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(en) PGA - News from the fields and beyond No.0 newsletter for a global anti-g8 process

Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 13:40:39 +0200

North Germany has come to a stop. Blocked roads everywhere, carnevalesque
parties in the streets of Rostock, occupied airports and liberated detention
centres, a voice in the radio announces ,G8 stopped due to massive protests!` -
Perhaps, merely wishful thinking for the G8 counter summit next year in
Germany, at least there are many more steps to go. One of the steps to make
this image come true, is this global news-letter.
"News from the Fields and Beyond"
is a concrete communication tool to facilitate the flow of information
between the different collectives from different countries engaged in the
mobilization against the G8. The idea was born in the fields of 'Camp Inski'
- an international preparation camp for the
G8 protests that took place in August
in the North of Germany. The collective
working on this newsletter is based on
five organizational hallmarks (see box
page 4). We consider this newsletter an
autonomous project within the Dissent
network, the radical-left network mobi-
lizing against the G8.
We will attempt to bring informati-
on from, and for, all spectrums of the
mobilization. In the coming months this
newsletter will spread information from
and about working groups - in Germa-
ny and without, ongoing debates, up-
coming meetings and action days, in-
fopoints and websites, news about the
local situation in Germany and actions
that have taken place already.
As everything else, this newsletter is
a collective project. This means: some
people do have time to put it together,
hopefully you have time to give some
input and care for the local distribution.
Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that it
can be read everywhere. Stop the G8,
but do it yourself!

Last week the police published this map and told
the 280 inhabitants of Heiligendamm that their
town will be closed off from the rest of the world
with a fence embed in concrete 2.50 m high and
13 km long. In the week of the summit in June
2007 inhabitants and holiday guests (?) can enter
Heiligendamm by car only through Hinter-Bollhagen,
other checkpoints can only be walked through. They
expect 15000 police there (this may be the number
for the area only, as we expect a lot more for the whole summit). The fence alone
will cost about 10-15 million Euros, right now they think that the summit will cost
them around 40 millions. But this is only, if we let them go afterwards...

Anarchist resistance against the G8 in St.Petersburg 2006
After 10 months of mobilisation and
preparation, the "Network Against
G8", the cooperation of anarchists and
libertarian activists from mostly ex-Sovi-
et states, but also the rest of the world,
staged the actions against the G8 sum-
mit in the very centre of St.Petersburg.
This happened despite massive state
repression, as well as feelings of own
impotence and the lack of wider inter-
national support. At first - in the days
before the summit - the Libertarian Fo-
rum was held in Moscow, and then the
actions took place on the streets on SPB
(hotel blockades, illegal piquets, RTS-
like action, street art performances).
The number of anarchist which took
part in the resistance was about 200-
250, of which about 100 got arrested.
About 20 internationals were expelled
from Russia, while dozens of others,
mostly Russian activists, got detained
or just stopped from coming to SPB
before the summit began. Contrary to
the expectations, none of the activists
had to remain in prison. However, the
second wave of repression is awaited
now, especially towards the local mo-
vement. Of course other leftists groups
as well as NGOs? have tried to show
disagreement on G8 as well, but in a
much more non-confrontational or sim-
ply pro-government way (e.g. the Social
Forum). But even they have been con-
fronted with repression. The anarchist
approach right now is the issue of de-
bate and self-criticism among the Rus-
sian (and not only) anarchist networks.
However, the fact that their resistance
was the most visible and effective can
be hardly be questioned, and was even
mentioned in various non-anarchist
For more analyses of these protests:
for english readers: "Abolishing the
Borders from Below" # 26 (September
2006) for russian readers: "Megafon"
(September 2006) for german readers:
"Analyse und Kritik" # 508 (September

