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(en) Britain, GAGGED! #20 • Produced by South Wales Anarchists

Date Thu, 13 Dec 2007 13:09:56 +0200

THE FIGHT AGAINST DETENTION & DEPORTATIONS ---- Between the 19-24th September
over 300
people gathered near Balcombe, East
Sussex, for the first UK No Border Camp,
which formed part of a wider campaign
against the building of a new detention
prison at Gatwick airport. The centre will
be the biggest in the UK, able to hold 426
people & if built will increase the capacity
in the UK to nearly 3,000. Those
imprisoned in these inhumane places are
held without trial, their only crime being
to have come in search of a new life, to
escape persecution, poverty & war.
A variety of actions took place during the
camp. Demonstrations outside integral
parts of the UK's racist immigration
system, the Border & Immigration
Agencies Lunar House & Electric House in
Croydon. Lunar House is one of two places
in the UK (the other is in Liverpool), where
asylum seekers must go to claim asylum.
Many people have their claims rejected at
this point & are held in short-term prison-
like facilities before being immediately
deported. Electric House is a reporting
centre where asylum seekers have to sign
in while their applications are processed.
Many are arrested, detained & deported
when signing & failure to sign can often
lead to deportation. Electric house is also
where local snatch squads, who break into
houses in dawn raids, are based.
Virgin Holidays Crawley office was also
paid a surprise visit on Friday by around 10
activists. Virgin makes money by deporting
refugees, particularly flying refugees back
to Nigeria. The activists occupied the
foyer & a number of them managed to get
upstairs to the office, where they
leafleted & informed staff about Virgin's
activities. Later in the day activists from
No Borders Wales blockaded the front
entrance to the offices of Group 4-
Securicor. As employees tried to sneak out
through the back entrance they were
asked to justify their company's racist
profiteering from detaining asylum
seekers at Dungavel detention prison in
Scotland, & the key role that Group 4
plays in deporting people. There have been
numerous allegations that during the
deportation process Group 4 staff have
racially & physically abused those being
deported. Group 4 also makes huge profits
from tagging prisoners & young offenders
as well as running 6 detention prisons in
the Netherlands, & interrogation facilities
& over 100 prisons in the US.
On Saturday around 500 people marching
from Crawley Town Centre, to Tinsley
House, an already existing detention
prison in the grounds of Gatwick airport, in
order to show their solidarity with those
imprisoned inside.
The camp provided a space to share
information, hold workshops, & discuss
how to best oppose growing border
controls across the world & work towards
a world without states, a world where
everyone will be able to freely participate
in life on an equal footing.
Check out: noborders.org.uk


On Sunday 9th September, asylum seeker
Jackie Aber & her son Naseem were seized
by Immigration Officers & taken from
their home in Swansea to Yarlswood
detention prison. Jackie was tortured &
raped by the Ugandan army. She escaped
an army prison, entered the UK & claimed
asylum. Although accepted by the
Immigration Appellate Authority as a
`believable witness', the Home Office
refused her asylum claim stating that she
would not be in danger of persecution if
she was returned to a different part of
Uganda. Finding new evidence that she was
personally at high risk of arrest, illegal
detention, torture & death, if she & her
son were deported, Jackie lodged a fresh
claim. Those that detained her informed
Jackie that her claim had been rejected in
December 2006. Jackie had received no
notification of this. Jackie & Naseem were
due to be deported on 13th September but
their legal team obtained a stay of the
removal while mother & son were on their
way to the airport. They were then taken
back to Yarls Wood, released on the
morning of the 14th & then taken back to
Swansea in time for Naseem to celebrate
his 10th birthday on the 16th.


During the past month activists from No
Borders Wales have taken part in two
pickets of Welsh regional office of the
Border & Immigration Agency (part of the
Home Office) at General Buildings, 31-33
Newport Road, Cardiff. Asylum seekers are
forced to attend the building to sign (on an
arbitrary basis), while they await a decision
on whether they face deportation. Banners
reading `no more racist prisons' & `no more
deportations' were held & leaflets were
handed out. No Borders Wales intends to
picket this building regularly in order to
draw attention to what goes on inside.


October 8th was the international
day of action against French oil
company Total. People opposing
Total's role in Burma's oppressive
regime marched through Cardiff to
the Total Garage on Cathedral
Road. Around 40 people showed up,
bringing business to a standstill.
Drivers honked 'for a free Burma'
as they passed by.
Total is the biggest foreign corporate investor in the
undemocratic military dictatorship. Funding the brutal dictators
since 1992, Total has provided 30% of their export revenue - an
estimated $450 million. Total has helped to fund 70, 000 child
soldiers; one of the largest armies in South East Asia; the rape of
women & children as a weapon of war; censorship (Burma has 1,350
political prisoners)...the list is numerous! Total have also got blood
on their hands from the creation of a 63km pipeline, forcing up to
1,000,000 people from their homes, & relying on slave labour. A
follow up protest took place on October 13th & 20th, with plans
for further protests in future.


