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(en) US, SDS* National Constitutional Convention Final Bulletin - Declaration & Commitment of Support for the Iraq Moratorium

Date Wed, 07 Nov 2007 09:44:15 +0200

Proposal ---- SDS hereby makes a commitment that on Friday September 21 & the Third Friday of each subsequent month, its members, chapters, local groups and regions will break daily routine and take some action to end the War in Iraq, along with other groups planning on doing the same. This entails: A list-serv (i.e., "SDS-Iraq-Moratorium") to be opened up for those SDS members in organizing the Moratorium and will have official status alongside other list-servs. A group of ten or more members of SDS. will be asked for a group photo for inclusion in the Iraq Moratorium website. SDS will add its name to the list of endorsers of the Moratorium, to be displayed on its website: http://iraqmoratorium.org


The Iraq Moratorium is a strategy to summon
the solid 60% of the population that has an opin-
ion against the Iraq War to announcing their posi-
tion, toward taking action, and ultimately bolster-
ing and reinforcing the numbers, militancy and
resolve of the movement end the war and
A common assessment of the state of the
anti-war movement is that we have run our
course in pursuing the initial set of tasks.
That is, we have won a steady majority of
the U.S. population toward the position that
the Iraq War is not worth pursuing.
However, this sentiment exerts little force
throughout society on its own terms in and
of itself. It is unfocused, and often passive.
Evidence of this stalemate can be found in
such events as the 2006 Congressional elec-
tions, in which polling clearly showed that:
The People are angry enough at the Iraq
War to have voted the Republicans out of
their Congressional majority over it.
Conversely, the people have yet to be pre-
sented with a clear course of action, leading
to the election of a business-as-usual
Democratic Congressional majority.
Recognizing these existing conditions -
and the necessity of changing them if the
anti-war movement wants to remain relevant
and vital - the Moratorium offers a frame-
work of two parameters:
A United Strategy: the Moratorium desig-
nates the third Friday of each month as a
Moratorium Day, dedicated for the breaking
of routine and for anti-war work to happen
in its place. This encourages people to break
from quiet desperation" and toward speak-
ing up and/or acting against the war on a
regular and escalating basis.
The Moratorium recognizes that com-
mon sentiment is not enough; it has to trans-
late into action in order to become woven
into the fabric of society. Therefore the call
is to conduct actions publicly against the
war. On the individual scale, this is as simple
as wearing a black armband, ribbon, or
wristband on Moratorium day. On a wider-
scale, it means taking actions which appeal
to various constituencies, and doing so in a
public fashion. We must break the silence
and to encourage an undeniable and ever-
increasing clamor on the home front.
Nothing in the Moratorium should be
perceived as pre-empting other activities
(i.e., the big marches; acts of civil disobedi-
ence; direct action against the war). Rather,
the Moratorium is meant to augment these
actions by placing greater force behind
Emphasis on Local Organizing and
Decision-Making: What activities are to be
broken with, and what new activities done
on Moratorium Day? What are the tactics
appropriate toward the strategy? Rather than
come up with a one-size-fits-all solution, the
decision as to what tactics to adopt and what
slogans can unite people are best left to
those who know their constituencies best.
As a matter of inspiring greater thought
on the possibilities afforded by the
Moratorium, here are some ways of taking
the Moratorium and adapting it to your situ-
If you attend a commuter school without
a campus life, use Moratorium Day to hand
out information and black armbands; work
with allies on a possible off-campus event
(counter-recruitment, etc.)
If you attend a larger liberal arts college
with lots of facilities, use Moratorium Days
to organize dorm-by-dorm and club-by-
club; build to a student walkout.
If you go to a school of arts, design, or
music, use Moratorium Day to organize the
community of artists to make a public artis-
tic statement condemning the war.
If you attend an elite university with gov-
ernment contracts, use Moratorium Day to
target ties to the military-industrial complex.
For this convention's consideration is a
request by the Iraq Moratorium organizers
to put the weight and to put our strength
and numbers into this effort.


Upon passage at the Convention: The
author of this proposal shall inform the Iraq
Moratorium committee that the name of
S.D.S. should be added to other names of
endorsers on the Iraq Moratorium website.
Members interested in appearing in the
group photo should meet with the author
for a group photo.
Those interested in keeping in touch
through the Moratorium list-serv will be
asked to submit their names onto a sign-up
Potential organizers are strongly encour-
aged to take the first steps of organizing
activities upon return to their region/local
group/campus, by meeting and brainstorm-
ing a schedule of activities for the third
Fridays of the months of the months of
September through December.
Those planning Regional Conventions
over the winter intercession period (i.e.,
December-January) should be advised on
devoting some time for evaluation and next
steps discussions.

* An antiauthoritarian anticapitalist network

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