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(en) Russia +, Avtonom #29 English summary

Date Sat, 05 Apr 2008 10:25:29 +0300

Dear friends, Once again we are doing mailout abroad much late, 4 months after
printing, but we won't say we are sorry because we have been very busy with
other things... if you want our rag sooner next time, drop us a note and we will
see what we may do. Actually we would be happy for any feedback, much of you
folks have stopped sending us your papers so if we do not hear anything, soon
you won't see the most shining xUSSR anarcho-journal anymore! ---- Yes we are
still journal of Autonomous Action, which has local groups in 15 cities of
Belarus and Russia. ---- And we are still interested to expand our mailing list
- if you know people who would be interested to read our materials, please
contact them for us! Currently German correspondence is done by Nizhniy Novgorod
section, Italian and Spanish by our members in Tyumen and all other languages in
Moscow - please send press with respective languages to cities dealing with
respective correspondence. In another hand, mailing out is so expensive that we
would like to post our papers only to people who understand what is written in them.

Addresses are the following:
(Do not write names of the group to envelopes, please! Never publish or
distribute our addresses without this note!)

Autonomous Action of Moscow and editorial collective of Avtonom
P. O. Box 13
109028 Moscow Russia
adm AT avtonom DOT org
avtonom AAT avtonom dt org

Autonomous Action of Nizhni Novgorod (German correspondence)
P. O. Box 25
603104 Nizhni Novgorod Russia
avtonom69 A T gmail.com (new address!)

Tyumen (Spanish and Italian correspondence)
P.O. Box 4481
625001 Tyumen Russia
akbar IN riseup dot net

Our federal site is

Our paper costs 30 rubles or one euro, ground mail abroad is additional
2.50 euros. Before ordering our paper, check out if some our
international distributors close to you have copies left. If you want to
join this list, you are welcome!


PL 60 00531 Helsinki
tasajako ATT anarkismi ddt net

Infoshop Teror 13
directa AAT freemail dot com dot mk

Het Fort van Sjakoo
Jodenbreestraat 24 1011 NK Amsterdam
info AAAT sjakoo DOT nl

Infoszop ul. Targowa 22 Warszawa Poland

Avtonom #29 English summary. All articles in Russian language

Page 2: Introduction to theme of the issue

Front cover: Anarchist block in social march of Minsk 4th of November
2007, riots in Copenhagen.

Page 3: Anarchists and ecological activists protest in Angarsk
Page 7: Necrology of Ilya Borodaenko. Struggle against urban
densification in Moscow.
Page 9: Alterkom against union – student struggle in Petrozhavodsk
Page 10: Olympic thrills – anarchist campaign against Olympic games in Sochi
Page 12: How FSB attempted to frame up anarchists, but failed. Article
about Nevski Express-case.
Page 13: No borders, no nations, stop deportations – anti-border camp in
Uzhgorod of Ukraine

Theme of the issue - democracy

Page 16: Power of the people. Democracy in Athens of antiquity, written
by Andrei Budaev.
Page 19: Electionary dialectics. Life in pre-election Russia by Polina
Eliseyeva. Democracy and anarchy – two opposites or two steps in the
same road? A lengthy response by Pyotr Ryabov to article “Democracy and
dicatorship – two sides of despotism of capitalism” by Mitya from
Avtonom #28.
Page 25: Barbarians – a disordered insurgence. Selected parts of
crushing assault on “Empire” of Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt by
Italian insurrectionalists Crisso and Odoteo. Full English version of
the article is available online in


Page 28: Neo-liberalism in Belarussian style. Our Minsk correspondent
writes about the recent reforms in Belarus and crumbling of the social
state there.
Page 31: Tougher than you: Vladimir Spirin revenged to coppers who
ruined his life by throwing a grenade to a pig shop in Yekaterinburg.
Three cops were seriously wounded.
Page 32: Manager of elite restaurant encourages crippling of workers.
While agent of antijob-website was working as a journalist, he got a
rather honest interview about realities of the restaurant business.

Practical anarchy

Page 34: A struggle for Ungdomshuset in Kopenhagen
Page 38: Kopi Fight Club. Interview of autonomous group practicing their
own mixture of martial arts in famous social center of Kreutzberg region
in Berlin.

History of libertarian resistance

Page 40: Shifu – an article about anarchism in China.
Page 41: Symbols of anarchism. Shortened article previously published in
journal “Naperekor” in 1990's.

Anarchist Black Cross

Page 44: Moscow Anarchist Black Cross is reorganized. Fistfight in
defence of rights – case of Pavel Delidon.
Page 45: Open letter to victim Tatyana Fedorovna Sbitneva from accused
Pavel Delidon. Available online in English in
Page 47: We all are 129A! New repressions in Germany. Addresses of
imprisoned anti-fascist comrades in Minsk and Olga Nevskaya, imprisoned
for NRA case.


Page 48: Hardcore and other impediments to anarchy. A controversial
opinion piece by comrade Listyev.
Page 50: Delete your blog and get to the street. Another opinion piece
by Listyev against distorted realities of the cyberspace.

Mother of order – anarcho-feminist section

Page 51: More love – an introduction to polyamory.
Page 53: Women of Israel – for peace and against sexism. By Arina Mayhova

Other Culture

Page 56: Movie and book reviews of Daring days and Dirty Pretty Things
(movies), The Coast of the Utopia (a drama by Tom Stoppard this review
is available online in English in from
http://avtonom.org/index.php?nid=1687), and books “The prison house” by
John King and “Not Born to Kill” by pen-name Georgi Operskiy Last book
is a curious version by a racist St. Petersburg cop on how police hunted
armed Nazi group of Dmitry Borovikov, containing fantastic statements
which attempt to cover the fact that authorities imprisoned plenty of
innocent people before the group of Borovikov was caught down. But it is
a mystery also for author of the book why police eventually executed
Borovikov upon his arrest.

Page 59: Our contacts

Back cover: Praying Putin in Okhotniy Ryad

(from http://avtonom.org/index.php?nid=1688)
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