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(en) Britain, Direct Action #36 Spring/Summer 2006 content + editorial

Date Tue, 26 Sep 2006 14:47:49 +0300

Editorial: the state of us
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http://merlin.xssl.net/~admin75/da/pdf/36.pdfthe state of us

Some people like government, many just because they get good jobs out of it,
but others like it because they see it as a beacon of truth and light leading
us on the path of righteousness. If the ‘right people’ get power – preferably
the nice, wise types who eat in (non-smoking) Italian restaurants and drink
the right red wine – the whole country could be so lovely, healthy and wealthy
that we’d abandon all our filthy habits. Binges would be drunk no more; tabs
and coughs would be dumped into our dark and dismal past; and we’d be ‘empowered’
to wear Fair Isle jumpers and go on long walks past pubs. Amazing!

But, despite the best efforts of the schools, churches, Guardian and BBC there’s
still some right miserable, moaning bastards. Every-thing the delightful ‘Big Toe’
and his government mates do gets slagged off. Nothing is sacred – take our friendly
‘local representatives’; our ‘civil service’; the law, the cops, the army; even our
education system. Everything these wonderful people do gets pasted for something or
other. Why are some people just so nasty?

Well, it could be because they don’t see government as nice at all. Some would say
that all the different arms of government do is to give license to lazy bleeders to
ponce off the rest of the taxpayers. There’s millions of people in cushy numbers
looking after millions more who won’t get off their arses and go to work. They get
long holidays – nearly as long as the ‘dole dossers’; they’re always off sick; they
get massive wages and massive pensions and there’s more of ’em every year. ‘What do
we pay our taxes for?’ they ask, as they crack jokes about shooting riff-raff on a
golf course in Torremolinos.

As for the really bone idle – them doley’s and foriegners on state hand outs of
£2,000 a week (who even have the nerve to have babies) – they should look at that
sweet tasting Richard Branston. Now there’s someone who’s ‘made fantastic amounts
of money for this country’, by ‘providing’ jobs, pickles and train rides for everyone.
He looks more like Father Christmas as every day passes and he’s never had a single
penny off the state.

Even worse than doleys are the disabled. Don’t they know that Nelson beat the French
on his own with only one arm and one eye? They should all follow the entrepreneurial
path or starve, or at least go and work for rich whizz kids for half the minimum wage.
Clearly the state makes people lazy – and some of its laws are crap too. Why shouldn’t
the stinking rich be allowed to driv down the motorway at 150 miles an hour? What’s
wrong with the line of coke on the dash and the mobile on the ear? The state just gets
in the way of making dosh and that’s what makes the world go round. In fact, the only
laws needed are the ones that keep the ‘scroats’ from robbing the rich.

Others are unashamedly nasty to government for other reasons – Direct Action and
SolFed included. We see all the various bits of government as working to maintain
the current state of affairs. That is, it allows ridiculously wealthy megalomaniacs
to uphold their positions by paying some ‘lackeys’ to keep quiet and other ‘lackeys’
to keep the rest of us quiet by getting us to believe that it’s all ‘natural’.
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