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(en) US, Philadelphia, Defenestrator* issue 40 I. (1/2)

Date Thu, 14 Feb 2008 10:14:34 +0200

CONTENTS ---- New Jersey Bans Death Penalty ---- Guinness Records: Massacre or
Suicide? ---- Al Nakba Remembered in Philly ---- ACTIVISTS WIN $1.5 MILLION
---- Philadelphia for Philadelphians!: The Don’t Tax Me Out Campaign ----
Director of Obscure Police Agency Assassinated in Oaxaca City ---- To Snitch or
Not To Snitch ---- Army of One ---- Border Anarchy
and more ... read it all in the pdf! http://defenestrator.org/pdfs/DEF40.pdf
-------------- New Jersey Bans Death Penalty -------------------
On December 17 Gov. Jon Corzine signed legislation repealing New Jersey’s death
penalty statute, after lawmakers and criminal justice experts found that capital
punishment wastes tax dollars, prolongs the suffering of murder victims’ family
members and is likely to result in wrongful death sentences. Law enforcement
officers and district attorneys from across the state supported the repeal
effort, as did many crime victims’ advocates.

With today’s signing, New Jersey becomes the first state in 42 years to
legislatively abolish the death penalty; Iowa and West Virginia last did so in
1965. New Jersey reflects a growing national trend against the death penalty,
with death sentences and executions facing a steep decline since the late 1990s
and with more states advancing abolition and moratorium legislation as well as
other reforms.

With your help and support, Pennsylvania can be next. Onward toward abolition!

Pennsylvanians for Alternatives
to the Death Penalty
PO Box 605
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17108
info@padp.org www.PADP.org


Guinness Records: Massacre or Suicide?

For millions of people worldwide, the Guinness Book of World Records is the
definitive source for matters great and small.

Many a conflict has been resolved by reference to it, for it is seen as the last
word. It appears that there are more copies of its books in bars and taverns
than there are in libraries.

But in at least one case, the venerable record keeping agency has been called
into serious question. That case is of the May 13, 1985 MOVE Bombing, where 11
men, women and babies were killed by Philadelphia police.

The problem arises when the Guinness company notes and records the event as a
case of mass suicide -- not mass murder. MOVE’s Ramona Africa, who narrowly
escaped being burned to death during the bombing, heard about the reference,
looked it up on the Web, and -- voila! -- there it was; in the online 2008
edition of the Guinness Book of World Records, in a section on cult suicides,
MOVE (in the text, it actually reads, erroneously, “The MOVE”) is listed as one
case among six.

When she contacted the Guinness editors, she received an answer citing a London
based group called the Cult Information Centre (CIC) as the basis for its listing.

As the MOVE Organization has noted in its online public message: We are not a
cult, we’re an organization, and we certainly did not commit suicide on May 13,
1985. The U.S. government dropped an incendiary bomb made of C4 on our home. The
bomb ignited a fire and the fire department refused to do anything to put out
the fire. They made a conscious decision to let the fire burn. Our home was a
blazing inferno. 11 MOVE men, women, babies and numerous animals were burned
alive because of that fire and because cops deliberately shot at us as we tried
to escape that blazing inferno. It’s documented that fragments from police
bullets were found in some of the bodies of murdered MOVE people. That is not
suicide; it’s deliberate murder.

In the Oct. 19, 2007 reply letter from Guinness World Records’ editor-in-chief,
Craig Glenday, the London based company cites CIC as a “credible source” for its
report, and includes a section of CIC’s self-description from their web site.
They insist their data is both “accurate” and “correct.”

Question: Why is the CIC account more “credible” than that of Ramona - who was
in the house and almost burned to death? It is a measure of the arrogance of
those in positions of power and influence that no one ever bothered to contact
MOVE before adding it to a suicide list - nor the one adult who survived this
mass murder.

