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(en) Britain, Anarchist Federation bulletin Resistance #100 - page 4 - Into the future, Conservative family values, Black man in White House!, Pat on head for Bingers, We're 100!

Date Thu, 14 Feb 2008 09:54:35 +0200

The past century has been a nightmare! But, there has never been a better time
to be an anarchist. The past century has been a nightmare for many of us. For a
long time anarchists in Britain have played the `supporting band' to state
socialism (aka state capitalism). No more. ---- The vicious attacks by the
Thatcherite government on community and work place conditions has exposed the
basic failures of Trade Union and Party (revolutionary or otherwise)
organisation. ---- The trade union leaderships' complicity in negotiating a
`settlement' with the political ruling class angered many working class folk.
The betrayal of the`socialist' Labour Party coupled with the historic failure of
Marxist bureaucracy (exposed after the dissolution of the Soviet empire) left
vast sections of the working class disillusioned.
The collapse of the traditional left has
opened fresh new opportunities for
anarchist ideas and practice. Across
the world anarchist ideas are being
experimented and used to create:
direct democracy, horizontal structures,
autonomist, etc. This is clearly
demonstrated by the scale and nature of
the anti- globalisation movement through
out the `noughties' (2000 and beyond).
From J18 to the May day protests, the
principal organising emphasis is non-
hierarchical. All these have dwarfed the
traditional locations of resistance against
the boss class ­ the work place. The
activists have continually rediscovered
the timeless human condition: `The
emancipation of the oppressed is the job
of the oppressed'
We must win back of our lives to stop
the wars, deaths and environmental
exploitation ruining the planet. Capitalists
and Politicians will NEVER solve the
potential disasters that lay ahead of us.
We need to organise, in our communities
and workplaces in order to maximise
our power and take control. Our method
should be direct action: occupations,
blockages, work-ins, wild cat strikes etc.
There are some who say: ` we are
prisoners to our past and held hostage
by our future' This is bullshit, as
autonomous conscious entities (exclusive
to our species and perhaps alone in the
universe) we alone are free to determine
our future ... lets make it Anarchist.


Conservative family values

Even out of power the Tories are good
for a scandal or two! Conservative
MP Derek Conway has found a nifty
way to beat University bills his Party
brought in ­ have your kid registered
as an assistant and pay him £12,000
a year! Altogether a £45000 fraud,
the fact that his son was at Newcastle
University and Parliament is in er,
London doesn't seem to have fazed him.
He already pays his other son £32,000
in parliamentary allowances a year, and
his wife is an `assistant' on £3271 a
month. And hey, everyone is at it ­ over
70 Tory MPs employ family members.
In the same week Conservative shadow
pensions secretary Nigel Waterson was
nicked for battering his teenage kids
­ perhaps they'd asked for a raise!


Pat on head for Bingers

Ex health secretary Patricia Hewitt is
so concerned about underage drinking
she has called on the chancellor to raise
taxes on alco-pops. A brave move ­ or
it would have been if she was in the
cabinet. As she has lost her job she
can say what she likes ­ and she does.
She has called on all parents to prevent
their children from drinking whatsoever
under the age of 18. Again this would
be a bold move if [allegedly] both her
own kids weren't out clubbing with fake
ID when this author was at school with
them [allegedly]. One rule for them!


Black man in White House!

So America faces the prospect of a
black president. Bring it on. Surprising
thing for anarchists to say? Not at all.
Maybe when every minority group has
had a president it will become clear it
is not who holds the position that is the
problem, but the position itself.
"Lots of young people like him, and
lots of black people like him, but I
think he's just the same as all the other
politicians. I didn't vote in 2004, and
I'm not sure who I'll vote for this time. If
he becomes president, what is he going
to do that everyone else hasn't tried?
Obama doesn't have any magic wand
or pill that's going to make everything

24 year old black Wal-Mart employee, quoted in
The Guardian 25.01.08.


We're 100!

Resistance has now reached the magic
number of its 100th issue. We've been
coming out now on a monthly basis
(with the odd holiday break) consis-
tently since 1999. On top of this we've
produced special runs of Resistance for
various demonstrations and events.
We feel that the regular appearance of
Resistance, a free newssheet explain-
ing basic anarchist ideas and highlight-
ing the acts of resistance against the
system, big and small, has made a bit
of a difference.
We want to make Resistance more
effective in the coming years ahead.
We think that we can help take part in
the creation of a far stronger anarchist
movement than has existed in Britain
for a long time.
If you'd like to help, take copies of
Resistance (even if it's only one or
two extra for your friends) and send in
news, article and details of forthcom-
ing events.
We want Resistance to act as voice for
a growing anarchist movement, but we
need you to help us do that!
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