008:

Pauline Campbell, a tireless campaigner for
vulnerable women following the death of
her mentally ill daughter in prison at the
age of 18. An example to us all, an inspira-
tion to people to stand up against the brutal
system that murders without thought and
destroys peoples lives everyday. Here is a
person who said through her actions "I will
not hide my voice". The people who knew
her will sadly miss her and the people who
never met her, will be fired up by her cour-
age as an individual making a stand for
those suffering at the hands of state insti-


Be the best looking body bag.

When anti-war activists turned up to
confront Army recruiters at a Sheffield
University careers fair, we weren't sure
what to expect... Perhaps a short, princi-
pled stand, followed by a humiliating
ejection. We definitely didn't expect to
be given a stall to take over and the
chance to flood the fair with anti-
militarist material.
Following the success of previous actions
(including blockading a military recruit-
ment office in the city centre), we
marched in, blockaded the army's stall
and began giving out anti-recruitment
leaflets, waiting for university security to
throw us out... but in a bizarre turn of
events, since Barclays Bank hadn't shown
up (which should cheer up any weary
activists - a small group of troublemakers
managed to get their act together to turn
up at the fair but one of the world's big-
gest banks totally failed to do so), we
were told by a rather nervous security
guard that we could take over their
Stalls at the fair normally range from
£900 to £1000, but with a bit of agi-
tation we were able to distribute our
tatty homemade flyers for free
(much to the annoyance of the cor-
porate sponsors of the event). It also
gave us an opportunity to gather
signatures in support of our motion
to kick the recruiters off campus for
good. Watch this space for more
campaign activity.
"Barclays are unable to attend today"


Bread and roses

As the world economic crisis caused
by capitalism continues to seemingly
spiral out of control, from the Carib-
bean to the Far East, we have seen
food riots which have raged across
the globe. Recent figures reveal that
854 million people are defined as
being "food insecure" and 1 billion
people who survive on less than $1 a
day are living in "absolute poverty".
In the relatively affluent countries
such as the UK, the average annual
food bill has increased by £800. Basic
food supplies such as rice, pasta,
milk, bread and cheese has increased
in price by between 25 and 50%. As if
we need further evidence that capi-
talism isn't working.... well at least
not for the toiling masses ­ the ruling
classes always manage to survive.
They complain about losing millions,
yet still make profits to the tune of
We read in the daily papers pathetic
and patronising guides explaining,
`How to Survive the Credit Crunch':
Cut down on expensive dinner par-
ties; Don't spend hundreds on de-
signer accessories when you can hire a
Louis Vuitton hand bag for £60 a
month; Cut out the private gym and
health club and visit a Local Authority
one; Cut back on the holidays abroad
this year; Make your savings work for
you by reinvesting; It's all bollocks.
How many ordinary working class peo-
ple experience such indulgent luxuries
in the first place!
There is only one realistic solution to
the ills of capitalism and that is to
abolish it. Replacing it with a society
where people control their own lives.
That is to say, a society based on anar-
chist-communist principles.

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