MOVE is currently circulating an online petition at:
http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/OnaMove/signatures.html (or simply contact:
www.onamove.com The organization designed the petition to direct both Guinness
and the CIC to retract this dangerous notation. Sounds like a plan.
--(c) ‘07 maj


Al Nakba Remembered in Philly --- gaza march by Sue Rouda60 Days of Action to
Coincide with the 60th Anniversary of the Palestinian Catastrophe

By Nathaniel

This spring marks the 60th anniversary of Al Nakba, “the catastrophe,” the
little known side of Israel’s creation that murdered thousands of Palestinian
civilians in 1948 and drove over 700,000 others into exile after a terror
campaign by the nascent Israeli state. Philly SUSTAIN (Stop US Tax-funded Aid to
Israel Now!), Temple and Penn Students for Justice in Palestine and the AL Nakba
Committee are responding to the call made at the US Social Forum for 60 days of
action to coincide with what will likely be a self congratulatory celebration of

Philly’s Palestine solidarity movement insist Al Nakba not be forgotten with a
series of events every day from March 16th to May 15th. Defining occupation
broadly to include the gentrification of Philadelphia neighborhoods through
eminent domain and white colonization, solidarity activists plan to work with
various groups in the city to insure Al Nakba and all occupations are remembered.

Billions of dollars each year go from U.S. taxpayers to the Israeli military,
funding the destruction of Palestinian homes, agriculture and infrastructure. At
the same time, people in the U.S. -- including Philadelphia -- face crises
around health-care, housing and education. Federal taxes need to come home to
support our communities instead of a militarized racist foreign policy in
Palestine, Iraq and around the world.

Some events to look forward to are a mini Palestinian film festival, a mjeddera
dinner (traditional dish eaten by poor Palestinians) and music night, folk
dance, agitprop theater (“Café Intifada,” an occupation themed puppet show and
checkpoint street theater), a photo exhibit, a Palestinian political prisoner
event and various decentralized actions throughout Philadelphia.

If you want to become involved we’d love your help and input. You can contact
Philly SUSTAIN at sustainphilly@gmail.com or visit our myspace page
http://myspace.com/sustainphilly for up to date information.gaza march by Candace



Jobs with Justice Press Release:

Activists Plan More Efforts To Reform Industry, Local Company Will Remain Target

Philadelphia, PA, January 28, 2008 -- A year long campaign to raise wages and
benefits for security officers at Philadelphia’s two largest universities has
finally paid off. The Philadelphia Officers and Workers Rising Campaign (POWR)
an effort of a coalition of students, community activists and faith leaders will
bring at least $1.5 million in additional income to workers. The new contracts
include up to 3 days sick-leave on both campuses and raises for roving security
guards at UPenn from $9.70 to $15 per hour.

“We started to fight for these improvements for our own safety.” Says Kevin
Paris, a junior at Temple University. “I know that guards were forced to come to
work ill and injured. No one should work like that much less guards. It is a
public safety issue”

The activists from the local group, Jobs with Justice, focused on paid
sick-leave as the first step in a series of improvements that workers and their
advocates want to win on behalf of security guards.

“We see this as a civil rights issue.” Says Bishop Dwayne Royster, Pastor from
Living Waters UCC in North Philadelphia, “It is the largest effort to raise
African-American workers into the middle-class in our city’s history.”

97% of the private security guards in Philadelphia are African-American.

“We want to turn these jobs into family sustaining jobs.” explained Eduardo
Soriano, Organizer for Jobs with Justice, “We want to professionalize the
industry, raise the standards, that’s why we are focusing on AlliedBarton.”

AlliedBarton is the largest security company in Philadelphia and largest
domestic security company. AlliedBarton’s largest shareholder is MacAndrews &
Forbes. MacAndrews and Forbes is wholly owned by Philadelphia native, Ronald O.

Workers and advocates plan to continue to push for improvements on both campuses
but say that they are expanding their focus to other large AlliedBarton
customers around the city.

Jobs with Justice is a coalition of labor unions, community groups, student and
religious constituent organizations building a movement for workers’ rights and
social and economic justice. We ate united by the principles of solidarity,
reciprocity, militancy and action. Jobs with Justice is dedicated to using
direct action to win victories that matter for working people.


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