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(en) Greece, On the slaughter in the Middle East - Statement of the Press Office of the anarchist OAE

Date Mon, 18 Sep 2006 09:37:45 +0300

Statement of Press Office of Federation of Anarchists of Greece (OAE) on the slaughter
in the Middle East and the attitude of the Greek nationalist Left «From all the bodies
that the fascist orchestra allocates, what has the more attractive sounds is, without
a doubt, the nationalism. And it is still from those that the least of all would used
by the Left, whose its International expresses in the all the languages of the world,
the ideal of Global Brotherhood. Yet despite of this the Left believing that by this
way it claims the “patriots” from fascism, it suddenly rammed also the word “nation”
in its vocabulary. However, the majority of the “patriots”, irritated much more by its
chauvinistic hysteria, but also always distrustful towards the Left, it appreciated that
fascism was much more suitable than the Left in order to incarnate the national idea».
Daniel Guerin

The Greek nationalist Left is accusing the international anarchist
movement for its attitude of not supporting theocratic and fascist
movements in the Middle East. The Greek nationalist Left is using the
same tactic as Al Qaeda: using the civil liberties of Europe in order to
fight against them, supporting amongst the others regimes such as
those of Iran, Cuba, North Korea and respective guerrilla forces. There
are have not passed a lot of days when a basic section of the Greek
nationalist Left, KKE (Communist Party of Greece), vandalised the
Jewish Monument of Holocaust in Thessalonica and approved as a
«slap in the face of American imperialism» the anti-american
hooligan type demonstrations by fans of the national basketball team
after its victory against their counterpart team of USA in the world
championship (!). All these in the name of resistance against
American-Jewish. Simultaneously, the Greek nationalist Left is
keeping mum when the Greek and Chinese States sign commercial
agreements of the concession of two Greek harbours in the Chinese
authoritarian superpower, which is resting on the work of the working
class and the peasants in China. The Greek nationalist Left does not
say to us which punishment is waiting anyone practising anti-regime
propaganda or asking for reforms in the above totalitarian regimes. For
cases of disappearings of dissidents or, for «better» cases such as
executions and imprisonments inthe friendly to the Greek nationalist
Left regimes is in effect the law of silence (omerta).

This policy of the Greek nationalist Left is dangerous, because it
prompts the working classes in Europe to tolerate the reduction of
rights and liberties, which have been conquered by bloody social
struggles, with the pretext of the confrontation of foundamentalist
Islamic terrorism. This terrorism is real, expanding and attacking,
having behind the arabic upper classes as its direct support, but also
indirectly the fickle policies of the dominating interests of
«international community» of the States. However, the upper
classes of the West using as a vehicle the confrontation of
foundamentalist Islamic terrorism, are trying to exctricate the working
class movement which has not left them in quietness for more than
one century now.

We believe in resistance movements, in antifacsist and anti-imperialist
fronts guided by libertarian ideas. It is henceforth obvious that in the
Middle East it does not exist a libertarian resistance neither, generally
speaking, a spontaneous people’s resistance. There exists a
project of the arabic sub-imperialism which is guided by fanatic
Islamic cliques and by the arabic capital for the extermination of every
humanitarian and libertarian idea in the name of the victory of Allah
and his prophets. In the rival camp, regarding Middle East, the
American State and its allies believe that by realising military
interventions they can accomplish the strengthening of the fanatic
upper classes in the arabic world promoting a project of transformation
of wars in the Middle East in a world «cultural» and religious war.
This situation should be faced immediately in international level by the
social and working class movements, transforming the working class
movement in a third pole which will smash the projects of the first
two. If this situation is not faced drastically, then a further
fascistication of the entire planet is in front of us.

Regarding nationality questions of oppression (language, religion,
traditions, self-determination) we anarchists follow the line engraved
by anarchist revolutionary Michael Bakuni. We completely adopt his
positions, when he, as an anarchist since 1864 and after, disproved his
older opinions, identified from then on the fight for the national
questions with the Social Revolution. In 1873 he declared that «Slavs
might be free, might destroy the hateful German State, not by
supporting their without content wish to enslave in turn the Germans,
putting them under their own sovereignty, make Germans their slaves,
but calling them only to take part in the common freedom, in the
fraternity of all people, that will be created on the ruins of all existing
States. However, the States are not destroyed by themselves. They will
be destroyed only by the revolution of all the populations and all
nationalities, by the World Social Revolution. The unique duty of
people that sincerely wishes the liberation of the Slav nationalities
from their eternal yoke is the organisation of the people’s forces
which will realise this revolution». The case of Slavs, Polish and
previously the Greeks in the Bakunin era does not have any relation
with the current situation in the Middle East, because the arabic upper
classes are the leaders in their countries and practise primarily a class
oppression at the expence of their proletariat (there exist also other
powerful oppressions as this against the woman, but also they exist
because of the inter-religious conflicts).

Despite all these, when a nationality oppression exists, our belief is
settled, as the past teaches us, that these struggles can be
simultaneously struggles for political overthrows and demands of class
orientation. However, the Greek nationalist Left that accuses us today,
having as its tradition the patriotic stalinism, lacks enough in relation
with the nationalists of the Bakunin era. The program of Italian
nationalist Matsini that Bakunin gave a powerful hurt by his polemics,
had also a liberal reforming character on issues about civil rights,
something that the Greek nationalist Left does not have, adopting
completely the burka, the absolute oppression of the woman, the
suppression of freedom of expression, the callous exploitation, if only
all these have a resistance character against American-Jewish and the
New Order!!


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