GAGGED! costs money to produce; shelling out for paper, ink,
envelopes & stamps keeps local anarchists purses empty. We are
committed to distributing GAGGED! for free, existing purely on
donations, so massive thanks go to the people organising these
benefit gigs for us. All three gigs will take place this November at
Le Pub, Caxton Place, Newport. Please come along!
On Saturday 3rd it's anarcho punks NO CHOICE (nochoice.org),
activist folk punk from KILNABOY (kilnaboy.co.uk), melodic
hardcore from GUNRACK? (myspace.com/gunrackmusic) plus
GIVING CHASE from Philadelphia (givingchase.com) for only £3.
On Tuesday 13th we've got Mexican D-Beat from ANTIMASTER
(myspace.com/antimaster), dark brooding crust from
Italy/Portugal via London in GIVE UP ALL HOPE
(giveupallhope.org), Bristol anarcho-punks JESUS BRUISER
(jesusbruiser.co.uk) & Valleys hardcore kids THREAT
MANIFESTO (myspace.com/threatmanifesto) all for £5.
On Friday 16th we've got Newport punx REJECTED
(myspace.com/yourapersonnotanumber), Newbridge punx PLINTH
(myspace.com/plinththeband), Cardiff punx GUNRACK?
(myspace.com/gunrackmusic) & grungey new band DROP DEAD
DARLIN (myspace.com/wearedropdeaddarlin), all for £4.

Diary Dates

If you are unsure about attending any of the
Diary Dates events listed below, why not get in touch?

23 - No Borders Wales Film Night Feedback
from local activists who took part in the recent
UK No Borders camp & with films from "Virtual
Migrants". 7pm at the PAD Social Centre
27 - Anarchist Bookfair - Queen Mary &
Westfield College, Mile End Road, London, E1.
10am-7pm www.anarchistbookfair.org.uk (at 5pm
there'll be a workshop on anarchist newsletters
by our editorial collective!)
1 - South Wales anarchist forum - monthly
gathering of local anarchist groups. 8pm at the
Glamorgan Staff Club, Westgate Street Cardiff
(opposite gate 3 of millennium stadium).
2 - No Borders International Day of Action -
against the proposed detention centre near
3 - "Bash the Rich!" march on David Cameron's
house in Notting Hill, London. londonclasswar.org
3 - GAGGED! benefit gig - No Choice, KilnAboy,
Gunrack? & Giving Chase 8pm Le Pub, Caxton
Place, Newport. £3
13 - GAGGED! benefit gig - AntiMaster Give
Up All Hope, Jesus Bruiser, & Threat Manifesto
8pm, Le Pub, Caxton Place, Newport, £3
16 - GAGGED! benefit gig ­ Rejected, Plinth,
Gunrack? & Drop Dead Darling 8pm, Le Pub,
Caxton Place, Newport, £3.

Got any news or an event you want us to cover? send details to

An audio version of GAGGED! is available, check out www.gaggedanarchist.tk,
where you can
also read all the back issues & subscribe online. 5,000 copies of each issue are
- can you help? If you are interested in getting involved, contact

Peoples Autonomous Destination
a physical space in Cardiff for groups & individuals who cannot or will
not work within the constraints of governmental or corporate control.
Food co-op every wednesday from 5pm.
meetings every wednesday from 7pm.
Vegan-fry-up every sunday from 12noon.
& lots more, call by & see notice board
118 Clifton Street, Cardiff CF24 1LW · www.thepad.org.uk

South Wales
A network of collectives who are against all forms of exploitation & bigotry. We are
concerned with taking direct action against capitalism & government. We spread
nformation & build resistance to create a world based on justice & freedom. We
organise autonomously without authority or hierarchy, so that everybody involved
can have an equal say. www.southwalesanarchists.org
Cardiff Anarchist Network (CAN) Meetings on Mondays 8pm, at the PAD. Contact
ardiffanarchists@riseup.net or myspace.com/cardiffanarchists.
Gwent Anarchists Meetings on every other Monday 8.30pm at the Murenger, High
Street, Newport. Contact gwentanarchists@yahoo.co.uk or myspace.com/gwentanarchists
Pembrokeshire Anarchists Contact pembrokeshireanarchists@riseup.net or
Rhondda Cyon Taf Anarchists Contact rctanarchists@riseup.net.
For international news like the sort you find in GAGGED! check out:
schnews.org.uk indymedia.org.uk libcom.org anarkismo.net infoshop.org