+++ 13.07. Stralsund near Heiligendamm: Hundreds of people
demonstrate against the visit of George W. Bush and the
G8 +++ 14.07. Global Action Day in solidarity with the
anti-G8-protests in St.Petersburg/Russia [http://int.ru.indymedia.org]
+++ 15.07. International Day of Action for Climate
Justice, and against Climate Change and the G8 [http://rtc.revolt.org/node/316]
+++ 20.07. Berlin: The autonome anti g8 sports league sets
fire to 6 fiat cars and attacks a police station with paintbombs
and stones in memorial of Carlo Giuliani killed 5 years ago
during the protests in Genoa [interim 640]
+++ 04.08-13.08.Camp Inski [see article above]
+++ 28.08. A town near Schwerin: The Peuple de
Seattle (P.D.S.) wake up the prime minister
of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Harald Ringstorff
with paintsbombs and stones. They critisize him
for hosting the G8 while enforcing deportations and
tolerating bad living conditions of refugees [interim 641]
+++ 10.09. Eberswalde: Autonomous groups put the arson
attac they attempted against a company dealing with genetically
manipulated corn in the context of anti G8 protests [interim 641]
+++ 17.09. Schwerin and Greifswald: At least some hundered
people protest against the neo-fascist party NPD, that entered the
parliament of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with 7.3% in the
provincial elections.

Campinski was a good experience for
many activists. Having a look around
the protest area of the G8 next year,
talking to other activists and getting
more intensively organized gave a lot
of people new power and motivation
to prepare the protests next year. Inter-
national networks, like those of medical
and legal teams, held meetings, new
groups, e.g. to publish an international
newsletter and website, were started.
Finally the 10 days CampInski also gave
activists the opportunity to talk to lo-
cal inhabitants, to enjoy a beach action
in Heiligendamm and some anti-fascist
activities - to make our opinions known
in the wider public in different ways.
More than 100 workshops and semi-
nars were held, in sometimes difficult
discussions, activists from different po-
litical traditions and countries, searched
for common ground in understanding
recent developments, like the war in Le-
banon. Unfortunately there were not as
many non-germans present, as we had
expected and hoped, but those who
came, came from 15 different coun-
tries. Despite the small number of non-
germans, it proved hard enough for our
much-too-german structures to handle
- we really have to advance our abili-
ties in organizing and communicating
across borders and language barriers till
next year.

The anti-militarist working group is
heading for actions against the NATO-
airport Rostock-Laage and the palan-
ned bombing-range ,,Bombodrom" in
Wittstock near Berlin. Right now the
cooperation between locals affected
by Bombodrom and anti-G8 activists is
getting more intense, planning the ac-
tivities of next summer. Up to now the
plan is to warm up with some action at
the Bombodrom, followed by a march
on the NATO-airport Rostock-Laage du-
ring the first days of the protests. This is
also the place where g8-delegations are
going to arrive...
The Dissent! Infotour started in No-
vember 2005, and had many of its first
presentations in the Mecklenburg-Vor-
pommern region of Northern Germany,
where the G8 will be held. Our group
has trained a good number of volun-
teers and as of late Summer 2006, has
already done 100 presentations in over
10 countries. Activists from many Eu-
ropean countries have already started
their own Infotour groups to be able
to better spread information in various
national and regional languages, and to
address local organising situations. We
have different presentations including a
basic presentation of the History of the
G8 and struggle against it, we have an
anti-G8 Pub Quiz, we can do anti-G8
film nights, a Popular Education work-
shop and much more. You can D.I.Y
(Do Infotour Yourself) by looking at:
or write to us at:
visa & finances
There are people working on organizing
visas and raising funds for travel costs.
There´s not much more to say right now
- just that we are quite optimistic from
what we found out already.
mass blockades
The working group on mass blocka-
des The objective of different german
groups and networks like Antifaschis-
tische Linke Berlin, Avanti ­ Projekt
undogmatische Linke, Gruene Jugend
(Bundesvorstand), and X-tausendmal
quer; along with individual activists
from Attac, Solid, and Werkstatt fuer
Gewaltfreie Aktion are blockades in
which thousands of people from dif-
ferent political and cultural spectrums,
and with experience of different action
forms, can take part; in which actions
do not only respect and tolerate one
another, but where a way is found to
genuinely act together. Even if the blo-
ckades do have a symbolic meaning as
a symbol of resistance and social diso-
bedience, the groups wich are involved
are not aiming for a purely symbolic ac-
tion. The objective is a genuine blocka-
de of the 2007 G8 Summit and to cut
it off from its infrastructure. The idea
is to occupy points through which the
enormous number of service providers,
translators, ordinary delegation mem-
bers and so on... need to pass ­ and
the people from the blockade will not
leave these points voluntarily. Out of
the call: "We are not, however, looking
for confrontation with the police. Our
objective, rather, is to realise lasting
and mass blockades, and to create a
situation which is calculably and trans-
parently created by as many blockaders
as possible" The groups, planing the
blockades are contactable by email via:
There are other groups planning decen-
tral blockades, which will also envite for
other forms of resistance, as well. While
respecting the mass blockades, these
groups definitely aim at not being cal-
culable for the police!
The two workshops organized during
the biannual European conference of
the People`s Global Action (PGA) net-
work did not only deliver concrete per-
sonal contacts (for example collectives
that want to function as infopoints in
their respective countries). It also pro-
vided a space for global discussion and
exchange about counter-summit strate-
gies. Especially, at the centralized part
of the conference in the beautiful squat
,Les Tanneries` in Dijon activists from
all over Europe brainstormed over the
goals of counter summit mobilizations,
constructive lessons from previous ex-
periences and new forms of action.
This way, the PGA conference formed
another step in making the mobilizati-
ons against next years`s G8 summit a
truly global process. (for more reports
about the PGA conference see www.

