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(en) State terror on Mayday protestors in Turkey: Anarchists* in Taksim and elsewhere]

Date Wed, 02 May 2007 16:56:14 +0300

ISTANBUL --- Yesterday (1st of May 2007) Istanbul governor locked up the whole transportation system in Istanbul just not to let DISK (a leftist trade union) and others to have the Mayday celebration in Taksim square. His stupid attitude caused a real warfare; lots of people got stucked in traffic. According to the official reports, 799 protestors got arrested all around the city - many without any reason. Many so-called "ordinary" people suffered from police attack; TVs show one guy who was slapped by a policeman just because he was sitting in a downtown cafe with some friends. Many people got sick related with tear-gas and such chemicals including "ordinary" people. There was a terrible smell and smoke all over Taksim-Beyoglu area. There was also great repression on the media; lots of reporters were beaten and live broadcast wagons of TV channels got arrested for a while just not to make news from Taksim square. Even the VERY mainstream Hurriyet newspaper started an online petition to protest Istanbul governor M. Guler and Minister of Interior Affairs calling the governor "Istanbul dictator".

On the other hand, anarchists managed to enter Taksim square as they have
declared a few days ago. Probably they were the only "illegal" group in there
except DISK representatives and those from the organization committee. You
can see black flags in the following photo which is widely distributed by the
news agencies. Taksim square has been invaded by about 60 anarchists (others
got stuck in traffic or police blockage):
Also the first photo of BBC News from Istanbul Mayday shows anarchists with
black flags: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/in_pictures/6611789.stm

Although the others started to draw off from the square, surprisingly
anarchists did not leave there for a while. Later, while they were leaving
the organization committee invited them again to support them in re-entering
Taksim. However after a while a new police attack started; many people
injured some got arrested. The clashed went on for some hours in
Beyoglu-Istiklal Street. In here no known anarchist got arrested although
many injured; however, at least 2 arrests known from anarchists in other
places. Here is a video document from mainstream media showing anarchists' in
*[Taksim call made by anarchist groups from Istanbul (OtonomA, Mekan,
Karahat, MecmuA, Aki, Kiranarsi, Otonom Nifak) and Izmit, Bitlis, Diyarbakir,
Sivas, Bursa ve Ankara.]


In Ankara, more than 100 anarchists marched in the main Mayday demo. A few
days ago Ankara Anarchy Initiative made a call for an anarchist cortege to
march from Opera to Sihhiye Square. There was a big (A) banner and one
writing "Following a dream (A) Follow me" and tens of black flags. The group
was mainly consisting of university, course and high school students but some
working people also existed. Anti-militarist and anti-statist slogans were
shouted. Nationalist-socialist Isci Partisi (so-called "Labor" Party)
marching with Turkish flags faced our anti-fascist slogans and there was some
tension. Later some leftist groups prevented them entering Sihhiye Square
where the mass meeting was held. Some of our comrades also helped them doing

In one of the speeches, the organization committee mentioned the Haymarket
events refering to A. Spies' and one another's last words before they were
executed. It was not surprising that the speakers did not mention about their
anarchism. Later we have left the square a while before the mass meeting were
to end in order to make a meeting with the new comers.

Also Tacanka group attended the demo with their black-red flags.

Some photos from the action:


Local anarchists in Izmir attended the Mayday demo with Otonomizmir group.
The group met in Konak at 12:00 and started to march towards Gundogdu Square
passing through Konak Square and Pasaport. During the march, number of the
participants reached about 30-35 people. There was some quarrel with a
leftist group related with the slogans. There were two banners writing "Any
state any company is killer" and "Another world is possible!" and also black,
black-red, black-green and black-purple flags. People's reaction was nice;
after the demo, a meeting was organized with new faces.

Photos from the action:

Otonomizmir web site: www.otonomizmir.tk


A group of anarchists marched in Eskisehir Mayday demo. Entering the demo
square, police did not let their banner and some other stuff so they just had
2 black flags with them.

In few other places (Mersin etc.) anarchists may have attended to the
demonstrations but yet no other report came.
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