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(en) Poland - anarchist actions against stupid patrioticholiday and elections

Date Sun, 12 Nov 2006 13:46:24 +0200

Nov. 11 is a patriotic holiday in Poland and the fascists come out on the
streets. Elections this year were scheduled for Nov. 12.
The first anarchist anti-fascist actions really was a commemoration of
Krystallnacht in Bydgoszcz in the form of a bicycle vigil on Nov. 9.
On Nov. 10, neonazis, members of the League of Polish Families, famous
anti-semitic Solidarity priest Jankowski and the leader of the libertarian
capitalist party held a ceremony to open a monument to the anti-semitic
figure Roman Dmowsk in Warsaw. They made a surprise move and held a
ceremony a day earlier than had been announced. This ceremony does not
appear in official documents of legalized public gatherings which the city
is obliged to keep, so it's clear that the municipal authorities conspired
with these people to keep the ceremony a secret, and people were only able
to find out about it late at night. Nonetheless, some small group of people

The monument has drawn protest from various quarters, not only because of
its figure, but because it was financed with public money.

The height of police cooperation with fascists occurred when one guy held up
a placard with a picture of Dmowski and Hitler and the police tried to fine
him for "promoting fascism". It has to be pointed out that at the same time,
skinheads were handing out fascistic leaflets and newspapers - but noticing
that would have required the police to actually READ.

Later that night, a group of masked assailants attacked the monument, which
was supposed to be guarded. It was hit with paint bombs, had a swaztika
painted on it and there were Dmowski's worst quotes spray painted around the

After the incident, fascists started to make all sorts of threats on their
forums etc.. But they were also visibly nervous even at the sight of a few
protestors. They had planned to hold a demo on the 11th in Warsaw, but, as
we found out only today on the 12th, they called it off.

This of course saved their skin because people were mad and were waiting for
them on the 11th. The antifascist scouts reported that the fascists were in
the church - and they had planned to march after that... but they never
came, which puzzled the people waiting for them. But it should be considered
a victory when the boneheads are too frightened to march. Last time they
marched they only got eggs and kefir thrown at that, but maybe their spies
got word that people were a bit angrier this year.

Antifascists went to attack another nazi object instead.

In another city, Poznan, the city authorities decided to demonstrate their
patriotic mood by opening the military airport to the public so they could
go and see the newly delivered F-16s. A group of about 200 people from
various organizations, including anarchists, went there to protest.

Today, Nov. 12, is election day and members of the Anarchist Federation from
Praga plan to continue agitation for an election boycott despite the rule
about "electoral silence". Last year the Electoral Commission decided that
calling for a boycott is not the same as agitating for or against any
candidate, which is what the law forbids. This decision came after 3 people
were arrested.

In the last few days, FA Praga stepped up the boycott actions with free
newspapers, an hour-long televised debate with an organization which
encourages voting and a billboard improvement campaign.

Although the billboard campaign targeted everybody, the most interesting and
numerous slogans naturally had to appear against Wojciech Wierzejski, the
asshole from League of Polish Families who famously called on people to beat
homosexuals who came to Gay Pride Parade. He's running for President of
Warsaw, and is expected to get about 0%.

His party is trying to get creationism into schools and one of its elders
has very interesting ideas to debate Darwinists - including claims that
humans lived alongside dinosaurs and that Neanderthals still exist. (He
studied the atonomy of an American boxer and decided that his cranial
measurements made him a neanderthal.) So of course we like the slogan
"Neanderthals are among us" for use against the League.

In one other interesting piece of news, it seems that some frustrated voters
have decided to make protest votes for a complete moron - his video on
YouTube has got over 2 million hits over the last couple of days and the guy
became a complete media star. Anarchists exposed this candidate as the
creation of neo-nazi NOP; this guy is known in neo-nazis circles, and the
person who head his campaign is a fascists who the electoral commission
didn't want to register because he was promoting fascism.
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