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(en) Russia: Anarchist Mayday in Omsk, Tomsk, St. Petersburg and number of other Russian cities

Date Mon, 22 May 2006 12:30:14 +0200 (CEST)

Omsk and Tomsk:
In Tomsk, pro-Kremlin trade unions did not let Siberian
Confederation of Labour (SKT) to join the demonstration,
in contrary to their public promise in television. In Omsk,
SKT could join demonstration without problems. After
demonstration in Omsk, a number of teenagers from SKT went
to "children's party" called by pro-Kremlin "United Russia"
party, they unrolled red and black diagonal flag of SKT
and distributed leaflets with information on history of Mayday
and situation with workers' rights in Omsk and
precarization. 10 of them were arrested but released after
an hour.
(information from russia.indymedia.org)


10 persons from Autonomous Action Kaliningrad joined communist
demonstration, distributing leaflets about struggle for rights of the
workers. Nobody was arrested.

(information from russia.indymedia.org)


4 anarchists from Alliance of Kazan Anarchists were arrested when
leafletting general demonstration.

(information from russia.indymedia.org)


This year "Monstration", informal demonstration of creative youth,
originally called by CAT ("Contemporary Art Terrorism") in 2004, gathered
400 people. This year CAT openly refused from any leading role in the
demonstration, giving tradition a freedom to develop on its own.

Organizers of "Monstration" had been promised by trade unions that they
will not be harassed by police, but reality was different. 10 AM
participators of monstration gathered at House of Officers - there were
slogans such as "Forward towards bright future!" (With a photo of Putin
with a hat of Lenin), "I'll give a chat with 200 rubles" "Seize the time!"
(written in style of a known glue advertisement), "Best people are already
on sale!" and many others.

Participators of "Monstration" were waiting for rest of the demonstration,
with participation of Communist Party of Russian Federation, Motherland
party and others, which was about to start from the circus. But when main
colon marched by Chelyukincev street towards House of Officers and turned
towards Krasniy Prospekt
and Monstration was about to join the queue, 30 police blocked their way.

It is curious that a group from party "Patriots of Russia" could join the
queue without problems, just as group from Stalinist "Vanguard of Red
Youth", which was scanning radical slogans against Putin.

Eventually small groups of "monstrants" managed to get by police cordon,
they marched by Kamenskiy street and tried to join main demonstration in a
square, scanning "Bu-ga-ga!". Monstrators showed up next to the square
during speech of state duma deputy Anatoli Lotkya, whose speech was
impossible to hear due to noise of monstrators. Eventually police formed a
cordon, and did not let monstrators to square, where at this point some
2500 people were gathered. When police was approaching monstrators, they
moved forward by Krasniy prospekt towards regional administration.

During and after the events some 10 participators were arrested, one
police officer threated them with charges of "extremism" but eventually
all were freed during the same day without charges.

(information from tayga.info through russia.indymedia.org)


In Tolyatti, a group of anarchists and punks joined communist
demonstration. They went to front with their own flags and banner "Rights
are not given, rights are taken". After communist meeting, anarchists went
to have their own illegal demonstration by Revolution and Dzerzhinsky
streets. Nobody was arrested.

Some pictures are available in

(information from russia.indymedia.org)


In Volzhk, 9 anarchists joined mayday demonstration with banners "No to
fascism!" and "banning is banned". Anarchists joined to end of the queue,
police began harassing them from the very beginning. Eventually organizers
threated to kick out anarchists, who were loudly shouting anti-fascists
and class struggle slogans. Some people joined anarchists, but eventually
only 3 managed to escape arrest. All arrested were freed until 8 PM, some
were given falsified misdemeanor charges of "cursing in a public place"
for justification of arrests.

(information from russia.indymedia.org)

St. Petersburg:

This year anarchists in St. Petersburg had two actions - anarchists (many
of them from St. Petersburg League of Anarchists and Association of
Anarchist Movements) formed a black block in the general oppositional
demonstration, distributing leaflets and papers and scanning anti-fascist
slogans. Unfortunately, organizers let fascists from Movement Against
Illegal Immigration (DPNI) and Eurasian Union of Youth to join queue of
the demonstration - there were not enough internationalists to interfere
them. Some national-patriots attacked anarchist banner "Death to fascism",
tearing it partially, but anarchist managed to sew it during the march.

Another group of anarchists and skinheads, mainly from Punk Revival but
also from Association of Anarchist Movements and St. Petersburg League of
Anarchists, decided to organize an illegal "monstration" in spirit of
Novosibirsk in South-Westestern Narvskaya area of the city. Some fifty
people marched with satirical banners "Down with the dissidence!" and
"More control!", scanning "We are not pies!", "Pioneer Sveta has a hard
life, pioneer Serezha is beating her to face!", "Down with caviar
bisquits!", "More work with smaller wages!" and others. Mean coppers
attacked peaceful march after few blocks, some 30 people were arrested and
stuffed to 7th police station of the city.
Cops had enough work for the whole day, with them arrested were
investigated with notorious 18th section of St. Petersburg RUBOP (Regional
Administration on Fight Against Organized Crime, dealing with "youth
extremism"). Arrested had a picnic in the police station, eating bread and
potatoes they had with them, singing jolly songs. Party was international,
as other guests of the police station included roma women from Moldova and
guests from Samarkand, arrested for belonging to wrong race. Human rights
activists and comrades from Association of Anarchist Movement and St.
Petersburg League of Anarchists were passing humanitarian aid in form of
cookies and mineral water, they also made a solidarity picket outside
police station. After 6 and half hours, arrested were freed with
misdemeanor charges of organizing an illegal demonstration.

(Information from russia.indymedia.org)


Anarchists from Yaroslavl Union of Anarchists considered their mayday as a
failure. In previous week, whole city center was sprayed with anarchist
slogans "We destroy all the power!", "Freedom and anarchy!", "Anarchy is
mother of order!", "Freedom is same for everyone!", to military call up
center of Kirov area anarchist painted "Shame on murderers of Chechnya"
and nearby "Army is a school of slavery!". Many leaflets were also put up
to invite people to anarchist demonstration, but eventually only 12-15
joined the anarchist block with people from Union of Anarchist,
Confederation of Revolutionary Anarcho-Syndicalists and Autonomous Action.

(Information from Yaroslavl Union of Anarchists)

(from http://www.avtonom.org)

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