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(en) Strikes AND STRUGGLES in Russia

Date Mon, 10 Dec 2007 21:08:10 +0200

I - The Situation in Russia ---- The strike movement in Russia is inseparably
connected with horrible inflation. All prices for food and some other things
have increased 50-70% since the beginning of 2007 and this is far from the end.
Economists say prices will rise again by 50% during the winter! ---- Apart from
the fact that fucking capitalism is not a comfortable system for 90% of
proletarians, inflation, strikes and the brutal reaction of the Russian state
derive from one source - the criminal structure of the social, political and
economic system of Russia. ---- The economy of Putin's Russia is based on
monopolies. They are almost everywhere. All of them are connected with some
state bureaucrat or another, or with friends of friends of friends of Mister Putin.

(Naturally these monopolies pay big money to the bureaucrats). This
third world economy has only one aim - to provide prosperity for the
gangsters in a pyramid of nouveau riches and state functionaries. The
top among them is Mister Putin whose untold wealth equals about 40
billion US dollars.

None of them is interested in any "negotiations" with proletarians.

Many bosses and officials are former criminals or KGB officials and
don't understand what "negotiations" mean. All the functionaries know
their time is limited; they can lost power during a struggle to the
death between different fractions. Today their uncertainty is growing
becouse of the unclear situation with the presidential elections.

So they need to get money as fast as they can. and so they use
different methods against strikers and protesters - judicial
prohibition, police violence and criminal violence. For example,
almost all strikes have been declared "illegal" by courts in the past
few months and some union leaders were attacked by the police or

Strike at FORD

The strike at the FORD factory in S-Petersburg began yesterday, on the
20th of November.

About 1,700 workers are participating in the strike. A total about
2200 people work there.
The strike is organised by FORD's trade union.

The main demand of the workers is a wage increase of 30-40% (which is
not more than compensation for inflation). Today FORD workers earn
about 500 dollars per month. (This is not so bad for Russia - in fact
the salary of industrial workers, doctors and teachers in the Russian
city of Saratov (with one million inhabitants) is about 150 dollars
per month and it is also quickly shrinking because of inflation.)
Activists from KRAS were making anarchist propaganda at the FORD as
well as agitating against the hierarchical trade union. We call on the
workers to stop being obedient to the union leaders, organize a
general assembly and make all decisions themselves.

The factory was occupied by special police forces from the so-called "OMON".

Union leaders are very angry because of our propaganda.

As for the workers themselvs, they told us during private talks that
they understand that their trade union cannot help them. But they are
afraid to make SABO and they are afraid of the state law and
police..They also say that they have problems with money and the
strike will not be long.

We are going to the factory every day.
As we see, the workers are stuggling.
But until they use an anarchist way of struggle (wich is absolutely
illegal) they can change nothing.

The FORD strike is not the first strike in S-Petersburg this month.
At the same time the dockers' union paralyzed the city port..
This strike started on November 13th. The court says it's illegal.
The law-abiding dockers' union stopped the strike on the 16 -18 of
November. But they say workers will make an Italian strike..
We spread hundreds of leaflets and newspapers at the port of
S-Petersburg and tried to contact workers without union leaders.

Fuckin fucking unions! They gave lists of their members to bosses!
They stopped the strikes before negotiations with the bosses started.
They interrupted the strikes after the court verdicts. They teach
workers to obey the law. This is madness..This is madness everywhere
in the world because of the neoliberal politcs of capitalism. But
especially it is madness here in our third world primitive rude
dictatorship of criminals and the KGB!

Also some car-drivers in S-Petersburg started their strike yesterday.
We still don't have contact with them. As we know it was a
spontaneous (wild-cat) strike.

Still we are the only anarcho-communist organisation in Russia which
tries to influence strikes. At the same time we participate in the
movement of local inhabitants of Moscow who struggle against
gentrification.. But this is another long story.

Michael Magid
Intersecretary of (KRAS) IWA-AIT-Russia
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