campaign Groups
Cardiff Rising Tide
is a grassroots group
committed to taking
action & building a
movement against
climate change.
No Borders Wales
organises on
migration issues &
acts to break down
boundaries that
divide us. Meet at the
PAD thursdays 7pm.
Cardiff Reading
is a study/reading
group exploring
revolutionary vision &
strategy. Meet 7pm
every other tuesday
of the month at PAD.

#20 # october 2007 # www.gaggedanarchist.tk # FREE
Freedom without ...is privilege
Socialism... & injustice NO BORDER CAMP
Socialism without ...is
freedom... & brutality
Anarchism is
freedom & socialism
Cardiff Buses face privatisation
A South Wales Anarchist Newsletter # southwalesanarchists.org

Up to 130,000 Royal Mail staff took part in
two 48hour strikes on Thursday 4/5th &
Monday 8/9th October after talks
between the Communication Workers
Union (CWU) & Royal Mail broke down
without agreement. Rolling strikes took
place on a weekly basis & wildcat
(unofficial) actions sprang up all around
the country. Workers are angry at Royal
Mails `modernisation' plans, which will see
massive job losses of around 40,000
workers, worse pay, pensions, & working
conditions, as well as a hugely inferior
service provided to customers. Despite 5
weeks of negotiations, Royal Mail has not
taken on board the union's message that,
in order for the business to succeed, Royal
Mail need to invest in their workforce.
# # # # #
Around 300 workers at the South Hook
site of the LNG pipeline staged a wildcat
strike on 21st September in support of co-
worker Omar Mohammad who was racially
abused by 2 other workers. The labourers
working for subcontractor Shaws UK
downed tools & marched on the offices of
overseers Chicago Bridge & Iron Company
to show their anger at what they saw as a
lack of action from bosses. Omar
Mohammad had made a formal complaint &
spent 9 days trying to get the various
companies overseeing construction to
listen to him but to no avail. Following the
strike the 2 racists have been suspended
on full pay pending inquiries.
# # # # #
A string of job cuts have been announced
by a number of companies across Wales:.
Steel firm Carrington Wire Limited (CWL)
is to close its Cardiff factory in December
after 20 years resulting in 120 job losses.
184 jobs will be cut when the old
Freedman's cigar factory owned by Japan
Tobacco closes in 2009. Job cuts are also
likely as multinational corporation Unilever
announced a massive restructuring of its
operations, considering contracting out
work at its Flintshire IT offices, & job
cuts at its Pot Noodle factory in Crumlin,
although it is yet to indicate how many of
the 220 employees would be affected.
Although Unilever's sales continue to grow,
it announced in August that it was going to
cut around 20,000 jobs (approx 11% of its
workforce), in order to "further increase
competitiveness & drive growth".
# # # # #
The House of Lords has ruled workers will
be unable to claim compensation for having
their lungs damaged by asbestos. Law
Lords ruled in the case of Rothwell v
Chemical Insulation & Co that people with
pleural plaques (scarring of lung tissue)
could not claim compensation because it
was technically not a disease. Thousands
of workers exposed to asbestos will now
suffer without justice. Yet again the
aristocrats & the capitalists have teamed
up to protect their own wealth & privilege.

New PM Gordon Brown's attempt to capture the votes
of Tories by inviting old hag Maggie Thatcher to
Downing Street comes as no surprise. In real terms
the only difference between the Tory & Labour Party
was a bit of PR gloss. Inequality has increased under
"New "Labour with the rich getting richer & the poor
getting poorer. A child born to a labourer is six times
more likely to suffer extreme poverty by the age of 30 than one born to a lawyer.
Boardroom pay went up 37% last year with the average annual wage for a chief
executive is £2.8 million. City bonuses have risen by an average of 30% to a
record £14 billion. Up from £10.9 billion in 2006. The 35,000 who work in the
City of London have managed to accumulate over £43 billion in savings. Profits
are booming whilst we are told to tighten our belts & accept below inflation pay
"rises" (cuts) so the economy won't suffer! Unless we work together as a class
to get rid of these corporate parasites we will always have to live in a world
of poverty & inequality. These figures show that capitalism only works
for those at the top. Sir Richard Cohen one of Britain's richest men & founder
of private equity group Apax warned recently that the gap between rich & poor
could lead to riots.

