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(en) US, Anarchist Atlanta #4 - The Tread mill Of War by prole cat

Date Sat, 25 Nov 2006 11:30:16 +0200

Liberals and conservatives often debate which U.S. wars were "just". World War
Two and the War Between the States are most often cited as examples of righteous
conflict. The war in Viet Nam - and increasingly, the invasion and occupation of
Iraq- are usually conceded to have been "mistakes".
We of the Capital Terminus Collective (CTC) take a more skeptical view of the
military record. Following an exhaustive study of U.S. history- paying particular attention to the bloody and frequent wars- we are convinced the U.S.
government is incapable of sending troops into battle for the benefit of common
people. Ever. Anywhere. The reason is painfully clear: because the U.S.
government is, and always has been, in the hands of business interests.

Recently, when tycoons declared, "We need oil",
President Bush dutifully turned towards the
television cameras and announced, "The Middle
East needs... um, lessee... democracy! Yeah,
that's it, democracy. We must invade nations
laden with oil, or located near oil fields and
proposed pipelines, in order to bring `freedom'
and `democracy' to the citizenry thereabouts."
Most thinking citizens of good conscience are
wise to the Bush administration's chicanery.
They know the recent invasions and occupations
were for oil. But what many fail to realizeand
this failure is critical to the government's
ongoing ability to dupe the people- is that what
this administration has done in Iraq, is
business as usual for the U.S. government!
The ploy of going to war for financial reasons,
while offering the domestic populace a rationale
of nobility, is not a recent invention. No, this
technique is a venerable American tradition. Bush
was simply clumsy- incredibly, amazingly clumsy -
at employing it.
But we must realize that what he did, U.S.
presidents have done fordecades, centuries. Recall
the current President's father: Panama was not
invaded, that a penny-ante drug dealer might
be removed from public office (possibly the
most bizarre rationalization ever offered for an
invasion), but that someone beholden to the U.S.
might take charge of the Panama Canal. On
the Democratic side, the war in Viet Nam (like
the invasion of the Philippines circa 1900) was
not so much about stemming the tide of authoritarian
communism, as claiming a beachhead in the midst of
crucial Asian markets.

We could continue. Each war that U.S. troops
have fought, can be shown to have been primarily
in the interests of business. Government of,
by, and for the people, is a sham. Someday, when
common folks like you and I realize that we are
being played for fools by the rich and powerful,
then- perhaps, the administration of our affairs,
we will take into our own hands. When that
happens, government, and markets, will no longer
have a place. Sharing, rather than fighting,
hoarding and gouging, will be the order of the
day. But until that time, the tragedies and
injustices of war, government, and commerce
will continue to haunt us.
For more information, discussion or debate,
please attend a study group of THE CAPITAL

Who is the Capital Terminus Collective?

The Capital Terminus Collective is an organization
of anarchists that have organized around
theoretical and class lines. We believe in the
emancipation the international working class
from capitalism and the state. We envision a
world where workers themselves control production
and the people of the world control their own
communities. We also admit we have a long way
to go, and that people must learn to be
independent from their governments before
this can happen. Through education and organizing
the working class at our workplaces and in our
communities, we can slowly but surely build a new
world within the shell of the old.
The CTC was founded through a series
of small study groups in the winter of 2004 and 2005.
The discussions were on various aspects of
anarchist theory and history. Then in the late
winter of 2005, an objector to the war in Iraq,
Kevin Benderman, was court-martialed and sent
to prison for not agreeing to redeployment.
The CTC's first activity was drafting a letter
of solidarity to Kevin.

In the summer of 2005, we held a conference
and membership and activity boosted and the
CTC made the scene with a new counter-recruitment
focus. With small projects on the side we have
continued the focus today and are attending our
second SOA Watch weekend as a collective.
To contact the Capital Terminus Collective
Email: capitalterminus@gmail.com or on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/capitalterminus
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