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(en) Britain, London anarchist bookfair - Update

Date Sun, 10 Sep 2006 09:46:32 +0300

Meetings so far Requests and suggestions for meetings are coming in daily for this
year's bookfair, so the programme is continually being added to. However, to give
you a flavour of the meetings so far, we have listed below what we knowof. The meetings
with no text are either not confirmed or the facilitator hasn't got text to us yet.
We haven't time-tabled meeting yet, as we are waiting for more to come in before we do so.
This way we will try and make sure meetings around the same issue or topic don't clash.
The meetings are in no particular order.
State Repression & the Prison Society: Towards a co-ordinated response
An introduction by Brighton Anarchist Black Cross and a guest speaker about
increasing state repression and the prison society. In the face of deliberate
targeting of anarchists in Europe and elsewhere there is more that ever a need
to co-ordinate responses to the prison system nationally and internationally,
beyond the local group level.

Campaign For Real Anarchism

A meeting to discuss the future of the indigenous anarchist movement.

Why have we lost the imitative on the streets? Why is political and
revolutionary social activity at such an all time low? There is overwhelming
apathy and indifference in Britain as a whole, despite war; dislocation;
increasing exploitation; alienation; fundamentalism. What can we do to get back
on track; off the Net; into the streets, estates, workplaces and become a real
menace and threat to the system in all its aspects?

How Powerful People Manipulate Our Fear

Dorothy Rowe

When people feel secure they have time to think critically about what is
happening in society, but when they are afraid they accept almost without
question what is said by the people who are supposed to be guarding their
interests. Political leaders use this to keep themselves in power. Thus
political leaders will use our fear of death by telling us that we have an
enemy. They will use our fear of losing our sense of identity by warning us
about the strangers who threaten our way of life. Thus patriotism and racism
can be manipulated in the interests of those in power. Fear of death is a
powerful fear, but fear of losing our sense of being a person is a fear more
powerful fear. If we do not recognise it in ourselves and how it operates we
are putty in the hands of those in power.

Double Book Launch!

Two veterans of the anarchist movement, Ian Bone and Martin Wright are pleased
to announce the publication of their eminently readable tomes. Ian's
“Confessions of an Anarchist” covers the period 1965/85 including the definite
insider story of Class War. Martin's “Anti-Fascist – a foot soldiers story”
gives a vivid, sometimes brutal, street level view of the antifascist movement
of the 1970's. Be warned! Both books pull no punches, are explicit, and
uncompromising in the extreme.

Anarchism and the Future

Michael Albert
A talk about economic and social vision and strategy for creating a new world
and its relation to the heritage of anarchism. Michael Albert is an activist,
speaker, and writer, co-editor of ZNet and Z Magazine and co-founder of South
End Press . He has developed along with Robin Hahnel the economic vision called
participatory economics , or parecon. This is a proposed economic system that
uses participatory decision making as an economic mechanism to guide the
allocation of resources and consumption in a given society . It is an
alternative to contemporary capitalist market economies and also to centrally
planned socialism .

The Story of Solidarity 1960 – 1990

Radical History Network of North East London

Solidarity for Workers Power was a libertarian organisation with a national
membership. It produced many books and pamphlets that people still want today.
We are often asked to explain who they were. The meeting/discussion will look
at the group and explain who and what they were as well as publicise our
radical history group.

Housing Co-ops, worker co-ops, social centres and Radical Routes - a quick guide
Housing without landlords, work without bosses, socialising without, er... money
going to big breweries. Radical Routes is a mutual aid network of co-operatives
whose members are actively engaged in social change. Depending what people want
to know, this workshop can cover: how to set up a housing co-op, worker co-op
or social centre, living on the land, what's the purpose of Radical Routes,
what Radical Routes can do for you and/or why we could do with another half
million pounds (well, who couldn't?). Radical Routes - putting autonomy, mutual
aid and non-hierarchy into practice.

Debate: Residents' Groups – reformist, reactionary, revolutionary or just

A debate about contradictions involved in resident-based organising. Introduced
by a Haringey Solidarity Group member who will propose that residents' groups
are a pre-condition for social revolution and a speaker who will question the
revolutionary nature of existing residents' organisations.

Setting up London Solidarity Groups .

Haringey Solidarity Group have been active as a local group for 16 years, but we
sometimes feel isolated in London . Except for admirable exceptions there are
few local groups around. We would like this to change. A practical workshop for
people living in London who want to set up or strengthen groups in their area.

Why anarchists should organise locally

We don't think organising in local communities is the ONLY way forward. But it
needs to be an essential element if we are to transform society from its
present form to a more anarchist one. A brief intro by Haringey Solidarity
Group and others, followed by discussion and contributions about the ways
groups have successfully organised, and why local organising is important.