The bi-annual Defence Systems exhibition
International (DSEi) arms fair at London's
Excel centre was once again subject to
widespread protests this September.
A very expensive security operation failed
to stop protesters getting yards from the
east entrance & loading bays & disrupting
proceedings. The grey-suited rotund
figure in charge of security panicked when he saw around 16 black clad figures
breach the outer cordon & fell flat on his arse, his clipboard & papers flying
around him. Only the intervention of the police Tactical Support Group (TSG)
prevented activists entering the building. One of the police was heard to
comment, "What happened to the security? They were crap!"
Arms company & military delegates had to run the gauntlet of protesters hurling
abuse as they were held there by police awaiting prisoner transport for about 40
Delegates cars could not get access to the car park backed up in a queue
stretching half a mile. A march, rally, & critical mass also took place, whilst
protesters managed to get a sound system & tank(!) outside the main entrance.
Two people were arrested after pouring fake blood over the venue.

Two South Wales Anarchists recently visited the Tara
valley just outside Dublin where a massive tolled
motorway (M3) being constructed. 1km from the summit
of Tara hill a floodlit 53 acre motorway interchange (the
largest in Europe) is proposed. The planned route
threatens at least 41 archeological sites. Carved stone
coffins, subterranean circular stone chambers with
interconnecting passages, semi spherical red clay bowls
containing human remains & spiral ritual burial sites with
a central cremation pit are just a few of the historically significant findings
that have either been dug up or used as hardcore for the road.

There are two resistance camps: an information & peace camp just below the
summit of Tara hill where a vigil fire has been burning since 21st June 06, & a
direct action camp at nearby Rath Lugh. At Rath Lugh people have taken to the
trees as the National Roads Authority have moved the Compulsory Purchase Order
fence several times into thewoods, cutting more trees each time.

During our stay, the Gabhra River was diverted under the motorway in large
cement pipes. This river lies near a newly discovered wooden henge, older than
Stonehenge, at Lismullen. Strict guidelines for archeological practice have been
blatantly flouted from the start of construction, prompting archaeologists
involved to walk out in disgust.

The Irish government has allocated 280billion for the construction of sixteen
motorways. Within budget alternative routes to the M3 have been presented but
dismissed. The government's friends megacorporation Haliburton are
subcontractors on the M3 job & might be upset if they don't get their cut. The
main construction company Ferrovial, grew from the profits of Spanish dictator
Franco's genocidal dictatorship.
The EU have told the Irish Government to stop work as it is illegal, &
archaeologists are under extreme time pressure to finish gathering data. Diggers
have been hard at work, their progress slowed by the daily actions of
protesters, jumping on top of diggers & lying on roads in front of trucks.
The protesters invite all to visit a varied, dedicated group of inspiring
individuals who are risking arrest daily to save their heritage. Supplies &
support are needed now as the seasons change & winter approaches. Check out

Flying in the face of the Welsh Assembly
Government's `commitment' to sustainable
development & reducing carbon emissions,
work has recently begun at Ffos-y-Fan,
near Merthyr Tydfil, on a 1,000 acre,
600ft deep opencast mine. Concerns that
the edge of what will be the largest
opencast mine in the UK will run just 36
meters from homes have been dismissed
by authorities, who have collaborated with the mining company to force the plans
through. No other opencast scheme in recent times comes anywhere near this close to
people's homes. In Scotland planning regulations require a buffer zone of at
least 500m The mining company Miller Argent hopes to extract 10,800,000 tonnes
of coal. This will take 17 years of digging & infilling, with machines working
from 7am-11pm & explosives used to loosen the 123,000,000 cubic meters of rock
needed to be removed. As has happened elsewhere the huge amounts of groundwater
pumped out will gradually turn the surrounding area into arid non-fertile land.
Also, the massive amount of smoke & dust generated won't do anything to improve
the health of the people of Merthyr, which out of 432 local authorities in the
UK is 429th in the life-expectancy table.

The coal excavated will be use to fuel both existing & future coal-fired power
stations. Once again our government & the corporations they serve (between
2000-4 the UK government gave Britain's coal producers £210.5m in subsidies, the
majority of which went into opencast) are investing in power generation that
will have a massive impact on our fragile environment. We need to be reducing
the amount of energy we consume & create more localised, de-centralised &
renewable forms of power not increasing our use of carbon intensive dirty energy
like coal.

