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(en) US, NYC, IWW*, [NYMAA] Defend Oaxaca! Tues, Oct 10 4pm-6pm; Picket the Mexican Consulate in New York!

Date Fri, 06 Oct 2006 07:39:10 +0200

Join us from 4pm-6pm on Tuesday, October 10 in front of the Mexican
Consulate, which is located at 27 East 39th Street (between Madison
and Park), for a picket to defend the Oaxacan uprising from government attacks!
Defend the popular uprising in Oaxaca! Picket the
Mexican Consulate in New York!
"And when we have our march, you need to be there. Be concerned about
your brother. You may not be on strike. But either we go up together,
or we go down together." - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Every year, on "Teachers Day" in Mexico, the teachers of the state of Oaxaca –
the second poorest state in the country – set up an encampment in the city of
Oaxaca to demand better wages and improvements to the
crumbling educational system. Usually they receive a
small raise and go back to work. This year, they had
enough, and decided to maintain the encampment until
their demands were fully met. But instead of meeting
their demands, the local government responded with a
violent attack by heavily armed police.

At dawn on June 14, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, governor of the
state of Oaxaca, backed by the state assembly, sent
thousands of troops into the town center, where the
poor teachers and their supporters slept, to
forcefully evict them. A bloody battle ensued that
left hundreds of men, women and children injured, and
eventually emptied the city.

Soon after, the 3,000 or so teachers and supporters
who were forced out of the city returned with
thousands of other workers, farmers and students armed
with sticks and rocks. They were fed up with years of
anti-Indigenous racism, poverty, low wages and
government repression. They were able to successfully
retake the town square in a long, hard battle, and
they have remained there since.

They have taken over several government buildings,
radio stations and a television station, which they
have opened up for public use.

They also formed APPO, the "Popular Assemblies of the
People of Oaxaca," a truly democratic body that
represents the poor and exploited majority of workers
and farmers. APPO has effectively become the governing
body of the city of Oaxaca.

On top of the teachers' original demands, APPO has
added the demand that Ulised Ruiz Ortiz be removed
from his position as governor and exiled from the
state of Oaxaca.

APPO continues to gain in popularity across the
country, prompting workers and farmers in at least ten
other cities to take over buildings and attempt to
create similar bodies.

As APPO's popularity increases, the threats of
violence become more serious. Local businesses in
Oaxaca shut down recently and called on the federal
government to forcefully evict those maintaining the
encampment and to arrest the elected leaders of APPO.
The Oaxacan State Congress has demanding the same. For
his part, outgoing Mexican President Vicente Fox has
said publically that he is ready to send in thousands
of troops and/or police to "restore law and order" to
the city of Oaxaca. On top of all this, there have
been recent sightings of low flying helicopters in the
city of Oaxaca, and masses of police and troops headed
towards the city.

Immediate action is necessary to defend the democratic
process emerging in Oaxaca!

Several pickets and protests have occurred in New York
and Los Angeles in defense of the popular Oaxaca
uprising, but we must continue to hold them to defend
our heroic brothers and sisters across the border. It
must be made clear that any attack on the Oaxacan
workers and farmers will result in action being taken
by working people all over the world!

Join us from 4pm-6pm on Tuesday, October 10 in front
of the Mexican Consulate, which is located at 27 East
39th Street (between Madison and Park), for a picket
to defend the Oaxacan uprising from government

The Mexican Consulate can be reached from the S, 4, 5,
6, and 7 trains.

Endorsed by: Free People's Movement/Movimiento de la
Gente Libre, Industrial Workers of the World - NY GMB,
Revolutionary Youth/Juventud Revolucionario.

To add your endorsement email:
* An antiauthoritarian anticapitalist syndicate
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