Joe Thomas and Workers Council Communism

Workers Socialists

Joe came late to libertarianism but was behind its resurrection in the 1990s.
Though little known, he was an energetic activist for workers resistance and
power. The meeting will look at Joe's life. We are also putting together a book
about Joe's life, so would welcome any information or memories people have
about Joe Thomas.

Fighting the ID Database

Nottingham Defy ID

For more details contact either Notts Against ID Cards at:
http://www.nottingham-defy-id.org.uk/ or national Defy ID at:

'In this meeting we want to explore what the new Identity Cards Act might mean
for us as a movement and to discuss appropriate ways for anarchists to fight
it. This is not straightforward, as the Libertarian Right is already on the
offensive and attempting to undermine socially-orientated responses. We urge
anarchists not to become complacent just because the state has run into
problems with the scheme: it must be defeated at grassroots level, not just
delayed through their incompetence! We hope also that comrades from other
countries will share their experiences of fighting ID schemes'.

Oppose the Fatcat 2012 Olympics

Costly (already doubled to £5.2 billion). ‘Great for businesses' (organisers).
Facilities for elite (parking already replacing football pitches) and green
spaces lost. 18,000 new luxury flats, driving rents up and locals out. Over the
top ‘security' against ‘terrorism'. Workshop by two Anarchist Federation
members involved in Games Monitor

Discussing his new book "Freedom Next Time"

John Pilger

In "Freedom Next Time" John Pilger recounts the personal testimonies of people
on the receiving end of grisly western policies, both military and economic.
His interviews with the voiceless and abused of Palestine , Afghanistan , South
Africa , Diego Garcia and India , and his uncompromising debunking of western
political hypocrisy, provide an indispensable corrective to the litany of
disinformation we are fed by the media.

Title: Anarchists and Academia: Breaking Down The Barriers

Facilitated/organised by the Specialist Group for the Study of Anarchism

contact via: http://www.sgsa.org.uk/

Abstract: "As part of the preparations for its 2007 conference, the newly formed
Specialist Group for the Study of Anarchism will be hosting a discussion on the
relationship between anarchist academics and the rest of the movement in the UK
. Building on the recent upsurge in academic interest in anarchism, we will be
seeking ways of consolidating the position of anarchist academics within their
workplaces, local affinity groups and across the UK , confronting the
hierarchization and commercialization of knowledge."

"Commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the Spanish Civil War".

The Greater Manchester 70th Anniversary of Spanish Civil War Remembrance Group.

Aimed at those interested in the Spanish Civil War & Revolution. This meeting
will launch a commemorative booklet paying tribute to the victims of Franco.
Produced by a group of trade unionists from the North West of England. Edited
by a participant of the Spanish Libertarian Youth Federation in exile in the
early 1960s and introduced by Stuart Christie. Other material includes a
revealing unpublished journal by a member of the International Brigade, Ralph

Dancing on Maggie's Grave

London Class War

An organising meeting for the Trafalgar Square party when Margaret Thatcher
dies. In the event of the happy day occurring beforehand this meeting will
review the day's fun! If you stood with the miners in 1985/4, fought apartheid,
supported CND, refused to pay the Poll Tax, threw a brick in Tottenham or any
of the inner city riots, or you are fighting Thatcherism today in its New
Labour guise – this meeting is for you!

A Template for Militant Anti-Fascism.
Facilitated by a rep from Antifa

As Anarchists we have a fundamental responsibilty to confront fascism in all
it's guises. Anarchists through history have shown the best way to do this is
with direct-action. A founding member of The 635 Group offers some practical
advice on getting started in the fight against fascists in your local area,
what to avoid and how to stay free and safe.

Resisting the G8 - from St petersberg to Heiligendamm
Featuring (hopefully) anarchists from Russia talking about the Russian anarchist
situation and comrades from DISSENT Germany . This meeting will be split into
three parts:
1. Talk from Russians about St Petersberg
2. Talk from German anti-G8 mobilisation
3. Discussion/Questions

Hungary 1956

Anarchist Federation
Once described as a "glorious flowering of genuine proletarian revolution",
the Hungarian uprising of 1956 was a cataclysmic event that if it did not
break the grip of Stalinism on the workers movement , at least fractured a
finger or two. How workers kick-started the movement and how they began to
organise a new society before the caterpillar treads of the Soviet state
ended it all

Stuff your boss:fighting exploitation

Solidarity Federation
to share experiences of the Stuff your Boss anti-casualisation campaign around
workplace conditions, temporary and casual working , homeworking and health and

The Case For Solidarity

No Sweat

Showing of new No Sweat film and discussion. The film looks at the worldwide
exploitation of workers in sweatshops and the response of the anti-capitalist

The NHS in Crisis: time to fight back

IWW and Sol Fed Northampton

- Education Workers Network

- Recent struggles in France (from suburban youth riots to the anti-CPE

- No BORDERS Movement (the fight for migrant rights & class solidarity)

- Developing Social Centres/RAdical Public spaces

- The Schnews Film Show

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