A worker died at the liquefied natural gas (LNG)
terminal maintenance platform, alongside a jetty at
Milford Haven port, when it collapsed on 6th
October. Seven others were rescued & one man is
"stable" in hospital. The Health & Safety Executive
(HSE) has launched an investigation.
According to the governments own sources an explosion along Wales' LNG pipeline
could see people, homes & schools caught up in a massive fireball. Any potential
explosion "may be sufficiently large to cause injuries to individuals out of
doors in the vicinity of the pipeline. The gas release could continue for some
time ­ tens of minutes ­ & in some cases it may be a number of hours before the
gas leak is isolated & the hazard removed."
Documents, which were sent to local councils along the pipe's route appear to
have been ignored or disregarded by planners & politicians. This is shocking
given that they warn any pipeline puncture may "give rise to a thermal radiation
hazard to individuals in the vicinity of the pipeline if the gas subsequently
ignites" ­ which is health & safety speak for "an explosion will burn people to
a crisp!".
On 15th October, over 25 protests took place across the UK in a day of action
against the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), the world's self-described `Oil & Gas
Bank' a major funder of the L.N.G. pipeline as well as the aviation industry. In
Cardiff the High street branch was blockaded for 3 hours after activists caused
disruption inside. Hundreds of leaflets were handed out & banners displayed. The
process was repeated afterwards at RBS' sister bank Natwest. Check out:

Cardiff residents face a transport double whammy this
autumn with the increased parking charges in the city
centre & council plans to privatise Cardiff Buses.
A day's parking in the city centre will now cost double what
it did before (£5), some environmentalists applaud this as a
step towards a greener transport policy, arguing people
should be discouraged from using their cars & that higher parking fees do that.
But that's a load of tosh ­ this is nothing more than money-making. There are no
indications that cash from the scheme will be ploughed back into making our city
any greener.
We agree that everyone should be driving less ­ we all have to change our energy
consumption to combat climate change & congestion. But high charges for parking
mean that poorer people can't afford it, while the 4x4-driving middle classes
can still absorb the cost & park their gas-guzzlers where they like.
This would be easier to swallow if there was massive investment in public
transport so people had a proper alternative. Nothing could be further from the
council's mind!
They've just announced a 40% sell-off of Cardiff Bus, which is one of the few
publicly owned bus companies left in the UK. A sell-off will lead to the same
problems that always accompany bus privatisation: worse pay & conditions for
drivers, higher ticket prices & the scrapping of services. Public transport
should be public ­ putting it in the hands of fat-cats means only profit will
matter, leading to a poorer service.

Welsh cops have fired an electronic
Taser stun gun for the first time during a
pub brawl in North Wales. Police first used
the chemical weapon CS Spray on three
men & then moved on to the taser.
When Tasers are fired, two metal barbs
connected to the weapon by a thin wire
pierce the skin before the charge is
delivered. Tasers have been linked to more
than 220 deaths in the US since 2001.
North Wales Chief Constable Richard
Brunstrom's blog featured a video of him
being a target of a Taser, which delivers a
50,000-volt shock. Other cops have
insisted the weapons are safe & many have
said they wouldn't mind being fried. Please
form an orderly queue.

2 South Wales Police officers have been
arrested for drugs offenses following a
raid in Swansea. The unnamed officers
have been suspended from duty pending
further investigation, & no further details
have been released by the force.

A Welsh cop `famous' for appearing on TVs
`The Weakest Link' has been found guilty
on 18 charges of owning child porn.
Sergeant Mark Bretherick, from
Welshpool escaped jail due to technical
loophole & didn't even get sacked by Dyfed
Powys Police (though he has now resigned).
He has received a 3 year supervision order
& put on the sex offenders register for 5
years. Yet another cop gets away with a
heinous crime without doing time.
On The Weakest Link, Bretherick told
Anne Robinson that he relaxes by dressing
up in Saxon or Viking costumes for mock
battles as part of a historical re-
enactment group. He added he would love
to see her running around a battlefield in a
maiden's outfit.

A Cardiff activist was arrested in Crawley
on October 22nd for muttering 'wankers'
near a couple of cops. Saying rude words to
friends isn't often an excuse for arrest
but as the cops were in town for the No
Borders protest they thought they'd
harass anyone who might have an opinion!
The activist was held for seven hours,
charged with Section 5 of the Public
Order Act (for being offensive in public),
banned from the whole of Sussex & now
faces a 3 day trial in March.

A 53-year-old male inmate of Prescoed
prison has been found dead. Neither
Gwent Police nor representatives of the
prison were willing to confirm anything
about the case. It doesn't take a brain
surgeon to guess that this is another in a
long line of suicides in overcrowded jails.


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weeks this site will be polished up a little bit to bring it up to date but
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