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(en) Northern resistance #2 - MANCHESTER ANARCHIST BULLETIN JUNE/JULY 2007

Date Sat, 07 Jul 2007 20:03:30 +0300

Blair to Brown... This is not regime change --- IT'S JUNE 24TH. Gordon Brown has come to Manchester for his coronation. After ten years of lies and broken promises, are we now to get a change in the way the country is run? Is there any chance of really changing policy and not just the leader? If they did change, would it actually mean anything? As anarchists, we are certain that a shift from Blair to Brown means little to the working people of Britain. --- Gordon Brown is not a new face. He does not come with new policies. He has been a key member of the Labour government since it was elected. ----- BROWN'S RECORD ---- As Chancellor, he's signed the cheques that have bankrolled the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. ---- As Chancellor, he's the one who decided that public sector pay rises would be at or below the rate of inflation (which in reality means pay cuts.) To make it worse, the pay rises are then staggered, a con which means we get even less.
· As Chancellor, he's the one who decided to scrap existing public
sector pension schemes in favour of far worse ones. He's
the one who wants low paid workers to live
in poverty when they retire.
· As Chancellor, he's set up huge pay
rises for doctors and dentists.
· He's supported schemes for building
schools and hospitals using PFI ­ councils
and health authorities paying huge rents to
private companies in return for new schools
and hospitals.

· He thinks getting Christian fundamen-
talists, dodgy car salesmen and supermarket
owners to run schools is a good idea.
· He's all in favour of wasting billions on
new nuclear submarines.
· But he'll make everything better by giv-
ing us "Britain Day".

Gordon Brown will be following in a long
tradition of Labour politicians who've shafted
the working class since the day they were first
elected in 1906. Here are a few examples
of what Labour has done for the working
· Strike busting in the 1920s, sending
troops in against Dockers in the 1940s,
using troops against fire fighters in the
· Cutting pay in the 1930s, 1960s and
· Fighting wars in Iraq in the 1920s and
· Building Britain's first nuclear weapons.
Then building Britain's first nuclear subma-
· Introducing prescription charges.
We don't need any illusions in Brown and
Labour. They cannot change, because they
have nothing to change into. Labour is just
another capitalist party. It's just another
party that works in the interests of the rich
and powerful to defend their right to make a
contact us:
here are AF groups in Sheffield, Liverpool,
Nottingham, London, Bristol, Surrey, East
Kent and more .......

Brecon Beacons National Park --- Fight the Pipe

The struggle goes on to try
and stop an already destruc-
tive gas pipeline being con-
structed in South Wales,
from Milford Haven to Tirley
in Gloucestershire. When
finished it will be 197 miles
long and will goright
through local communities.
It is one of the largest ever
constructed (48 inch diame-
ter), and one that national
grid have never had experi-
ence in constructing before.


This pipeline is not only
one of the biggest being
built, it is also one of the
fastest at 94 Barr pressure,
which is usually designed to
travel in straight lines, but
this one does not, it both
curves and changes in
height, weakening the struc-
ture of the pipe. Sections of
the pipe are also above
ground, a method which is
regarded negatively even
by the National Grid them-
"Installing underground
pipelines provides the safest,
most secure and practical
method of transporting gas.
Above ground pipelines are
not favoured due to their
visual impact, their need for
frequent maintenance and
the fact that they sterilise the
land preventing its use for
agriculture and other pur-
poses. All of National Grid's
gas transmission pipelines
are underground".
In Trebanos the National
Grid intend to use explo-
sives to move rock, Tre-
banos is situated along a
faultline and lands.
This pipeline it will tear
right through Brecon Bea-
cons National Park. The
national park wrote a 70
page report, stating that it
will be unsuitable for agri-
culture, and trees cannot be
safely planted within a 10
metre range, it will go
through ancient woodland,
threaten natural habitations,
protected species, and areas
of special scientific interest.
This is not even taking into
account the effect it'll have
on climate change. This
pipeline only serves to cre-
ate more quick fixes when
the real solutions has not
been taken into account
because it is not in the inter-
est of money or of the busi-
nessmen to do so.


There has been a large
resistance to this, from both
the local community and
activists outside, which has
put a thorn into the plans of
National Grid. There is an
established protest camp in
Brecon and there have been
many actions taken against
the pipeline, including a 6
hour blockade of the LNG
construction site, and a car-
nival against the pipeline in
Trebanos. The protesters
have fought against the
threat of eviction, and now
the camp has stood up for
five months.
The fact that this is a local
struggle is extremely signifi-
cant; it has lead to the com-
munity taking the power
away from the bosses and
the companies, and back
where it really belongs
which is to the community
itself. We, as anarchists sup-
port such struggles and simi
lar struggles that are hap-
pening in this country, in
Rossport and around the
If you want to get in-
volved, get in touch with the
fight the pipe campaign,
fight the pipe in Manchester
is now holding regular
meetings. Anybody is wel-
come to the meetings.
Check out:


Manchester Anarchist Federation Meetings

June 26th: What distinguishes us from the left? .
July 10th: An Anarchist's Story - a film about Ethel MacDonald. the Glasgow anarchist who travelled to Spain in 1936.

Venue: The Hare and Hounds, Shude Hill,
Manchester M4 Near Victoria Station
All Welcome

about ourselves

The Anarchist Federation is an or-
ganisation of class struggle anar-
chists aiming to abolish capitalism
and all oppression to create a free
and equal society. This is Anarchist
We see today's society as being
divided into two main opposing
classes: the ruling class which con-
trols all the power and wealth, and
the working class which the rulers
exploit to maintain this. By racism,
sexism and other forms of oppres-
sion, as well as war and environ-
mental destruction the rulers weaken
and divide us. Only the direct action
of working class people can defeat
these attacks and ultimately over-
throw capitalism.
As the capitalist system rules the
whole world, its destruction must be
complete and world wide. We reject
attempts to reform it, such as work-
ing through parliament and national
liberation movements, as they fail to
challenge capitalism itself. Unions
also work as a part of the capitalist
system, so although workers struggle
within them they will be unable to
bring about capitalism's destruction
unless they go beyond these limits.
Organisation is vital if we're to
beat the bosses, so we work for a
united anarchist movement and are
affiliated to the International of Anar-
chist Federations.
The Anarchist Federation has
members across Britain and Ireland
fighting for the kind of world outlined
Contact us at:
Anarchist Federation,
BM Anarfed, London,
Email: info@afed.org.uk
Also visit: www.afed.org.uk
and www.iaf-ifa.org
This bulletin has been produced by
Manchester Anarchist Federation.
Contact us at manchester@af-
north.org or visit our website www.af-

Want to know more?
AF Pamphlets:
Beyond Resistance, a Revolu-
tionary Manifesto (£1.50)
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