Collector`s collective contact:
News from the fields and beyond is an au-
tonomous part of the mobilization process
against the G8. We do not strive to represent,
but to reflect on all the developments within
the mobilization campaign.

A GLOBAL CALL written at CampInski, August 2006
... and now for something more and completely different.
Many calls like this have been
made before - for people to
voice their protests against an
unjust, unfair, unequal inter-
national system. The G8 sum-
mit represents just one part
of this. Many have called for
mobilisations and hoped net-
works would grow on their
own. Although unsure wether
or not we have the right recipe,
we will try to avoid making the
same mistake. We, the interna-
For a worthwhile education learn the 3 ,,R"s:
Resist, Rebel, Revolt!
tional working group on resistance against the next G8, are
just a group of people sitting in a field, wanting to change
the world.
We call for people all over the world to join us in expanding
the basis for a strong and effective resistance here and now
against the G8 summit in Heiligendamm in 2007 - and in the
future - against the entire bloody capitalist circus.
Looking beyond this mobilisation, we will make this the next
building blocks of a strong, continuous global resistance,
drawing strength from our diversities. We call for the crea-
tion of lasting networks sharing and expanding discussions
and ideas across borders, which in the future will make it
unnecessary for us to even consider them.
To make resistance against the G8 as effective as possible we
wish to facilitate the participation of people across the world
- in the preparations, sharing their experience and in the ac-
tions themselves - both abroad and in Germany.
Practically this means several things: We will publish a two-
way newsletter - firstly to provide relevant news and infor-
mation about the preparations and discussions in Germany
and abroad. In addition to this, there will be an English lan-
guage website and mailinglist as a forum for communication
between the working group and activists, creating a strong
international network in advance. To achieve these goals
we call for you to contribute with information, experiences,
issues, forms of action, views and ideas for practical resis-
tance. Also we call for help with translation and distribution
of information - the creation of a pool of translators to help
make information accessible to everybody and volunteers to
help by printing and distributing the newsletter to their local
We invite everyone interested to get involved in the working
group itself. Especially we invite you to participate in the in-
ternational meeting in the first or second weekend of Febru-
ary. The location for the meeting has not yet been selected
but it will be outside of Germany. The meeting will provide
a space for everyone to get up to speed so we can all parti-
cipate on an equal footing. To enable people to be present
both at the upcoming international planning meeting and
at the protests in Germany we will provide real, up to date,
practical information about aquiring visas and travelling, and
if possible to help financing visas.
This and many other projects of the working group will re-
quire funding, therefore we also call for all who are able to
help raise the funds needed.
We will help make the process as well as the actions open
as widely as possible, by coordinating and providing clear
and relevant information as well as easily accessible ways of
We want change - not just for our children, but for ourselves.
We call for you to join us in making this mobilisation yet
another stepping stone, another nail in the coffin of interna-
tional capitalism.

