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(en) Russia, An anarchist take on Kondologa pogrom From www.avtonom.org

Date Tue, 19 Sep 2006 09:55:30 +0300

Kondologa - a popular uprising turned to a pogrom
Mass rioting took over city of Kondologa in Carelia for a number of days.
Everything began 29th of August as a row in a local cafe Chayka between
drunken local youth and Chechen criminal group, which was controlling the
cafe. Mafia brought in additional force of 10-15, which jumped on Russian
youth, shouting "Allah Akbar". A number of passers by, who had nothing to
do with the original conflict, suffered as well. Alltogether mafia killed
2 and wounded 8 persons, one of the killed got his ears cut. These events
shook the whole city. During few days much of the adult population of the
city, 2000-3000 people gathered in the central square of the city.

In Kondologa, as in majority of Russian cities, inhabitants consist of waged
workers and unemployed. Besides these, there is a number of traders in
marketplaces. Unfortunately, a spontaneous uprising adopted a resolution
with fascists tendencies in a meeting. Main demand of the local people was
"to clean the city up of blacks during 24 hours".

As a result of a conscious manipulation of the people by mass media during
last 15 years, opinion that social problems have national solutions has
become widespread in the society. Nobody seemed to figure out, that in case
Chechen mafia is kicked out from the city, Russian mafia will take their
place. We have never heard anything about prospering of Dolgoprudniy,
Sverdlovsk or other regions were Russian mafia is on top. Everything is the
same there - misery, unemployment, alcoholism - industries, schools,
hospitals and housing in disarray. Everywhere, or almost everywhere in
Russian province destruction

is widespread, due to bandits of all nationalities, who are controlling
local markets, companies and banks.

In Kondologa, local bourgeoisie and traders had a certain influence to
meeting. Often one heard calls to buy products only from Russian traders.
This resulted a collective

demand of denying Caucasians all places of trade in the city. During meeting
one also heard complains about bad treatment of Russian workers by Chechen
employers - apparently these had some basis. But unfortunately no-one
reminded of countless cases of brutal and humiliating treatment of Russian
employees by Russian employers: wages unpaid for years, work during freezing
winter in unheated shops, electricity blackouts in housing, schools and
hospitals, industries bought by Russian bandits dismantled, resulting
millions of people laid off.

During events, a group of young people burned cafe Chayka. One must pay
attention to total disinformation about the events in the mainstream media.
For example, mainstream media is silent of police brutality. Some quotes
from a participator of events:

"Still alive... but ache everywhere.. for just standing by but touching nobody...
they just fucked us up completely... police bastards... I am beaten black and blue...
I love my country - cops were beating girls and women... about lads I do not
even talk about... 3 of my friends are in a hospital with brain crashes and
bones broken - this is how we are protected by police..."

"Yesterday police arrested everyone indiscriminately, even lads peacefully
sitting at a bus stop, beat them up with batons and stomped on them with
their feets, then stuffed them to a bus and took to a police station. They
were kept in jail whole night. Today in the morning judge Nosova gave
everyone a fine of 100 rubles (3$) or a jail sentence from 1 to 15 days."

"OMON was beating up not only lads but also girls who were there. We took
part of all that and stepped up for girls and were beaten up with batons".

"Then cops with armours and democratizators (this means batons - trans.)
went running through yards and beat up everyone who were in one kilometer
range from the notorious Chayka... I saw a lad pulled over to asphalt, he
was beaten up with batons from nose to feet, while they were shouting BEAT
IT I GET HIS BALLS.. guy could not even protect himself anymore... totally
trashed... my friend was jumped with batons from behind.. I tried to rise my
hands to protect myself, they almost broke my fingers.. all my hands in

Perhaps needless to say, that these cops were mainly of Russian nationality.
Allthough in Kondologa there is an opinion, that they have been bought by
Chechen mafia. But even if it was so, does someone really believe that cops
would not act just like that, if people did not liked behavior of Russian
mafia and began attacking its premises and homes? Would not cops run to
trash people just like this for Russian mafia as well? And what about police
in any time of the year - are they so fresh and so clean? Is there someone
who does not know how Russian cops beat and mangle Russian (and other)
people? Cops may be nice in movies, but who has not seen how they treat

In Kondologa we saw an attempt of people to set up an organ of
self-governance, a regular meeting of people who would make resolutions,
which according to opinion of the people authorities should fulfill. But
riots became nationalist ones. So if the initiative of the inhabitants will
be a success, people will not gather anymore (as there is no more reason for
meetings). Thus power will remain in hands of the people to whom it belongs
now - to officials, who spit on the people and who, as we know very well,
are only interested about stealing and filling their pockets from the
people. What more? Some trading spots will perhaps move from hands of
Chechen bandits to Russian bandits. This is the goal of local Russian
bourgeoisie and bandits.

Is this movement ordered or initiated by fascists or local traders? No, that
claim is a lie by mainstream media. It was a popular riot, of working
people, which developed to a nationalistic direction, safe for authorities -
partly due to events themselves, partly due to initiative of local traders.
90% of the inhabitants of Kondologa gain nothing from fulfilling of the
demands of the popular meeting. If before, it was Chechen bandits looting,
exploiting and killing people, now this will be done by Russian bourgeoisie
and bandits. This is all the difference. One may wonder is it so much better
to have ones throat cut and daughter or sister raped by Russian bandit, and
not a bandit of some other nationality.

These events could have been more useful for working people of the city only
if they were directed not only against the Chechen bourgeoisie, but against
bourgeoisie in general. Popular meeting would have concentrated to its hands
making of all main decisions, and it could have gathered for example once or
twice a month. They could have expelled the local government, who had sold
out for the bourgeoisie. It would have been possible and necessary to elect
a local council, consisting of trusted people, to work on administrative
questions, with a right to immediately recall these people in case they do
not fulfill responsabilities passed to them by the general meeting. In the
end, all companies of the city should have been passed to workers
collectives, and they should have formed together a collective to fulfill
all necessary needs of the city inhabitants. It would have been also
necessary to shut up all babbling from mainstream news - they may only lie,
and support the bourgeoisie.

As long as these measures are not taken, nothing makes sense. From
nationalistic actions, only innocent people from both sides will suffer,
whereas bandits will hide. And life will go on as before, it will not become
no better, nor more just.

Mikhail Magid
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