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(en) US, SDS* National Constitutional Convention Final Bulletin p22 - p25

Date Thu, 08 Nov 2007 09:45:34 +0200

p22) Call for Chapters to Join Direct Action Against the War on 9/28/07 ---- p23) Support the Justice Will Be Served Campaign ---- p24) Sign on to No War, No Warming p24b) Organize Mass SDS Participation in the 2008 RNC & DNC Protests
p22) Call for Chapters to Join Direct Action Against the War on 9/28/07 --- Proposal ---- From September 22 to 29, activists working on a number of different struggles from around the country will be coming together in Washington, D.C. to raise the stakes in the anti-war movement during a week of direct actions against the war. ---- While it is unfeasible for most students to be in D.C. for this entire period of time, Friday, September 28, will be a day for autonomous, student & youth-led direct actions to originate from this space. We propose that SDS chapters from across the country join other students and youth on this important day to participate in direct actions against the war.


For more than four years, the U.S. has
waged war on the people of Iraq. Now,
more than 80% of people in the U.S.
oppose the war. While the anti-war demon-
strations that take place in D.C. several
times per year are able to turn out hun-
dreds of thousands of people, their impact
on Washington's ability to wage war are
minimal and amount to little more than
symbolic displays of the massive opposi-
tion to this war.
Marches are great tools to demonstrate
solidarity with the people around the world
who are fighting against U.S. imperialism
and draw new people into the movement,
but marches alone will not end the war. We
must raise the stakes and take real, concrete
actions that impact the ability of the U.S. to
continue. This week of direct actions against
the war represents an important tactical shift
in the movement that has, to this point, only
happened on a localized level. SDS chapters
around the country are already engaged in
direct actions on strategic targets in their
communities, but this day of action gives us
the opportunity to come together on a
national level and organize actions that carry
real consequence on the functioning of this


We propose to create a space, both on the
ground in D.C. and on individual campuses,
where SDS chapters have autonomy over
the way in which they choose to organize
and mobilize for this day of direct actions.
In order to coordinate and plan these
actions in the most democratic way, a way in
which we are all able to decide collectively
what we want to do on this day, regional
meetings will be held across the East Coast
and Midwest for students to come together
to talk about what they want to see from this

p23) Support the Justice Will Be Served Campaign

1. Resolved to supporting the Justice
Will Be Served Campaign, a campaign
dedicated to fighting back against sweat-
shop conditions in the work place and
uniting various service workers, such as
restaurant, deli, hotel, nail salon, and
other service workers in different indus-
2. Commending National Mobilization
Against Sweatshops (NMASS), Chinese
Staff & Workers' Association (CSWA),
Local 318 Restaurant Workers Union, in
leading the Justice Will Be Served cam-
paign mostly located through the metro-
politan area of New York City.
3. Acknowledging the many campaigns
that have successfully been won by
Justice Will Be Served, including Jing
Fong, New Silver Palace, and Zen Palate.
4. Acknowledging Justice Will Be
Serves' role in helping protect the mini-
mum wage for tipped workers.
5. Recognizing the large student sit-in
on May 4th, which brought forward over
200 students throughout the metropoli-
tan area to a Saigon Grill restaurant in
support of 36 delivery workers who were
locked out of their jobs for demanding
minimum wage when they were being
paid less than two dollars an hour. The
campuses include but were not limited to
Columbia University, City University of
New York, New York University, and
Sarah Lawrence.
6. Supporting Students and Workers
uniting against sweatshop conditions in
the workplace.
7. Acknowledging the success of the
Justice Will Be Served campaign in
improving conditions for restaurant
workers throughout New York City.

p24) Sign on to No War, No Warming


1) SDS will sign on to the call of
No War No Warming.
2) The appropriate body will select
one or two members to act as SDS
delegates in the No War / No
Warming coordination process.
3) SDS will create a working group
to organize SDS participation in
the No War No Warming mobiliza-
4) SDS as a national organization
will respect DC residents and
organizations in all their planning
efforts for this mobilization.


