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(en) Mexico. Oaxaca, Another round of the popular uprising - 25 November

Date Sun, 26 Nov 2006 15:03:17 +0200

Portrait of the Last Barricade
Cinco Señores barricade, positioned in front of the university to protect the
radio within it and the autonomy of the university, is the last major barricade in Oaxaca City. Some of the most rebellious elements within the APPO have been the students and the barricade defenders at the University Benito Juarez. The barricade is known as the "Barricade of Victory" for the defeat of thousands of federal preventive police by merely a few hundred people who defended the university radio during an attempted eviction on Nov. 2nd.
But the barricadistas have been the target of repression ever since. Shots fired
into and towards the university landed one barricadista in the hospital in grave condition on November 5th. Throughout the month, people have been arrested and disappeared when leaving the area of the barricades, and one man was even run over by a car. On Tuesday, November 21st, around 25 state police with ski masks and dressed as civilians arrived to the barricade, armed with R 15 assault rifles, at two in the afternoon. They fired rubber bullets and live ammunition at the barricade. One person was said to be shot in the arm. They beat and arrested three people, two who were barricadistas, Pedro Cesar Cornejo Ramos and Ricardo Osorio. La Liga Mexicana Por La Defensa de Los Derechos Humanos (Mexican League for the Defense of Human Rights) reports that since their arrest the barricadistas have been tortured inside jail, and have had to endure bruises and burns throughout their body.

Despite repression, the "Barricade of Victory" remains, and today the barricade defenders and the university radio defenders were in a festive spirit preparing for the mega-march to retake the Zocalo from police possession tomorrow, practicing launching rocks with slings and slingshots. There was an information table at the barricade, where people distributed information about political prisoners and APPO events to the neighbors.

The barricade has also lacked direct backing from the APPO directive body, who say that the barricades no longer have a purpose.

"We are the APPO, we are the people here in this barricade. But the APPO leaders prefer to negotiate with the government. But we say that the barricade can't be negotiated, it can't be sold, it is of the people." Said a barricadista today before a meeting at the barricade.

>>> The big demonstration around the zocolo <<<

A large number of people are reported detained in various parts of the city. Two deaths are the result of the confrontation. (as of pm 9:33)

The federal police began, around 5pm, to attack the members of the APPO that were peacefully demonstration in the areas around the zocalo. These aggressions caused the conflict that is still continuing between the police and the members of the APPO and its supporters.

The streets of the historic center area battle ground and the federal police began to discharge fire arms against the protesters about an hour ago. The ministerial police of the state of Oaxaca and the federal preventative forces are investigating in order to apprehend in some part of the city, such as in el Llano, Crespo street and the market Central de Abastos as well as in other parts.

Approximately 40 people are reported detained, 20 of them women. There are various injured people, one of whom is gravely hurt.

Up until now we have the information that two compañeros have lost their lives due to the aggressions, although their identities have not been confirmed.

At the moment the offices of exterior relations (immigration) that are located in Pino Suarez and the offices of the police that are located in Juarez Avenue are on fire.

The Federal Preventive Police together with the state police have unleashed an offensive against the social movement of Oaxaca. The confrontations have arrived to the area around ADO (a bus station) and the hospital IMSS which is located in the street Ninos Heroes.

The APPO has information that because of these recent events the Mexican Army is in Maximum Alert.

Santo Domingo, headquarters of the APPO&#8217;s planton (camps in the city&#8217;s center) has been removed by the federal police after being taken over by them.

Faced with this offensive against the people and in order to avoid more bloodshed the APPO has decided to retreat.

We demand the punishment of Felipe Calderón, Vicente Fox, Ulises Ruiz for this massacre that is being carried out against the people of Oaxaca.

We call to all of the peoples of Mexico and of the World to carry out mobilizations demanding that this aggression ends.

Punish the murders
Freedom to political prisoners
Long live the heroic people of Oaxaca


>>> Offensive by the Federal Preventive Police Against the People of Oaxaca
Confrontation Continues Between the Police and the APPO in Different Parts of the City

(9:23 local time):
RU [Radio Universita] of Oaxaca: in this moment on Avenue of Ferrocarril there is a whle bunch of federal police (PFP) and miniterial police pickups.

Continuing confrontations with the PFP, firing tear gas. The ministerial
police are firing (reports by telephone from Oaxaca).

Mark: the (fire) NN-EAST/Este of Santo Domingo is changing from white in
black smoke too. Then the 4th one I haven't reported yet, is more
Nort-East(este) of Santo Domingo and a bit further away. So APPO seems
to be at Garcia Civil.
Then a lot of windows breaking, or something. I have to go; teargas

There is deaths and disappeared. (RU)

The wounded from a bullet to the leg is in stable condition, but there
are detained and others that are gravely wounded. There is cars burning
and exploding.

In the open area they have taken 8 compañeros. The PFP are firing
directly at people. Ther is many wounded.

There are dead. The Oaxaca legislative palace and the secretary of
external relations are burning.

Calls for people to open the doors of their houses and to allow people
to seek refuge from the attacks by police.

The PFP are close to the bus station, with tanks. They are calls from RU
for people to not disperse. Four trucks are leaving the benito Juarez
stadium, and they are reporting that 20 more trucks of the PFP are
heading towards the center.

The churches in the downtpwn center are closed. There is a call for
people of the world to demonstrate in front of the mexican embassies and
consulates to stop this massacre.

Radio U calls to puncture tires of police patrols to inmobilze them.
Radio Universidad llama a ponchar llantas a las patrullas para

There are house searches (report via MSN from Oaxaca)

In the social security hospital (IMSS) police dressed in white are
arresting the wounded.

APPO is asking the people to retire, move away.

Interior ministry warns APPO that either the protest stays peaceful or
the army will enter and massacre the population, This message was
transmitted through Chruch offcials (after they heard RU calls for

Nancy Davies (9:17 local time):
All persons interested in the situation should make their calls and faxes to try to stop the fighting, call for a withdrawal of troops..

"The Segob does nothing..What are our rights? We have no right to demonstrate, but we have the right to be assassinated. It does not mean that we are defeated, because in this night we emerge in the eyes of the world as victorious." (La Doctora)

the clash extends to 14 places in Oaxaca. (Tourists and others who were in the hotels in the zocalo are seeking places to hide out at the bus station, etcetera, says La Doctora). She says this is what the hotel keepers brought on to themselves by seeking the PFP presence.

The confrontations in the city between the APO and the federal elements have extended to the sectors north and south of the Historic Center.

Eye witnesses told me that a large crowd of Oaxqueños were running north and were being chased on foot by the PFP, the streets filled with people running for several blocks north toward Heroes de Chapultepec.

The PFP used besides tear gas, armored trucks to disperse the demonstrators of the APPO

The visibility in the Historic Center is near zero due to the heavy smoke from the tear gas

The PFP advanced launching tear gas and running the militants out of the Santo Domingo plaza.

At nine o'clock La doctora says take refuge in some house, there is no point in more pointless deaths or arrests, because they have guns and the APPO does not. This is not a defeat for us, it is a defeat for them. because we maintain our dignity and we are an example to the world and the nation, and they are killing innocent people, committing torture, disappearances, arrests.

La Doctora says they are investigating a report that the PRI and PFP are masquerading as doctors

Nancy Davies (9:28 local time):
"We are a strong people, " says La Doctora. "Tomorrow we go out to protest this massacre": And she asks for all the Americans and Canadians to protest also.

Stay off the streets, don't get picked up by the PFP, live to fight another day, is the message to the people
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