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(en) Southern African, Journal of Southern African Revolutionary Anarchism #8 - pages 1, 28,

Date Mon, 25 Feb 2008 13:12:01 +0200

Inside... ---- Asgisa: A Working Class Critique --- SA Public Sector Strikes
---- The 2010 World Cup ---- Protests Against University Privatisation ----
Introduction to the ABC ---- Vigilante Farmers Want Refugee Camps ----
Swaziland: The Assassination of Our Dear Comrade ---- Europe, Africa and the
Neo-Liberal Strategy of Co-Optation ---- Fallacies of the Darfur War ---- The
Congo's Dilemma ---- A New Guantanamo in Africa? ---- Misrepresentation of
Self-Management in the Caribbean ---- Some Thoughts on Theoretical Unity &
Collective Responsibility ---- Clarity on What Anarcho-Syndicalism Is ----
Towards an Anarcho-Syndicalist Strategy for Africa

Where We Stand

We, the working class, produce the world's wealth. We ought to enjoy the benefits.
We want to abolish the system of capitalism that places wealth and power in
the hands of a few, and replace it with workers self-management and socialism.
We do not mean the lie called `socialism' practised in Russia, China, and other
police states - the system in those countries was/is no more than another form
of capitalism - state capitalism.
We stand for a new society where there will be no bosses or bureaucrats. A
society that will be run in a truly democratic way by working people, through
federations of community and workplace committees. We want to abolish
authoritarian relationships and replace them with control from the bottom up -
not the top down.
All the industries, all the means of production and distribution will be
commonly owned, and placed under the management of those working in them.
Production will be co-ordinated, organised and planned by the federation of
elected and recallable workplace and community committees, not for profit but to
meet our needs. The guiding principle will be "from each according to ability,
to each according to need".
We are opposed to all coercive authority; we believe that the only limit on
the freedom of the individual is that their freedom does not interfere with the
freedom of others.
We do not ask to be made rulers nor do we intend to seize power "on behalf of
the working class". Instead, we hold that socialism can only be created by the
mass of ordinary people. Anything less is bound to lead to no more than
replacing one set of bosses with another.
We are opposed to the state because it is not neutral, it cannot be made to
serve our interests. The structures of the state are only necessary when a
minority seeks to rule over the majority. We can create our own structures,
which will be open and democratic, to ensure the efficient running of everyday life.
We are proud to be part of the tradition of libertarian socialism, of
anarchism. The anarchist movement has taken root in the working class of many
countries because it serves our interests - not the interests of the power
seekers and professional politicians.
In short we fight for the immediate needs and interests of our class under
the existing set up, while seeking to encourage the necessary understanding and
activity to overthrow capitalism and its state, and lead to the birth of a free
and equal

New ZACF Formed
On December 1 2007, by mutual consent of all its members and following
consultations with the WSM (Ireland), OCL (Chile) and FdCA (Italy), the Zabalaza
Anarchist Communist Federation was replaced by a new, unitary organisation, the
Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front. The new ZACF retains all the assets of the
former federation, including this journal and the www.zabalaza.net website. On
December 2, the members of the new ZACF held talks with our Swazi comrades with
a view to establishing a new unitary organisation in Swaziland.
The organisations are almost the same, but the differences between the
Federation and the Front are the following:
1. The Front is a unitary organisation of individual militants, whereas the
Federation was a federation of militant collectives. This means individuals are
directly responsible to the entire Front and there is no additonal "layer"
between the individual member and the policy-making Congress of all members.
2. The Front is organised within South Africa, whereas the Federation linked
collectives in South Africa and Swaziland. In practice, communication troubles
has meant it has been difficult to democratically endorse each and every Swazi
decision by having to poll the South African membership (and visa versa). It is
easier for the Swazis to run their own collective which will remain affiliated
to, and supported by, the Front.
3. The Front's membership rules (not its politics, but the responsibilities of
membership) have been relaxed somewhat to allow those who are unable to be fully
committed due to work, domestic or other pressures, to nevertheless remain
involved. The Anarchist Black Cross SA is now an autonomous collective, but it
has some cross-membership with the Front, which will ensure the Front's
continued support for its efforts.


Post: Postnet Suite 47, Private Bag X1,
Fordsburg, South Africa, 2033
Email: zacf@zabalaza.net (within southern
Africa) or international@zabalaza.net
Website: www.zabalaza.net

Extracted from: http://www.zabalaza.net/pdfs/sapams/zab08.pdf
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