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(en) US, Anarchist Neighborhood: Toledo, Ohio

Date Fri, 01 Sep 2006 13:47:31 +0300

Toledo is a city in Lucas County on the northern border of Ohio and
the western end of Lake Erie. It is the county seat of Lucas County,
and the principal city in the Toledo Metropolitan Statistical Area. In
the 2000 census, the city proper had a population of 313,619. It is
the fourth largest city in Ohio. Toledo is known as the Glass City
because of its long history of innovation in all aspects of the glass
industry: windows, bottles, windshields, and construction materials.
The Jeep vehicle has been manufactured in Toledo since 1941.
Toledo has a long history of anarchist and radical activity, and in
recent years the anarchist community has grown rapidly, at least as a
public presence, and become increasingly militant.
Table of contents [showhide]
1 Calendar
2 Organizations, Groups, Projects
3 Alternative Media
4 Recent Events

Ongoing Events

* Food Not Bombs every Friday at 4pm at the plaza at Erie and
* Really Really Free Market every Friday at 4pm at the plaza at
Erie and Madison
* October Fifteenth Anarchist Collective meetings every Friday at
* Media Decompression Collective Film Nights held first and third
Mondays and Mickey Finn's Pub at 602 Lagrange St.

Organizations, Groups, Projects

* type A collective - The type A collective is an anonymous group
of anarchists that publishes a quarterly magazine, type A, which is
distributed mainly in the Toledo area and provides local, regional,
and national news, as well as commentary and DIY information. The
group's politics lean toward a sort of post-left, green, insurrectionary,
anarchism but also show some situationist influence at times. The
group created headlines when it issued what seemed to be an
ultimatum to Toledo mayor Jack Ford regarding a visit by a
neo-Nazi group in December of 2005. type A was named in a
subsequent injunction and their letter to the mayor used as
justification for the suspension of most civil liberties in the city of
Toledo, similar to a martial law situation, for a period of two weeks
following the Nazi visit. The type A collective continues to work as a
voice for much of the anarchist community in the Toledo area and is
a frequent contributor to sites like Infoshop and Indymedia.
* Toledo Food Not Bombs - Toledo Food Not Bombs is one of
many Food Not Bombs groups around the world. The groups
originally stemmed from the anarchist wing of the anti-nuclear
movement in the early 1980s. Toledo's chapter receives food from a
variety of sources, mostly donations, on a weekly basis and prepares
and distributes it for free at a location in downtown Toledo.
* October Fifteenth Anarchist Collective - The October Fifteenth
Anarchist Collective is a group of Toledo area anarchists, with
ideologies that seem to vary somewhat among members, though the
group does seem to take militant, insurrectionist, and often
primitivist stances on various issues. The group evolved out of the
Toledo Anti-Racist Action group, which was integral in organizing
the resistance to an October 2005 neo-Nazi rally in a North Toledo
neighborhood, which erupted into the historic October 15th
Uprising, from which the group derives its name. It has been the
primary organizing force behind most local anarchist activities, and
has helped to organize regional activities such as the 2006 Great
Lakes Anarchist Gathering.

Alternative Media

* type A - type A magazine is a high quality, quarterly publication
that focuses on issues relevent to the Toledo anarchist community.
It publishes local, regional, and national news, as well as
commentary, stories, reviews, and interviews. Submissions to the
magazine are welcome and can be sent to typea@riseup.net
* MDC - The Media Decompression Collective is a group that is
not explicitly anarchist, but does show anrchist tendencies and
sympathies in the projects they choose. Primarily, the group has
been showing films and helping to organize demonstrations in the
Toledo area.
* Clamor Magazine - Clamor is perhaps the most well known
alternative media source in Toledo. The publishers have radical, if
not explicitly anarchist, views, which are reflected in the magazine's
content. Stories tend to focus on peoples resistance to state
repression, and interviews with people like Ian Mackaye and Derrick
Jensen have made this a anarchist friendly publication. The group
also organizes the annual Allied Media Conference, which usually
includes guests like Anarchy Magazine, Autonomedia, and AK

Recent Events

The October 15th Uprising

On October 15, 2005 a neo-Nazi group called the National Socialist
Movement planned to hold a rally in a North Toledo neighborhood,
where one resident had complained of trouble with black gangs.
Meanwhile a coalition consisting of local anarchists, members of the
community and regional Anti-Racist Action groups began to
organize a counter-demonstration with people in the affected
neighborhood, many of whom had already made plans to oppose the
Nazi rally, including calling a gang truce.

