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Date Sun, 30 Dec 2007 14:04:17 +0200

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! ---- A s we enter 2008, the editors of Resistance decided
to look back on 2007. We wanted to draw up a balance sheet, to see what were the
highs and the lows and share with you our hopes for the New Year. ---- Strikes
and Solidarity ---- The year started as it ended, with strikes in the health
service in Manchester. In January, health workers successfully prevented the
loss of 40 nursing and therapy jobs and fought off pay cuts disguised as
regarding. Definitely a high. It ended with the sacking of the UNISON shop
steward, Karen Reissmann, an act of revenge by the management. Despite a strike
by 150 of her fellow workers, the union looks like having bottled out.
Strikers were told to go back to work. A low point, but she has loads of support
and we wait to see what will happen. Our wish for the New Year? Health workers
spread the strike to other sections of the health service.

A huge high of the year was the magnificent
Postal Workers strike. Standing up to the bosses
and forcing the union to take action. It all began
with wildcat strikes, workers taking action without
the permission of their union. The wildcats contin-
ued every time it looked like the bureaucrats were
about to cave in. The deal they settled for looks
not to be as good as we'd hoped. Our New Year's
wish? We all continue to show support for the
posties. They take action again when necessary.
Health workers in solidarity with Karen Reissman

Goodbye Tony--Hello Gordon

Finally we saw the end of Tony Blair as PM.
Surely a high. No more to have to look on his fake
smile and listen to his foul, weasel words as he
justifies more murder and mayhem in our name.
The low? Gordon Brown replaced him. And wait-
ing in the wings good ole Dave, the Tory toff who
likes to pretend he's one of the people. Our New
Year's wish? People keep seeing through the liars
and don't get fooled by the press. Bin the lot of
On the environmental front, the Climate Camp
was a huge success. Thanks to the stupidity of
BAA in trying to stop even bird spotters and ram-
blers objecting to Heathrow's expansion, the camp
got huge press coverage. The campers linked up
with local residents and airport strikers. The strug-
gle to save the environment is part of the class
struggle against profit and destruction. Our New
Year's wish? The people of Sipson, next to the
airport, win. Their village doesn't become another
Leaving Iraq

Britain began to withdraw from Iraq. This
pleased us all. Not so pleasing was the increase
in the number of troops sent to Afghanistan. Nei-
ther is the increasingly hysterical press campaign
against Iran. Our New Year's wish? People see
that hating a regime run by religious bigots doesn't
mean we have to support the bombing of yet an-
other part of the world. The only war worth fighting
is the class war against the bosses and politi-
cians who are ruining the world.


On Thursday 13th December, Air
Marshal Stuart Peach (CBE), head of
Military Defense Intelligence Services
came to the University of Sheffield to
give a very prestigious lecture on
military strategy and the use of aerial
power in warfare.
He was greeted by a group of students
and local activists (including members of
the Anarchist Federation) who rudely
interrupted his talk by setting off an air
siren and thirty-five personal alarms
across the lecture hall. Some rather
enthusiastic comrades even managed to
utilize a bit of their own aerial power,
lobbing active alarms at the military toffs
in the front row and even delivering one
to the good Air Marshal himself.
This was a protest not only against the
occupation of Iraq but also against the
way events like these seek to naturalise
and normalise war, and the horrors of
aerial bombing in particular. There are
also issues with the complete lack of
any democratic control by students and
workers at the University over the peo-
ple they invite to speak.
The University of Sheffield has re-
ceived over £40m through military pro-
jects in the past five years and contin-
ues to have a very close relationship
with both BAE systems and the British
Army. This is relationship which none,
apart from the bosses at the University,
have any control or say over. War is not
something that is natural, normal or
inevitable, it is an artificial process that
is deliberately created by men like Air
Marshal Peach, and it can and will be

