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(en) Poland, day of protests in Warsaw

Date Sun, 08 Oct 2006 10:43:35 +0200

Anarchists organize protests against all politicians and for direct democracy and anarchism.
BACKGROUND -- On Sat. Oct. 7, Warsaw was expecting a hot "clash" of ideologies on the
streets, but it didn't really happen. The main political parties in Poland
are in a crisis due to the fact that they all want power and are fighting
with each other to get it. They are also able to mobilize people against the
other parties due to differences in some areas:
- the Law and Justice party are led by infantile, oversensitive simpletons
who are searching for former communist agents everywhere, who have called
members of the media critical of them people "working for agents" or for
"them" (referring to people like Adam Michnik which the nationalists
consider a traitor to Poland and who is Jewish) and who called recent
videotaped scandals involving corruption as an elaborate plan of agents and
the media
- the League of Polish Families also see "agents" everywhere, want to
delegalize the leftist party SLD and make extremist proposals all the time
- the Civic Platform, who are trying to appear as "normal" are opposed by
large segments of society due to their harsh neo-liberal politics, the
involvement of Ms. Gronkiewicz-Waltz with the hated National Bank of Poland,
some corruption scandals and also are hated by Catholic nationalists who use
ethnic bigotry against them (each of the 3 big leaders of the party has
suffered some attacks - for example, Ms. Waltz, who ran for president some
years ago was decimated after Radio Maria made anti-semitic attacks against
her, Mr. Rokita's wife (a German from Kazakhstan) was accused of being a
Soviet spy and Mr. Tusk, a Kaszubian, was accused of having a nazi
collaborator as a grandfather

Day in and day out, the different political factions are busy trying to dig
up dirt on each other and the political scene at present is extremely ugly,
with the factions accusing each other and quite offensive rhetoric on TV
every night. Currently, after the political scandal in which Law and Justice
was videotaped offering positions and even public funds to cover debts in
exchange for coming over to their party (which no longer is in a majority
coalition after dismissing Andrzej Lepper who wanted to pay teachers and
doctors raises instead of sending troops to Afganistan) the main parties not
in the coalition are all calling for the parliament to be dissolved and new

Civic Platform decided to hold a demo in Warsaw to show that people
supported it and were against the government. As usual, the League of Polish
families announced a counter demo, and then Law and Justice. In a move which
was clearly out of line with standard policy, the acting President of the
City (from Law and Justice) legalized all counter-demonstrations... along
the route of the Civic Platform march (of course). Anarchists organized a
street party; young socials and Workers' Democracy also organized actions.


Right away, it has to be said that all the parties, and the media which is
partial to one or the other, are still fighting over how many people
actually showed at each demo. We can say this for sure: for a few days
before the demo, organizers had announced how many people they expected, and
these figures were published in a big protest map --- and fewer people
turned up to all of them. Except for the anarchist action, where 3-4 times
as many people then we expected actually showed up. (Of course the media try
to hide that saying that we were only a dozen people and the rest were
"spectators".) Not that it was a brilliant mass action, but a decent crowd
and good atmosphere, with lots of passer-bys stopping to play
anti-government games.

Prior to the street party, anarchists did a few provocations/ actions. In
the most spectular one, a group with a nasty banner jumped in front of the
march of the League of Polish Families and tried to block it but were
swiftly removed by the police. Other actions involved mixing into the
official marches with outrageous slogans and going around giving out fake,
compromising leaflets (attached below). In the neo-liberal march, there
appeared, for example, the call for "more work for Polish people - for a
guaranteed 12 hour work day" with a faked leaflet and in the League march
there appeared the Polish Union of Francoists who called for an end to
democracy and leaflets.

During the street party, anarchists explained why they are against all
politicians and parties and what they propose instead of representative
democracy the social activity. A number of games were played: there were
targets with the faces of lots of different politicians and people could
knock them over with an anarchy ball, throw darts at them and finally squirt
paint at them; there was the ball of government, power and politicians which
had to be shot into the dustbin of history, there was political bowling with
the names of all the parties on the pins and some others. The police
informed us that we were committing the "crime" of "disrespect" (quite
serious in the Potato Republic) and even were filming and checking IDs of
people who threw things at the politicians faces, which was so pathetic that
even some normal passerbys got very agressive against the politician's faces
just as a reaction to police idiocy.

