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(en) Canada, Montreal, RAME – SCAN General Assembly (Student Community Anarchist Network) OCTOBER 21

Date Tue, 10 Oct 2006 19:44:32 +0200

When? SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21 AT 1 PM --- Where? In Montreal, at la Maison
de l’Amitié (120 Duluth East, near Sherbrooke Metro)
Attend the next general assembly of the newly formed STUDENT COMMUNITY ANARCHIST NETWORK (RAME-SCAN)
The purpose of the RAME is to assemble the various anarchist forces and
tendencies present in the student movement into a network that is formal
and visible. As much as we value involvement in student unions, in their capacity
as organizations within a larger movement, we equally feel the need to independently
promote our ideas and analyses, as well as to contribute to the putting into practice
of anarchist, anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist ideas.
During the next general assembly, we will discuss our involvement in the
mobilizations against the occupation of Afghanistan (via the Block the
Empire! anti-imperialist contingent), a series of popular education
workshops on anarchism and on education as well as an overlook of the
activities of local groups in cegeps and universities. We will also
discuss future projects for RAME.

Whisper translation available towards English and French. Free childcare
with 24hrs notice, please email rame@resist.ca.


RAME-SCAN was created following and organizational meeting that took
place on June 15 2006. It was officialized at our first general assembly
on July 16 2006. During this assembly, we decided on a common basis of
unity (see below). At the present time, there are three (3) active
committees within RAME: (1) the Agit-prop Committee – whose main mandate
is to publish a small newspaper ; (2) the Worskshop Committee which is
currently preparing a series of workshops to be presented in different
schools ; (3) and a Suivi committee that follows-up on different mandates
and prepares the general assemblies.

Keep an eye out for the very first edition of La Marmite, RAME'S
newspaper! If you wish to distribute copies in your school or elsewhere,
please email rame@resist.ca.

For more informaton about RAME: http://rame.uni.cc

Basis of Unity

1. We oppose capitalism. This economic and socio-political system, based
on the ideas of private property and free trade, is founded on inequality
and creates human misery. At the heart of the capitalist system there is a
privileged elite who have control over the rest of society. This ruling
class – the bourgeoisie – owns and controls the means of production and of
distribution and therefore steals the wealth generated by the dominated
and exploited working class. This form of production, motivated only by
the generation of profit, has no concern for the welfare of the society in
which it operates. The economic growth of capitalism is built on the
pillage of resources from the world’s people, through the mechanisms of
imperialism and colonialism, which continue to this day. The destruction
of the world’s ecosystems is yet another problem of capitalism.

2. We oppose the State because it is the main perpetuator, protector, and
reinforcer of the capitalist system. Its laws maintain the capitalist
hierarchy and put into place a class-based justice system which favours
the economically privileged. In addition, the centralization of power that
the existence of the State brings about denies the human and the social
potential of people and brings about a ruler/ruled dynamic within society.

3. We struggle for social and economic equality between people; that is,
for a classless society based on solidarity and mutual aid which would
allow us to live in a dignified and economically sustainable manner. A
condition necessary for making this society possible is the collective
re-appropriation of the means of production, placing them under the direct
control of the workers, as well as the egalitarian distribution of the
products in order to satisfy the needs of all. We are also for the direct
re-appropriation of political power. We envision a society based on direct
democracy and self-determination. General assemblies in the diverse
working and living spaces of people (neighbourhoods, villages, etc…),
composed of people who actually live and work there, would be able to
determine the orientations of society. These communities would meet,
through delegates directly mandated and dismissible at any time, and
assure coordination at various regional and global levels. It is through a
federation of these community organisations that the self-determination of
communities could be realized.

4. We oppose systems of domination and discrimination – the Patriarchy,
racism, and heterosexism.

5. We oppose the education system in its present state, which we consider
as an accoutrement of capitalism. The education system in its whole is
subjected to a capitalist logic. The principal function of the school is
the production of docile new workers who will become cogs in the
capitalist machine. The education system rids itself of the poor and of
all those who do not fit into the norms set out by the ministry. Schooled
youth sees itself, from a very young age, pigeon-holed in ruler/ruled
dynamics; through the teachers and principal that eventually are replaced
by the boss, the police, etc… It is only through global social change
that education could actually alter its essential character and,
especially, reorient its objectives towards the development of particular
and individual critiques which would address the needs and contribute to
the development of people’s own communities.

6. We are for participation in and solidarity with democratically
militant social movements; we want to participate, through solidarity and
action, in the construction of a mass movement, with the goal of radical
social change and the popular overturning of the current social order.
Vis-à-vis the status quo and reformism, we emphasize the necessity of
social revolution.

7. From this perspective, we firmly defend the struggle for the right to
education as a social struggle that encourages the practice of solidarity
and mutual aid, as well as helping develop class consciousness.

8. These positions bring us to identify ourselves with anarcho-communist
Réseau Anarchiste en Milieu Étudiant
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