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(en) Lebanon- The Smoke, Anguish and Terror of a Fascist Attack

Date Sat, 02 Sep 2006 22:50:13 +0300

The anarchists of Peru and the rest of the world oppose the fascist
attacks of the Israeli State against the Palestinian and Lebanese
peoples. We refuse to follow reformist or reactionary positions that
call for the formation of a new Palestinian state- a state that even if
established could only survive subject to the mandates of American
imperialism. Instead, we support and instigate the class struggle in
the region as a means toward the eventual foundation of an
Anarchist Federation, which in turn is the only way to secure a truly
humane and dignified existence for the working class of these countries.
We still haven’t forgotten that dark day in 1982 when the tanks
of the fascist Zionist Israeli state entered Lebanon under the pretext
of ‘ending once and for all’ the presence of the Palestinian
resistance organizations under the leadership of Yasser Arafat and
the PLO. They continued to occupy the ‘pearl of the East’
for 18 years (1982-2000), killing and injuring thousands of
Palestinians and Lebanese. They succeeded in forcing the PLO
leadership into exile in Tunis, and significantly weakened the
group’s infrastructure with the help of the fascist Syrian state
which had sent its troops into Lebanon under the blessing of France,
the U.S., and Israel itself. This was only meant to smother the
Palestinian and Lebanese masses, thereby assuring Syrian influence
in Lebanon. To be absolutely clear, the Arab states (especially Saudi
Arabia, Kuwait, and Jordan) have always been junior partners in
American imperialism (the same Americans that have vetoed more
than 70 UN resolutions condemning Israel) right next to the Israeli
state, always with the aim of destroying the Palestinian Liberation
Movements. There is no doubt about the complicity of the Arab

Nor have we forgotten the darkest chapter of this Hitlerian invasion:
the massacre of 1700 Palestinians in the Sabra and Chatila refugee
camps by fascist Christian militias allied with Tel Aviv, under the
control of then Defence Minister Ariel Sharon, otherwise known as
‘the butcher of Lebanon.’ According to their very own
testimony, Israeli soldiers stood by and observed the massacre.

As a result of this savage incursion the ‘resistance
movement’ better known as Hezbolah (‘the Party of
God’) was born. Hezbolah is very influential among Lebanese
Shiites, who make up 35% of the total population, and is in turn
composed of both a military and a political wing. The Israeli
withdrawal in 2000 after 18 years of occupation was the first defeat
of the Israelis at the hands of Arabs since the founding of the Zionist
state in 1948. Hezbolah is already more than a simple guerrilla
organization; today it constitutes a political group firmly rooted in
Lebanese national life with parliamentary representation and a
cabinet minister.

Not even six years of peace had gone by when for a second time, on
the 12th of July 2006 the black clouds of Zionism again darkened the
skies of Lebanon. It’s worth mentioning that the bombardment
of southern Lebanon is simply an extension of the continuous
attacks on Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

Although the official pretext of the bloody, colonizing attacks was
the capture of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbolah, we know that the
attacks had actually been in planning for more than a year. Israel is
continuing its crimes against the sensibility of the world with the
blessing of its godfather, American imperialism. When the
fool-leader of the American imperialist state declared that ‘a
cease fire just doesn’t make sense (as reported by the Spanish
newspaper El Mundo), we know who is the real accomplice and
conspirator behind these criminal acts. The 26th of July Israeli
forces deliberately killed 4 UN observers even after they had begged
for the army to hold its fire more than 10 times.

On the 30th of July Israeli warplanes committed another bloody
attack against innocent civilians when their missiles struck a home
in Qana, killing 54 people (including 35 children, 11 women, and 8
old people,) just another openly fascist demonstration before the
eyes of the watching world.
The cry ‘Death to America and Israel’ echoed across the
globe, chanted by thousands of demonstrators in Beirut marching
against the American-Israeli alliance and this savage act of genocide.

Up to the time this article was written more than 600 Lebanese have
been murdered: 30% are children, 55% are less than 15 years old,
and there have been more than 2,000 people injured- not to mention
the destruction of several towns. Doctors without Borders has
denounced Israeli use of powerful explosives in the Gaza strip, as
well as outlawed phosphorous and fragmentation weapons
(according to the French newspaper ‘Liberacion.’)