Also in the Netherlands the Dissent net-
work is kicked of. There will be a self-
organized Infotur through 15 cities this
autumn. During a meeting in septem-
ber many plans where made about how
to organize the mobilizations for next
year. During the activst festival 2Dh5
(www.2dh5.nl) in december sever-
al workshop will prepare the practical
aspects of the actions against the G8.
For more information:

to be discussed and decided at the Rostock Conference
Saturday 2.06.2007: Opening demonstration in Rostock
Sunday 3.06.2007: Cultural Happenings &
Antimil Action at Bombing range Wittstock
Monday 4.06.2007: Action Day: Migration
Conference & Demonstration
Tuesday 5.06,2007: Action Day: War & Militarization
Blockade of Airport Rostock-Laage
Wednesday 6.06.2007: Beginning of G8 Summit
Blockades everywhere
Alternative Summit
Thursday 7.06.2007: Still blockades all over the place
Alternative Summit
probably another big demo (at the fence?)
Concert of Herbert Grönemeyer (at the fence?)
Friday 8.06.2007: End of G8 Summit

07. October - 3rd - Day of Migration-Related Actions all over Europe
and beyond In May 2006 the plenary of the European Social Forum in
Athens decided to call for actions against the European border
regime, illegalization and deportation and to support the multiple
struggles of migrants outside and inside of Europe. You find the
call and supporting groups in many coutries at
14.-15.October - G8, Flight & Migration
Meeting in Göttingen to plan a mass action at the G8 summit in
Heiligendamm. http://nolager.de/blog/node/457
27.- 29. October - Next meeting of Dissent! Germany
in Osnabrück. A lot of us feel the need to intensify the
concrete planing and coordination of blockades and actions now.
10.-12. November - International Action Conference
at Rostock University. The announced plan is to internationally
bring together the political plans & ideas for action of all
factions mobilizing against G8. Therefore the whole Conference
is promised to be held in both german and english. Prepa-rations
for the different kinds of activities that are being
planned (i.e. rallye, alternative summit, activities on migration,
civil disobedience, the camp and political events before the summit)
will be presented and are to be discussed and developed
in working groups. These discussions should end in binding
agreements about a joint international preparatory process.
(www.heiligendamm2007.de) Hopefully a militant and activist
perspective will also be present - the conference will take
place exactly during the time of the Castor-Transport, when
many activists will participate in the anti-nuclear protests in
1st-3rd December 2007 - Meeting of International Medics group.
1st or 2nd weekend of February 2007 - International meeting
outside of Germany to get ready against the G8.
Last weekend of April or 1st weekend of May 2007 -
Meeting of International Medics group.

5 organizational hallmarks
A very clear rejection of capitalism, imperialism and feu-
dalism; all trade agreements, institutions and govern-
ments that promote destructive globalisation.
We reject all forms and systems of domination and discri-
mination including, but not limited to, patriarchy, racism
and religious fundamentalism of all creeds. We embrace
the full dignity of all human beings.
A confrontational attitude, since we do not think that
lobbying can have a major impact in such biased and un-
democratic organisations, in which transnational capital
is the only real policy-maker.
A call to direct action and civil disobedience, support for
social movements` struggles, advocating forms of re-
sistance which maximize respect for life and oppressed
peoples` rights, as well as the construction of local alter-
natives to global capitalism.
An organisational philosophy based on decentralisation
and autonomy. Fieldsandbeyond is a tool for coordinati-
on, not an organization.
The next fields and beyond will bring to you first ideas about
a concept of decentral blockades & actions, as well as first
decisions about where and how to camp. We will tell you
about the plans of the working group on migration and the
one on agriculture. The coordinations of legal teams & the
autonomous medical service, as well as WomenLesbians will
introduce themselves. Last but not least we hope to have
more and more connections & articles about actions and dis-
cussions in other places than germany in the future fields.

general info-mail: g8-int-contact@riseup.net
mailinglist: g8-int@lists.riseup.net
international dissent website: www.dissentnetwork.org
dissent wiki: www.dissentnetwork.org/wiki
website ,Interventionist Left`: http://g8-2007.de
website NGO platform: www.g8-germany.info
website revolutionary alliance:
website Romania: http://nog8romania.wordpress.com
website Greece: http://www.2007-g8.tk/
website Mexico: http://contrag8.revolt.org
Map with action targets in Germany:
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