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(en) European PGA* Conference Newspaper - Meeting of Evaluation

Date Tue, 10 Oct 2006 14:50:31 +0200

The general evaluation of the pga meeting in Lyon has been
prepared and we discused in three little groups of between five and
eight persons during one hour and a half. It was super interesting,
much more than this feedback!
Three axes has been defined, with three underpoints for each: *
What do you think about the organisation of the meeting?
* -the repartition of the tasks? -the assemblees of the morning?
-decisions making?
* What do you think about thematics workshops?
* - to which workshops did you participate? - did you organize
some workshops? - are they one or more topics/activities that we
didn't discuss/do and that you would like to discuss/do?

* What do you think about relations between people?

* - did you met "new" people? -what do you think about the
athmosphere? - what do you think about the place?

And some other questions: * Were you interested by the pga? *
What did you think about the role of the organisers?

The organisers of the discussion precised that all contradictions are
wellcome, and no consensus expected.

Note : = means proposition

FIRST POINT : ORGANISATION - good quality of
self-management - it's a pity for the lateness:

* = put clocks in all rooms = being more punctual for the meals =
improve plannings and plans of the place = shorter workshops with
more pauses (also for more informal moments between the
workshops) = workshops of two hours are too short (that's why we
always finish in late) = difficulties of conviviality (because of the big
size) = better than usually but not enough collective = reexamine the
link meal/washing dishes = reexamine the length of reception
permanence (4 hours is too long) = plan more persons for the meal
(1 person for 10)
* -very cool and kindly for ill persons
* - very very very good preparation of the place - convivial place
despite the big size of the place -cool organisation in the middle of
the 10 days ( little complex to put in place at the beginning, wavering
in the end)

- difficulties for the people to get out their usual context (either for
the visitors than for the organisers) -less of spontaneity for the
visitors to take tasks in charge - collective tasks not enough turning
-problems with translation

* = organise a translation team

- problem with the buffet - lack of realism in the planning -problem
of different rhythms of life : proposition of a permanent buffet


- Too much topics (less than 4), dispersion, difficulty of organisation
-lack of cool working - lack of answers, solutions and actions (x3) -
rhythm that was too dense/too short time periods

* = one theme/day, first gather in smaller groups and then getting
together at the end of the day

- getting out of the place wasn't obvious - French-speaking
domination (hard time at the end of the workshops for translations) -
the question of passing to a mixed group (of gender) after a mixed
group (because of lack of time and different experiences lived) -
non-mixed infopoint/clarification of basic terms concerning feminist

* = proposition of a meeting in Lyon by a friend from Strasbourg
for this

- stigmatisation / hetero-bi men /women, gay, lesbian, trans, bi (but
in general things were really cool x2) = make an infopoint for Dijon,
a pannel and make a feministo'queer meeting Wednesday night in
Dijon (in order to exchange impressions) -satisfactions and
unsatisfactions / workshops (deceptions and enthusiasm) - small
groups worked better (anti-racism and lesbian sexuality) / people
were more at ease to speak -isolation / lack of trans and gay visibility
(communication) - workshops concerning the information society
and control were very few (connected to the number of people, lapse
of time, communication + everything being spread out with the
decentralisation, the theme was also too large) - the link between
issues on gender/sexism and "race"/racism seemed to be clearer - in
general people thought to have had positive and enriching exchanges
and ressourcing - lack of visibility of the PGA to the exterior,
demonstrations - some positive feedback from concerning the
workshops on "men against patriarchy'/masculine construction "
-very good exchange concerning practical knowledge (samba,
welding, massage, silk screening...) - concerning the contents of the
workshops :

* too much division between intellectual/practical/organisational
tasks positive atmosphere in workshops with practical activities /
attention towards others

- propositions of more workshops concerning the body in the

anti-racism and migration politics focus

* - dissatisfaction / form of workshops (problems concerning
moderation, translation, linked to diversity of opinion) -
dissatisfaction and regret because the first workshops on
"internalised" racism gathered only few people, and especially very
few men, which speaks of a certain lack of interest for this theme
and of an unwillingness to reflect on it - the final dynamic was
positive and managed to make up for the chaotic and badly followed
beginning for the people directly concerned by racism finally could
get together and create a space for speech and exchange of
impressions - this will to become conscious of "internalised racism"
(involuntary and unconscious) is making its way - a project is in
process, with a first meeting, which is the starting point of a longer
and wider process of reflections on racism, and particularly
integrated racism (others meetings more open and with more kind of
activities are to build)
o -this first step will happen in november in little groups and if
possible, with a majority of people who are directly targeted by
racism, with "non mixed" workshops of "racialized" people (
characterised by migration and colonial heritage "marks").
+ -we'll work in "non mixed" groups and, then, in mixed
groups to understand better the mechanisms of racism, also
amongst our militant network.

Out of these discussions, we could also plan to write a leaflet with
useful texts for awareness-raising and collecting strategies to face
racism in everyday life.


Globally, these meetings have been warm, nice and even great! The
few conflicts have been considered, on one hand as a sign of intense
and successful meeting and on the other hand as a way to pacify
superficially the relations( difficulties to make the conflicts emerge,
bearers of communication and enhancer of domination's relations) -
Nuances in "no conflicts" : some people noticed a competition for
radicality or purism. -The workshops have been places for warm
meetings and especially the practical workshops (self defence for the
demonstrations...) -Some regrets for the lack of informal moments
(to have some rest, or to be available to the others...) between the
workshops. Informal discussions on LGBT, racism and migration
policies were really interesting.

"Ethnorootscentrism" atmosphere, validism: -Some people left
because the place reminded them of experienced situation of
extreme precarity. -Other left for medical reasons, individual
malaise. -We notice also the quasi absence of elder people (most of
the people were between 25 and 35),some felt a bit lonely. -We
regret also the absence of visibility of possibilities to be hosted in a
flat , more confortable places... -There were also really few people
who are targeted by racism or from suburbs( racism of militant
networks?) -Difficulties to connect people from PGA and people
from La Friche ( due to a lack of common information,
communication or lack of time?): just a few discussions and also
interjections about non-mixity... Someone also pointed at the sexism
of some inhabitants of La Friche. -The feminist/gender/queer topic
seems to provoke a change in the atmosphere: less sexism than
usual, a better sharing of tasks (The collective life is better organised
than usual)

-The STAMP team: -Some people regreted a lack of time and
energy to participate to more workshops ( Importance of logistic and
material questions) or to have some rest. Globally they find it normal
according to their organisers status but it was a lot of work anyway!
-Some visitors regreted the lack of visibility of the whole process.
Desire for more visibility of the Stamp and pga process in Dijon,

Big thanks to the organisers for the installation and preparation of
the place, and for organising the workshops and the meetings...!
* PGA is an antiauthoritarian anticapitalist direct action network
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