The party was also "visited" by fascists and members of different political
parties, who watched on. The event was organized by the Anarchist Federation
Warsaw and Praga groups together with Indymedia, Food not Bombs and some of
Students' Initiative.

LEAFLET OF CIVIC PLATFORM (Platforma Obywatelska)

Platforma Obywatelska is a party working for REAL CHANGES for Poles. Other
parties talk about the economy and unemployment, but everything they do and
everything they want is destructive for the economy. Only Platform
Obywatelska, with its solid economic program, can ensure a happy future for
our supporters. Our goals:


- Guaranteed 12 hour work days for all.


- We will create an incentive to earn more money by letting rich people keep
more of their earnings.


- We'll make sure that you earn more by taking all those nasty little
burdens like the cost of health care and social security off you and putting
them onto your employees.


- Salary levels will stay stable despite extra health care and social
security costs due to guaranteed 12 hour work days.

Only such a program, rigorously applied, will encourage investors to give
work to our hopelessly incompetent and improperly trained peasants who don't
even know what a salad fork looks like - never mind how to behave in
important, high-level meetings with the business community. Only we can
protect the peasants and postindustrial has-beens from underemployment and a
life doomed to eating vegetables that don't conform to European Union

Vote for Platforma Obywatelska - because people who stand on platforms are


Leaflet of Roman Giertych, Minister of Education and leader of the League of
Polish Families

Mein Kampf for Education

Roman Giertych

Today we have to deal with the degradation of education. This task is linked
to the moral corruption of Polish youth. Young people today got lazy. They
have no respect for authority and hard work - this is a result of the
communists who were in control of the educational system for so long. The
struggle to ensure youth a proper education is the struggle against

When I became Minister, all the pot-smoking, hippy, lazy Michnik jugend,
financed by the SLD, started to protest against me because they realized
that their happy days were over. (* -explanation: reference to his
accusation that student protests against him were organized by the leading
left party) Instead of studying, going to church and visiting their
grandparents, those hooligans started to "exercise their democratic rights"
by organizing their long-haired faggot friends against me - but Real Poles
know that I'm right and that it's better if I get those snot-assed kids in
order before they destroy Poland.

What they need is discipline. Hooligans like them can benefit from special
regimes in special schools where no insubordination will be tolerated*. (*
Reference to his idea to create reform schools with military regimes) It's
for their own good. Of course there are some weak liberals who are whining
about it, but it's better to lock up these kids than let them have a
negative impact on normal kids who work hard to learn what we tell them and
don't question the fundaments of patriotism.

Kids need a good role model in life. That's me. Just look at all the success
I've had with the Mlodziez Wszechpolska. When I first met Wojciech
Wierzejski or Krzystof Bosak, they were nationalists and patriots, but they
had got mixed up with fascists hooligans who give people like us a bad
name*. (* reference to crazy MPs who were former boneheads (and still
fascists)) After some training in our organization, they started to wear
suits and speak in full, grammatical sentences and are now well-respected
members of government. What a difference it makes when young people realize
that all they need to do is dress nicer and work a little harder to become
successful in life. Proper attire is one of education's foremost goals
today - this is why it is crucial that children start school wearing
uniforms - because all decent Poles will have to wear uniforms to work
everyday when they go out into the real world.

Countrymen, you have nothing to fear about the future of education! I can
turn even the totally hopeless like Wiechecki and Parda into MPs and
Ministers which the country can be proud of.*(*Reference to other fascists,
one of which became a minister, one a deputy minister) (Sorry, I take no
responsibility for old-timers like Orzechowski or Dobrosz - you can't teach
old dogs new tricks.) If I can help guys like that, just think about what I
can do for your kids.
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