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(en) US, Modesto Anarcho #4 Out Now!

Date Mon, 02 Jul 2007 10:13:48 +0300

The new issue of Modesto Anarcho is hitting the streets! You can order a copy for $2, or for more than 10 copies, only $1. Contact us for information about bulk rates. We are posting a link to a PDF version of the journal in the hopes that others read it and make copies. In the next couple of weeks, you should be able to get a free copy at the Long Haul Infoshop (Berkeley), Bound Together Books (SF), and the Free Mind Media Center (Santa Rosa). We will also be posting some of the articles from this issue here on infoshop in the coming months. This issue is 18 pages long, features various articles, interviews with the journal A Murder of Crows and the anarchist graffiti project Not My Government, as well as extensive news about direct action and repression around the Modesto and Central Valley area. We love feedback - so feel free to make copies and let us know what you think!

Included in this Issue:

Introductions by Nagi and Crudo
Letters and Responses
Action and Repression: News and commentary and recent events.
From bank robberies, labor actions, kids revolting, people fighting the police in Downtown Modesto and more...proles in the valley are fightin' back!
Project Announcements: Wishing Well Collective and the Wingnut's Liberation Project
Some quick introductions to projects going on in the local area.
Banner Liberation: A Direct Action Guide
How to turn those adds around on them...
This is For Anyone Who is Wanting to Live Free by Alphree
A call for the youth to get free.
My Autonomy in Nature by Rien
A story of one person's quest to live outside the boundaries of urban life.
Cook Cops Not Meth - Rob Banks Not Each Other by Crudo
A call for an end to anti-social crime, and a call for an attack on the real enemy.
Anarchy, Activism, and Insurrection: A Conversation with A Murder of Crows
A critique of 'anarcho-activism' and a discussion on working on an insurrectionary praxis.
Bomb the System: An Interview with Not My Government
A discussion on anarchy, graffiti, and mixing the two.
Workplace Resistance at a 'Small Business' by Anonymous
About a different kind of worker's council...
...And More!

To download the entire issue, go here for the PDF.

(Send well hidden cash to)...Modesto Anarcho, PO Box 3027, Modesto CA 95353

From the Introduction

It seems painfully clear how systemic and interconnected the various forces of oppression and domination are that have been leveled against us. The closing of the Hershey’s plant is a prime example. A corporation shuts down to move to another country in order to pay Mexican workers less and thus reap more profits. The process adds to the push of economic refugees that flee into the U.S. Meanwhile, hundreds march in the streets of Modesto on May Day to protest racist anti-immigrant legislation and raids by government agencies and they are corralled and contained by the Modesto Police Department and local Sheriffs. These same pigs are now working more closely with ICE (formerly the INS) to deport “illegal” migrants. They are also the same pigs who this summer shot an unarmed black man under the guise that he was “reaching for something,” another victim in a growing list. All of this repression and despair is designed to show us that we are supposed to stay passive in this society. We are supposed to stay quiet and keep our heads down. To not have big ideas or big dreams of a radically different way of life. Instead, we are supposed to concern ourselves with putting what little energy we have into working and producing and then put our meager earnings into buying those products back. We don’t know our neighbors but spend countless hours on Myspace and Youtube. We know hundreds of factoids about rich celebrities that we will never meet or talk to, but hardly anything about the animals, plants or ecosystems that live next to us. We are repressed, we are exploited, we are alienated, and we then are made to feel hopeless.

And many people can’t imagine becoming interested in anything but the ‘exciting’ distractions that the system dangles in front of our faces when police are on every corner, surveillance cameras watch our every step, and we are encouraged to voice our displeasure at the current state of affairs only by voting, writing to the editor, or waving signs, which does nothing but helps manifest the illusion that there are real “checks and balances” in place to fix problems in our society.

But, there are many who do not buy into any of this shit. There are some who resist. There are some who fight back - who seek to draw blood against those that would suck ours dry. Sometimes it is under the pretext of class struggle against the imposed violence of (work, school, traffic, police, prison, war, wage slavery, racism, patriarchy, rape, etc, that makes up) everyday life. But mostly it is carried out by those who have no agenda or ideology other than to act and get away with their own desires that run counter to what the ruling forces want. It is the wildcat strike. It is the prison uprising. It is the bank robbery. It is graffiti. It is sabotage on the job. It is all of these things and more. Our desire with this project is to simply give this tapestry of struggle a common thread. To place the events that happen around us in a context of social war. We want everyone in the area to know that in the Modesto and Central Valley area people can, and do, much more than cook meth, steal cars, and kidnap pregnant women.

Thus, we hope that this publication adds to this dialog on action against the current totality of industrial capital. We want to ridicule and mock the leftist, reformist, and liberal forces which serve no-one but themselves and create nothing but false opposition and recuperation against real struggle. We want to show that ordinary people can fight back and do act for themselves against the current order. We then ultimately want to talk about the need to take this motherfucker on and actually get rid of it. We put a lot into this issue - we hope it shows. We’d thank lots of people for helping us with Modesto Anarcho #4, but that would take too long. You know who you are and we thank you. Until their walls come crashing down and we all can escape from this prison - cheers.
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