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(en) US, LA, Support the Struggle in Oaxaca. Meeting Sunday (tomorrow) at 12noon

Date Sat, 28 Oct 2006 23:16:34 +0200

Coordinating meeting for the Oaxaca Libertarian Speaking Tour. Sunday
Tomorrow at Noon. We will meet every Sunday at Noon at the Chuco Justice
Center -- 253 W. Martin Luther King Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90037
To interested community organizations:-- To interested labor unions:
To interested university departments/ conscious professors:
Southern Mexico has always given an example of continuos popular resistance against neoliberalism, against corruption, for democracy, autonomy and peace. That is the case of widely-known movements, such as that of the Zapatistas and of San Salvador Atenco. Oaxaca, another example of massive popular resistance, is in particular need of your attention and solidarity today. What started as a teacher's strike and tent city was soon repressed with helicopters, bullets, and tear gas canisters sent by the state government. The general population gained sympathy and consciousness from this horrific event and immediately joined the teachers in their struggle, but most importantly, also made it theirs. That was the birth of the strong and vibrant popular movement led by people under the name APPO (Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca) to call for the resignation of Ulises Ruiz (State Governor of Oaxaca) and with him, the repression and injustices imposed on the Oaxacan people. Currently on its 5th month of occupying the town center and state government offices, Oaxaca continues to resist and asks for your solidarity to make that resistance an inspirational act of mutual aid.

Oaxaca Libertaria Tour


Community organizations from California, Oregon and Arizona, along with student organizations from different colleges and universities are working together to organize speaking engagements featuring speakers from social justice organizations from Oaxaca and Mexico City. Each of the speakers is active in their regions through their community, labor and human rights organizations. We have been working to assist popular organizations from Oaxaca by raising awareness of the current situation they are experiencing. The “Oaxaca Libertaria� Speakers Tour is a series of inter-regional events scheduled for the month of November that will go throughout the US West Coast, giving US-based community and student organizations a chance to meet with activists and organizers from Oaxaca in hopes to exchange experiences & strategies and to ultimately build solidarity between the popular struggles in Mexico and communities in the US.

If you feel you and/or your organization can participate in this tour in any way, be it by hosting a stop on the tour, fundraising, donating money or university honorariums, endorsing, networking, hosting a solidarity event or any other way, please contact us.

We currently have a network of organizations working on the Oaxaca Libertaria Speakers Tour in the following regions: Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay (Oakland), Santa Rosa, Humboldt County, California and Portland, Oregon.
To organize a tour stop in your city, please contact us so we can connect you to the organizations working out of areas near you. If you are not near the regions mentioned above, contact us and we can work together to bring the tour to your city. To organize a stop in your city, it would require the setting up of fundraiser events, networking with Oaxacan, popular, student communities, and providing the speakers with proper interpretation/ translation from Spanish to English, providing food and lodging for the speakers and transportation for them to move from a stop on the tour to your city.

For more information contact:
For educational material:

(323) 313-8562
zeenick99@aol. com
ciporfmsolidaridad@ yahoo.com

Tour Participants:

Telesforo Santiago Enriquez has been teaching for 24 years. He has been a long time member of the Coalition of Indigenous Teachers and Organizers of Oaxaca (Coalicion de Maestros y Promotores Indigenas de Oaxaca) created in 1974. He is director of elementary schools, advocate of alternative education and Supervisor of the Technical Language Commission in the State of Oaxaca. He is a “social fighter� and member of the Section 22 of the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE in its Spanish initials) in the State of Oaxaca. Section 22 has been occupying the Oaxaca City central square for several months and faced violent repression while pressing its demands for higher wages and the resignation of the Governor. Professor Telesforo is available for speaking engagements during weekends.

Two comrades from the Magonista Zapatista Alliance (Alianza Magonista Zapatista) will be participating in the Oaxaca Libertaria Tour. Their organizations: Indigenous Organizations for Human Rights in Oaxaca – OIDHO and CAMA (Autonomous Magonista Collective) are part of the Magonista Zapatista Alliance, founded by indigenous/farmer organizations from the state of Oaxaca and a collective of youth and university students from Mexico City in 2001. The AMZ innovative rural-urban alliance with collective and horizontal representation based on mutual respect and shared projects. The AMZ has engaged in the autonomous organizing of communities and the creation of autonomous sources of media for indigenous peoples. The AMZ and their member organizations have suffered from police repression for years and currently have 3 comrades as political prisoners in Oaxaca. The AMZ is also an active participant in APPO. The APPO (Asamblea Popular del Pueblo de Oaxaca or Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca), which formed out of the Section 22 teachers strike. APPO is a broad, horizontal coalition of representatives from Section 22, towns and villages across the state, indigenous communities, religious groups, collectives and non-governmental organizations. The group declared their citizens’ assembly to be the governing body of the state and has since blockaded and forced the closure of all major state government offices.
The comrades from the AMZ will be available upon request. They will be the main speakers of the Oaxaca Libertaria Speakers Tour, please contact us for scheduling information.

Two comrades from the CIPO-RFM (Popular Indigenous Council of Oaxaca – Ricardo Flores Magón) presently living and working as farmers in the Central Valley of California will be participating in the Tour as well. CIPO-RFM is an autonomous organization of indigenous and non-indigenous people who work on projects and campaigns ranging from cooperative businesses, to educational programs, to cultural projects to mobilizing against the oppressive power structure. Since its birth, the CIPO-RFM has suffered terrible repression. Members have been attacked, jailed and even murdered by the government.
Currently there are 16 members in prison. CIPO-RFM speakers are available to speak throughout California on weekends.

Note: Tour participants are Spanish speakers and require translation for English speaking audiences.

Organic Collective-San Diego, Amanecer: Por Un Anarquismo Popular, Industrial Workers of the World-Los Angeles Branch, Anarchist Black Cross Federation-Los Angeles, Copwatch-Los Angeles, Workers Solidarity Alliance, Anti-Racist Action, Accion Zapatista-Humboldt, MEChA de Humboldt, Ethnic Studies Collective (HSU) Sin Fronteras-Portland, Latino Student Union at Reed College (Portland), International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 6 (Oakland) and others

For information about participating Oaxacan organizations visit:

http://www.asamblea populardeoaxaca. com
http://www.seccion2 2snte.org. mx
http://espora. org/amz
http://www.nodo50. org/cipo

contact ciporfmsolidaridad@yahoo.com

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