DEFY ID - 2008

Since the ID Cards Act was passed in March
2006 (was it really that long ago?) things
have moved on rapidly behind the scenes.
During 2007, in many cities, Identity and
Passport Service (IPS) interview centres
were opened to question first-time appli-
cants, such as teenagers, before giving
them a passport.
Then, in November, we heard that post of-
fices and travel agents are likely candidates
for mass ID card applications and finger-
printing. According to the Financial Times,
"The Post Office said it was looking very
seriously at developing the ability to record
data electronically at its 14,150 outlets",
whilst the IPS said that, "outlets were likely
to be used to help speed up the enrolment
process to obtain new biometric passports
and identity cards, providing services such
as application checking and finger-printing."
It was also announced in October that the
General Register Office (GRO) in England
and Wales, which oversees the recording of
births, marriages, civil partnerships and
eaths, will become part of the IPS from 1
pril 2008. This moves it from the Office for
ational Statistics (ONS) to become an
xecutive Agency of the Home Office. Ac-
ording to the IPS, "working as one organi-
ation will allow us to explore the possibility
f integrating passport, identity card and life
vent registration processes. This would
reduce red tape and make life easier for
people, as well as strengthen the integrity
of our systems." Under the Identity and
Passport Service, the 285 registry offices i
England and Wales that are owned and ru
by local authorities will be implicated in this
change, plus the Home Office will carry ou
some registrations centrally and maintain
the central record of registration data. So
getting rid of 'red tape' means the centralis
ing of data originally collected for statistical
purposes and policy-making for the popula
tion as a whole, which will now be used for
tracking individuals as well.
These are yet more steps towards the mak
ing of a National Identity Register, which is
the backbone of the government's ID Card
scheme. 2008 is the time to rally round
against ID and help to build a grassroots
opposition in our communities, to stop us
ending up in a total surveillence society
within a very few years.
For more info and ideas how to resist, read
our anti-ID pamphlet 'Defending Anonymity'
available online at:



The New Year will bring huge attacks on the benefit sys-
tem for single parents, the long-term sick and disabled. But this
is all clouded in a mist of what appear to be improvements.
On hearing the latest squawks from Brown, Hain, and the like, you
might be fooled into thinking nothing has changed in the last 20
years.. But no, things have changed. For every crummy minimum-
wage victory we get, the greedy Government midges in return suck
even more from us. It's not just money they take. It is also the at-
tacks on our attempts to live rather
than merely exist as consumers and

"This looks like what it is: an attack
on women, the poor and excluded."

As a distraction to the problems they
face toadying to big business as well as the `threat' of economic
crisis, the Punch and Judy Show that is parliament have reverted to
type. From the Coliseum, the concepts of beat the weak and tax the
poor continues: New LabourTM learned so much from Thatcher.

Come on down: the price is shite,

Under the benefit system you can get £50 odd a week or possibly
as much as £80 odd if you've managed to work yourself into long-
term ill-health. But all this is about to change. Now, the state is
offering to help these poor dammed souls back to work. They'll even
get training. But this is training government style. This should win
the annual comedy awards, with them being the ultimate jokers. If
you don't or can't do the training, then its benefit death by a thou-
sand cuts. What is already a pittance is cut and cut again until those
already struggling comply with the bullies. How proud they must be!

Picking on the weak

As usual, it's a not an attack on one front. Remember Government
need to make us forget a lot, so single parents are next in line for
attack. Politicians, the sewer press and other `interested' parties
blame single parents for kids running loose, social breakdown,
drugs, and guns not to mention fucking in the streets, They now
want parents to work during the most important period of their child's
development. This looks like what it is: an attack on women (the
majority of single parents), the poor and excluded. This is to fill the
supposed 600,000 job vacancies that Brown claimed exist every day
in Britain. If there was not a threat to the income that barely feeds and keep a
roof over their families' heads, parents might not take any old shit job.
Government is happy as the number of claim-
ants goes down, big business is happy as they are subsidised
through the poorly-run Tax Credits system, and those forced into
this crap lose out, as do their kids and communities.