These are the same values promoted by the White House in Iraq and
Afghanistan. This is the same logice (madness) of ‘combating
terrorism’ and ‘the long road towards peace.’ These are
outrageous political lies that disguise real motives like petroleum, the
colonization of new territories, the expansion of hegemony, etc…
Lies that conceal what we know to be true- that the two biggest
terrorist states are the US and its little policeman, Israel.

The worst of all is that when an Israeli dies it is the result of
‘hate, fanaticism and intolerance,’ but hundreds of Arab
deaths are ‘collateral damage’ or the unfortunate by-product
of a very necessary war on terror. In short, the savage terror of the
Zionist state against Lebanese and Palestinians is justified and
explained as ‘legitimate self-defence’ while legal resistance
(by all international resolutions and standards of law) on the part of
Palestinians and Lebanese against Zionist attacks (and Iraqi
resistance to US occupation) is labelled ‘terrorism.’

Here we can’t omit a line written by Guillermo Giacosa, a
progressive journalist, in the Peruvian newspaper Peru21. Giacosa
sharply notes that ‘one of the full time idiots who forms part of
the Bush administration said, using slightly different words, that
non-Jewish deaths did not have the same value as Jewish ones.’
All this is nothing more than a repugnant Eurocentric racism.

We all can see that history teaches that those who suffer in war can
rise from the ashes with ‘strength, dignity, and sacrifice,’ as
Japan and Germany did after World War II, and Lebanon did
between 2000 and 2006. The question that we need to ask ourselves
is ‘did the concentration camps of Auschwitz destroy the will of
the Jewish people to keep living and struggling against the terrors of
Nazism (and its western accomplices who did almost nothing to stop
the genocide)? We all know the answer.

So when will the Zionist state learn from the history of its own
people? The Palestinians and Lebanese aren’t going to
disappear. More repression brings more resistance. This is the logic
of all peoples. Have the two ‘Intifadas’ taught them
nothing? Barbarous military actions by the Israelis will never
diminish the risk of future confrontation in the region. Quite the
contrary, Israel is creating more tension and resentment in a region
that was already a giant meat grinder.

10,000 Palestinian prisoners and hundreds of Lebanese in Israel who
have been tortured and humiliated by their captors are the souls of
resistance of an oppressed people. No one can or should have to live
forever on their knees. Neither will the racist ‘separation’
wall being built by the Israelis stop the Palestinian resistance.
Enough fascist horror! If butcher like Menajam Begin, head of a
Jewish terrorist organization that killed even the cats and dogs in
Palestinian villages before the
creation of the Israeli state in 1948 weren’t capable of stopping
the legitimate resistance of the Palestinian people, neither will Ehud
Olmert or any future Israeli government. If the Vietcong could defeat
Yankee imperialism, guerrillas in Palestine and Lebanon can do the
same to the Israeli fascists.

The Hypocricy of ‘Peace Negotiations’ and Our Response

In the capitalist system the oppressed and exploited will never find
the solution to their problems- all calls for peace are lies or
delusions. All the imperialist countries (the G-7) are co-conspirators
with the big Israeli capitalists. Palestinians and Lebanese will never
receive the support of their ‘Arab brothers.’ The last 58
years of Israeli history have shown this clearly. Everything suggests
that an eventual Palestinian state will never be tolerated by Israel,
except as a concentration camp, constantly watched and vulnerable.
Not even all the concessions ceded by the traitor Yaser Arafat up
until the time of his death were sufficient for the creation of a
Palestinian state. So, what is the solution to the principal problem of
the Middle East?

As anarchists we have no illusion! We are not in favor of the creation
of a new Palestinian state, even if it is labelled ‘sovereign.’
To the contrary, we think that the only human, revolutionary, and
really lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the
creation of an Anarchist Federation without flag or national anthem.
We have to ignite and promote the class struggles of workers and
exploited Palestinians, Lebanese, and Israelis against their national
ruling classes and construct collective solidarity bases on mutual aid
between both peoples. All this is to say that imperialist capitalism,
the Arab nationalist mentality, and Zionist colonialism are common
enemies of the working class in Israel, Arab countries, and around
the world.

Because we support a truly revolutionary anticapitalist struggle we

-Down with racism! (be it Arab nationalism or Zionist fascism)
-Down with the state of Israel and all states!
-Long live the solidarity between peoples in conflict!
-Long live proletarian internationalism in the face of bourgeois
-For the creation of an Israeli/Palestinian anarco-communist
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