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(en) Mexico, Oaxaca, Report from anarchist comrade about Saturday demonstration.

Date Mon, 27 Nov 2006 21:51:44 +0200

good to hear from you. no i didn't see the rat. thank you for saying that & save me a copy. a. and i have been doing great work in terms of gathering testimony and laying low, til yesterday.. we weren't going to be a part of any action but no one else was shooting video that i could see and we decided to go out on the street.. plus i never could avoid a good old fashioned riot :)
i havent written a formal report back but i'm writing a blahblah on yesterday's events-- there is some info out there already, although nothing in the mainstream media, no surprise there. it was pretty crazy -- got caught in between a dozen battles between PFP (federal police) and APPO protesters-- first there was a huge march, they said it was like a death march bcuz it was so long, 10 miles, all the way from the strongest
barricade, cinco senores by the university, to the
zocalo in the city center which is fortified by
thousands of heavily armed PFP troops with tanks and
barbed wire separating them from the street corners--
I swear to god, I went right into the zocalo itself,
just walked past the cops and had lunch at a café in
there, and everywhere I went the cops were WHISTLING
at me and shouting I love you.. it was so fucken
creepy-- every single one of them, an insane chorus of
whistles until I was well out of earshot.. and I
thought, ok, this is very surreal and rather
nauseating, but i dont feel like I’m gonna get shot..

anyway these pigs have been camping out around the
zocalo for over a month. yesterday APPO was aiming to
surround the zocalo but there just werent enough
people-- some say 10,000, some say 50,000. they put up
their own barricades made of cement, rocks, fencing,
wood, plastic, trash, etc. they said people of oaxaca
would be able to get through but not police. i think
they were really hoping to keep the barricades
standing but they didnt make it through the night--
kids got tired of the fighting and getting gassed and
only a few stragglers really stuck it through the wee

late at night we watched police tear down those
barricades piece by piece.. they looked like a giant
army of ants, you'd see three, four, five of them,
just their helmets under some piece of wood or board
(we were watching from a rooftop) carrying it all
away, the boulders they rolled. it needed a
soundtrack. it was comedy and tragedy rolled into one,
a real piece of art, watching this in slow motion, the
happy frenetic shouting to each other like a requiem
across streets now empty of rocket launching
protesters. this morning the streets were littered
with broken glass, gas cannisters, trash.. lots of
broken windows, lots of buildings set on fire. i have
some really good video footage, we were in the middle
of a ton of tear gas and the protesters were throwing
rockets and shooting bazookas and molotov cocktails
and PFP were spraying water hoses and tear gas and
shooting marbles-- eventually bullets-- i wasn't in
that crossfire-- a companero was shot in the leg.. it
was like some insane medieval war. 3 people were
killed, about a dozen injured, dozens more brutally
beaten and 200 reportedly detained and being tortured
in jail as we speak. early this morning my friend
found 2 huge pools of blood and bloody handprints and
army bootprints on the ground, and an old man selling
newspapers said he saw the cops beating up a few
protesters right there a few hours before and that's
what it was from.

at one point we were being chased off the street by a
tank, that was pretty scary, we ran away til i felt
like i couldnt run any more, especially with the tear

i am feelin a little sick today, good thing i couldnt
leave the hotel if i wanted to, cant even get a
newspaper. the state police are out and about, they
are driving by in these trucks with dozens of these
dudes in uniform with guns patrolling the
neighborhood- we must have seen 30 pass in one hour--
they're grabbing people from the street especially if
you look the wrong way-- like a gringo, or protester.
so APPO said on their radio station this morning to
stay off the streets at all costs, that it is way too
dangerous today. and don't get picked up by PFP bcuz
you will be tortured. nothing is open anyway. we can't
even get food at our hotel bcuz no one came into work
today. everything is empty, almost a dead city..

on PRI radio they were listing the names and places
foreigners were staying for the police to come looking
and snatch people..

last night police attacked the bus station where all
the buses leave from oaxaca-- sent tourists fleeing--
they set up roadblocks so it would be really difficult
to leave today if we wanted to. we are staying til
friday after all, there's just so much more to get
done and people willing to talk and we need these next
few days.. yesterday and today were useless in terms
of gathering testimony about brad's death.. it's all
still a mystery but slowly unraveling.. its
frustrating because our movement is so restricted
today and hoping tomorrow things will be back to
normal.. there are 2 different doctors with
conflicting stories and supposedly we can talk to one
of them this week, the one who did the autopsy.. who
knows, though. people say that and sometimes it falls
through. im happy we got what we did so far but some
people are too afraid to talk and it sucks.. we're
sort of powerless as far as that goes.

send my love to everyone and i will be in touch

stay in trouble
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