Funding Political Parties

So with party funding, failing banks, the lack of job security and
everyone living in debt is it any surprise they want to divert attention
away from our real problems by victimising easy, time tested scape-
goats? But such ineptitude and inhumanity is a poor reflection on us
all. What kind of society lets the wealthiest get away with such bully-
ing? It's time they were reminded they only have power as long as
we let them. They need to be stopped. We need to do this together,
because there is only one `us', and only through breaking
down the false barriers they put up can we succeed in
defending `us'.

Memorial for Carlos
Rally at Southbank.

On Saturday 24th of November 70 people braved
the icy cold to attend the rally called by the Anarchist
Federationand Antifa in memory of the sixteen year old
antifascist who had been killed on the 11th of Novem-
ber by a member of a Nazi party in Madrid , Spain. The
memorial rally gathered around the monument to the Inter-
national Brigades in the Jubilee Gardens , Southbank, at
noon and, despite this area being inside the exclusion zone
around parliament created by Socpa, no police presence
was evident. The protesters held placards with the face of
the murdered teenager, and denounced the way in
which ideas traditionally held by the far right have become
part of the accepted main political discourse throughout
Europe and the UK , particularly around issues like immi-
gration, and in many cases thanks to a certain sector of the
mass media.
The rally finished at 1 p.m. after keeping a minute
of silence in memory of the murdered antifascist

BNP Splits - What an xmas present!

It seems that the BNP has split. The Party leaders have kicked out Sadie Graham,
one of their "best" mainstream candidates for "creating and setting up a
treasonous blogspot designed to attack and smear fellow party officials". They
followed this by raiding her house. She seems to be starting a campaign to set
up a "real BNP". We look forward to many future bust ups amongst these nazi scum.

Yorkshire fash find belongings in trash
Barnsley BNP paper sellers seem unable to hold onto their naff propa-
ganda. On an almost weekly basis the Barnsley Bigots set up their stall only
to find that after a brief political discussion they have flipped the political
switch and find themselves in the position of being Sans Papier (without
papers)... perhaps they should be deported!
Barnsley BNP Bemused by Bashed

The editors of Resistance have carried out extensive surveys of our readers to
find out who you think are the biggest bastards of the year. Each is presented
with our exclusive BoTY award. The awards are in the following categories:

Journalist BoTY.
The prize goes to George Monbiot of the Guardian. It's awarded for trying to
divide the environmental movement, for wanting to stand between the police and
the protestors. He's a green tongued parasite who uses the environmental
movement as a means of! lining his own pockets, whilst suggesting that the
rest of us get by sharing washing machines.

Police BoTY.

This goes without any competition to Sir Ian Blair of the London Met. Not only
because his force murdered Jean Charles de Menenez in 2005, but also because he
so blatantly doesn't give a shit.

Trade Union BoTY.

This year we have a dead heat! First to Dave Prentis of UNISON. This
goes for stitching up Karen Reissmann and deserting her in her hour of
need. Second to Billy Hayes, General Secretary of the Communications
Workers Union. The prize goes for taking the greatest strike of 2007, the
biggest show of mass solidarity and selling the posties right down the river.

Politician BoTY.

There are so many to choose from and to be honest we weren't sure right up to
the last moment. Then along came Tony Blair once again. This time on a Christmas
video, talking to George Bush's dog! We kid you not. A dog. And pretending to
be Scottish.
You too can watch his shame: http://www.whitehouse.gov/holiday/2007/

Cassidy Wheeler

Cassidy Wheeler is serving 8.5 years in the USA for stealing a pair of socks!
He's starting some projects to "educate and inspire ... fellow prisoners, such
as a penpal exchange, a radical library, a virtual world tour (a collection of
annotated prisoners)."
Write to him:
Cassidy Wheeler #14282456, TRCI, 82911 Beach Access Rd, Umatilla, OR 97882,

Common Ground community garden ... Defy-ID and No Borders - bet-
ter together ... Building schools for the future ... Green Capitalism? ...
NYC bookfair ... Margaret Michaelis - photographer of the Spanish
revolution ...
Available from www.afed.org.uk or www.af-north.org.
Or send £2 inclusive of P & P, to: BM Anarfed, London WC1N 3XX
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