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(en) European PGA* Conference Newspaper - Movin' Europe - From one caravan, thousands

Date Fri, 06 Oct 2006 07:19:11 +0200

In their 6th Declaration the Zapatistas declare that they are going to
join together with resistance struggles in Mexico and the World
against neo-liberalism and for humanity. They will do this by exchanging
with mutual respect their experiences, histories, ideas and practice of
democracy, liberty and justice. To do this they are going to seek those
that want to organise, struggle and build 'another politics' from the
grassroots. This new way of moving forward, leaving traditional party
politics behind is what they have called the Other Campaign.
Europe is not Mexico and so we cant simply adopt the Other
Campaign but rather have to find our own way to develop the
struggle against neo-liberalism and for humanity that is relevant to
our context.

To make our struggle stronger and more effective we need to move
beyond the traditional way of revolving around an ideology developed
by a few, but rather fascilitate dialogue between people to find their
own solutions. This means that to have a global movement of
resistance it is necessary first to understand, share and work in the
local struggle, to know how women and men are affected by
Capitalism and how they are organising to resist these effects. We
want to show a Europe where people are resisting Capitalism
everywhere in both politicised and unpoliticised struggles and that to
get rid of Capitalism itself we need to connect all these struggles
together. The caravan, 'Movin Europe', is a practical tool for
everyone who believes in this concept to have a way to form these
connections horizontally. It will take place between april and
september 2007 (the warm period in europe), it is not a mobilisation
for the G8 summit but rather a mobilisation of minds, bodies and
hearts before, during and after the G8.

The caravan itself is the second stage of the process. The first stage
is starting a dialogue with local groups and local struggles outside of
our usual activist structures. This will help us see that there are
many people from different backgrounds struggling everyday against
the effects of capitalism and see the reasons that motivate people to
say NO! We have to take the reponsibility to go back to our
neighbourhood to know better the struggles we have around us;
saving a local park, preventing the builiding of a road, anti-nuclear
campaigns, struggles against the politics of immigration, workers
struggles, environmental campaigns, movements against the
privatisation of education, health, transport etc. To connect with
these local struggles will be the basis of how we can link struggles
from all over Europe to see what others' lives and struggles are like,
what their thoughts about the world are and realising the common
cause between the struggles.

The traditional idea of an activist caravan is a single group of
activists travelling around visiting social centres and various
campaigns. This caravan is different in that it is more of a caravan
network that not only connects activists but creates permanent links
between similar or related local struggles. This means that the
activists' role is largely that of a fascilitator to create ongoing
connections between people saying NO! The vision is to have many
different caravans connecting many different people/groups. The
caravans would come together at 'stations' which would be
autonomous spaces, social centres etc that have the ability to host
people. These stations would be a place to share experiences, find
out what the different caravans have been doing, what links have
been made, have workshops and discuss practical steps to move

The caravan will also try to share culture and develop art & creativity
as we use culture to shape our politics and politics to shape our lives.

The planning of the caravan will happen partly through the website
(www.vision07.net) which will have an interactive map of europe.
This will highlight the different local struggles, autonoumous
spaces, groups and collectives involved in resistance and the
connections already made with other struggles around the world.

Practical Steps to get involved:

- Get involved and create a dialogue with struggles in your area. -
Send information of your local struggles, autonomous spaces,
groups, collectives, and exisitng networks to other groups


around the world to mapofgroups@moviments.net

- Visit www.vision07.net and register as a user to add content,
initiate discussion, post and read news, propose ideas, find

* related struggles and groups and help develop the caravan.

- Prepare to both be a caravan and host/invite other caravans. -
Spread the idea, meet with other interested people and see how you
can join in and develop the idea. - COME TO THE MEETING AT

re and now against the G8
summit in Heiligendamm in 2007 - and in the future - against the
entire bloody capitalist circus.

Looking beyond this mobilisation, we will make this the next
building blocks of a strong, continuous global resistance, drawing
strength from our diversities. We call for the creation of lasting
networks sharing and expanding discussions and ideas across
borders, which in the future will make it unnecessary for us to even
consider them.

To make resistance against the G8 as effective as possible we wish
to facilitate the participation of people across the world - in the
preparations, sharing their experience and in the actions themselves
- both abroad and in Germany.

Practically this means several things: We will publish a two-way
newsletter - firstly to provide relevant news and information about
the preparations and discussions in Germany and abroad. In
to this, there will be an English language website and mailinglist as
forum for communication between the working group and activists,
creating a strong international network in advance. To achieve these
goals we call for you to contribute with information, experiences,
issues, forms of action, views and ideas for practical resistance. Also
we call for help with translation and distribution of information - the
creation of a pool of translators to help make information accessible
to everybody and volunteers to help by printing and distributing the
newsletter to their local communities.

We invite everyone interested to get involved in the working group
itself. Especially we invite you to participate in the international
meeting in the first or second weekend of February. The location for
the meeting has not yet been selected but it will be outside of
Germany. The meeting will provide a space for everyone to get up to
speed so we can all participate on an equal footing. To enable people
to be present both at the upcoming international planning meeting
and at the protests in Germany we will provide real, up to date,
practical information about aquiring visas and travelling, and if
possible to help financing visas.

This and many other projects of the working group will require
funding, therefore we also call for all who are able to help raise the
funds needed.

We will help make the process as well as the actions open as widely
as possible, by coordinating and providing clear and relevant
information as well as easily accessible ways of communicating.

We want change - not just for our children, but for ourselves.

We call for you to join us in making this mobilisation yet another
stepping stone, another nail in the coffin of international capitalism.

contact for the international working group: g8-int@riseup.net
international mobilisation mailinglist: g8-int@lists.riseup.net
language mobilisation list: g8-2007@lists.riseup.net websites with
info on g8 mobilisation: http://gipfelsoli.org
http://dissent.org.uk (dissent! uk)
* PGA is an antiauthoritarian anticapitalist direct action network
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