1. The Iraq war and the threat of climate's
change are the twin global threats that mil-
lions of Americans want immediate action's
on. But as the violence, chaos and death in

Iraq continues and we hit another year of
record warm temperatures and increasing
natural disasters, our government once
again, is failing to respond to the will of
the people.
2. We know that it was the US addiction
to oil that drove our country into the Iraq
war. We know it could fuel future wars like
one with Iran, which has huge oil reserves.
The US military is the largest single con-
sumer of petroleum in the country, so as the
military grows, so does our addiction to fos-
sil fuels; an endless cycle. The US Military-
Industrial-Energy Complex is also the
biggest purveyor of dangerous nuclear
power and weapons.
3. Oil is a major cause of climate change.
Our addiction to greenhouse-gas-emitting
oil and other fossil fuels is melting the Arctic
and Greenland before our eyes, destroying
Indigenous cultures and peoples. It is disap-
pearing small island nations as sea levels rise,
and it's creating extreme climate events and
super storms like Hurricane Katrina around
the world. In fact, as the situation gets even
worse, as people run out of water and eco-
systems wither, climate change is an emerging
global security threat that could make current
wars pale by comparison.
4. Who suffers from war and climate
change? In both cases, with systemic racism
playing a major role, it is the poorest people,
people of color and people from the Global
South, who suffer the most. Whether it
comes in the form of a poverty draft, the
bombing of a neighborhood, the privatiza-
tion (a.k.a theft) of natural resources, or mil-
itary bases, detention centers or oil refineries
in communities. Systemic racism has always
been an underlying foundation in the US
drive to control resources.
5. Instead of listening to the will of the
people or supporting the communities who
need it the most, the US Government
insures that companies like Exxon-Mobil,
Chevron, Halliburton, Bechtel, Blackwater
and other corporate pillagers reap the profits.
6. The US must radically shift to a clean
energy economy and ends its addiction to oil,
coal, natural gas and nukes. Imagine if we
shifted the billions of dollars being spent
every month on war and destruction in Iraq to
investment in clean, safe, efficient, jobs-creat-
ing and renewable energy sources that would
rebuild our communitie, not destroy them.

p24b) Organize Mass SDS Participation in the 2008 RNC & DNC Protests


SDS, as a national organization, will:
1. Facilitate SDS members' participa-
tion at the 2008 Republican National
Convention (RNC) protest(s) and 2008
Democratic National Convention
(DNC) protest(s) in a manner that is
creative and positive, and does not
alienate the general public. The pri-
mary goal for this action should be
to clearly illustrate the fact that the
student population of the United
States is discontent with our govern-
ment and political system.
2. Facilitate protest that serves to
effectively challenge the success of
the RNC and DNC. This goal should
be to build the movement by show-
ing that we are an active, intelligent
and a force to be reckoned with. We
propose considering the use of direc
action against convention, govern-
ment and military buildings as a
means to effectively protest.
3. Facilitate transportation and hous
ing for attendees of both protests.
4. Facilitate inter-organizational
cooperation and coordination.


Students for a Democratic Society is well
established as a group that seeks radical and
not reformist change. By protesting the
conventions of both parties simultaneously,
we are showing our dissatisfaction with
both parties' misrepresentation and blatant
corruption. We seek to create a true partici-
patory democratic society; in order to build
enthusiasm and energy for our movement,
we must show that our current system is
unsatisfactory, while simultaneously propos-
ing alternatives. We fight these sophists of
false democracy on our turf, in our class-
rooms and campuses. Let's take it to


1. We propose the formation of an R/DNC
working group (open to any interested
SDSers, possibly to be divided into sub-
groups) to coordinate the organizing, trans-
portation and housing, media, and inter-
organizational coordination of the RNC and
DNC protests. The working group would
also coordinate the production and distribu-
tion of literature, direct action training and
legal support at and before the events.
2. SDS will endorse the 'Call to Demonstrate
at the RNC 2008' at protestrnc2008.org and
the call on nornc.org
nating in-the-field decisions at the event.
This process should be overtly designed to
prevent male/white domination, ensure that
all views are represented and provide for
accountability and openness.
6. SDS members will travel to the pReNC to
network with other organizations.
7. SDS will consult and respect the wishes of
local SDS and non-SDS organizers (except-
ing, of course, the democratic and republi-
can convention organizers) when making
and executing plans.

* An antiauthoritarian anticapitalist network

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