On the morning of October 15, approximately two dozen members
of the group showed up and stood together on the lawn of a
neighborhood high school, taunting residents and counter-protesters
while waiting for the signal to begin their march. Within an hour
roughly 800 people had amassed on the opposite side of the street to
oppose the march. Police on bicycles and horses seperated the two.

When the signal was given for the NSM to march the
counter-protesters ran full speed ahead of them and the police in an
effort to cut off the march route. Police began charging the crowd,
which retaliated by throwing rocks, bottles, and bricks by the
hundreds, immediately disabling two police vehicles, and sending
the officers into a full retreat. The NSM got into their vehicles and
fled the area when police could no longer provide them protection
Officers quickly returned with riot gear, including pepper spray,
teargas, and concussion grenades, and a tense standoff between
them and the conter-protesters began. Sporadic clashes took place
over the next several hours, resulting in the destruction of thirteen
police vehicles and two media vehicles, as well as an ambulance
which had been sent to retract injured police officers. Neighborhood
residents also took the opportunity to set fire to a bar that was used
as a gathering spot for police officers patrolling the neighborhood.
After several hours, most people returned to their homes.

More than 150 people were eventually arrested in connection to the
riot, most recieving minor charges, but several were made example
of by the city, including a seventeen year old boy who recieved an 8
year sentence, and a single mother who recieved a 5 year sentence.

Direct Action

* War is Shit: On the night of February 1, 2005 a group calling
itself "War is Shit" expressed its opposition to US imperialism when
it attacked a military recruiting center on Reynolds Rd. The group,
which had also in previous days canvased the entire city with a
graffitt campaign, spraying the "War is Shit" message, along with
anarchist circle A's, smashed out the front window of the building
and then threw a bucket of fecal matter inside. A communique
issued by the group read, "In a nation fueled by murderous lies, we
can think of nothing more appropriate than expressing our disgust in
this inappropriate fashion." Police have made no arrests.

* Nazi Tattoo Parlor: Following the December 10, 2005 visit of the
National Socialist Movement, a neo-Nazi group, to Toledo, the
Lucky Duck Tattoo Parlor at 1441 Sylvania Avenue had its front
window smashed out with a brick painted with a circled capital "A".
The Tattoo shop had been used in October as a base of operations
for the NSM's failed rally that led to the October 15th Uprising in
North Toledo, and had been used again the following November to
house Nazis that had returned with the intention of seeking revenge
against local anarchists. The shop's owners Jerry and Lisa Campbell
say they believe a group called "The A Project" to be responsible for
the attack. Police have made no arrests.

* PFW Recruiting Center Attack: During the week building up to
the three year anniversary of the Iraq war, the group People for a
Free World, claimed responsibility for an attack against a military
recruiting center on Laskey Road, at the Miracle Mile Shopping
Center, during which a brick was thrown through the front window,
resulting in hundreds of dollars in damage. The group issued a
communique, which read, "WE ARE CLAIMING
OF TOLEDO." Police have made no arrests.

* Anarchist Graffiti Campaign: In Late July, 2006 police in the
Toledo suburb of Perrysburg began an official investigation into an
intense graffiti and vandalism campaign, which left anarchist
symbols and messages strewn across ritzy subdivisions, expensive
SUVs, and area billboards, resulting in thousands, if not tens of
thousands of dollars in damage. Police have made no arrests.
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