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(en) Anarchist and anti-fascist victory day actions in solidarity and in Russia

Date Fri, 12 May 2006 16:21:55 +0300

Regardless of the fact that we anarchists have no illusions about the aims
of the Second World War and the so-called "victory over fascism"
-- which was first of all the victory of the stalinist USSR over fascist
Germany -- we welcome the anti-fascist actions taking place around the 9 May
holiday and report on various news agencies and the active groups' websites.
Anti-fascist Hackers Break Into a Nazi site.
On 9 May, 2006 the Russian hackers group Antifa Hack Team broke into the
neo-nazi site "Bseslovyanskiy Nazistski Portal" (All-Slavic/Pan-Slavic Nazi Portal).
The site's header was replaced with "Anti-fascists of Russia. Antifa Hack
Team." Photographs from the (1945) Victory parade were placed on
the main page along with text congratulating anti-fascist veterans: "S Dnyom
Pobedy! (Happy Victory Day!) We, the anti-fascists of Russia
congratulate all fighters against fascism and all those who respect this
country's history, happy victory day in the Great Patriotic War!
Happy victory over fascism day! One day fascism will be defeated once and
for all. Our grandfathers' task, for which they fought from
1941-1945, will prevail. Thank you to the veterans for what they've done
for us!"

This wasn't the Antifa Hack Team's first such action. On February 8, 2006
anti-fascist hackers broke into the "National-Socialist forum"

Anti-fascist rally in St. Petersburg

On May 8, 2006 a rally in honor of the global day of struggle against
fascism was held across from the Baltiyskiy Dom (Baltic House) theater.
Around 70 participants took part in the event, including anarchists,
liberals and human rights activists.

Rally participants called on the public to oppose any and all manifestations
of fascism. One of the event's slogans included "Net
fascismoo fsekh mastei - ot podvoroten do vlastei" (No to fascism of all
stripes - from the backyard to the authorities).

A scuffle took place at one point in the event between rally participants
and activists from the Nashi ("Ours") movement who tried
to join in under the slogan "No to Fascism!" After this incident the
opposition activists began to chant: "Not to Fascism in the form of
Nashi-ism!" The resulting fist fight was broken up by the police.

Solidarity action in Kiev

A solidarity action in support of Russia's anti-fascists took place on 8
May in Kiev. Even though it was a public holiday [offices usually closed],
the participants were able to get the message out via mass media and submit
a letter to the embassy.

At 4pm local time, around 15 people gathered in front of Russia's embassy in
Kiev to express their solidarity with Russian anti-fascists and their dismay
at the actiosn of neonazis. The even was attended by members of anarchist,
anti-fascist, left-socialist and democratic groups which originally formed
during the movement of opposition to Kuchma's rule.

The assembled group brought portraits of Timur Kacharava and Sasha Ryukhin,
which were eventually left by the embassy, flowers decorating each of them.
"Nazism kills" was written in Ukranian on pieces of paper strapped together
into makeshift banners which they made on the spot.

The decision to conduct a solidarity action was reached literally at the
last minute. Although it was a public holiday, two major national television
channels and the BBC's Ukraine service covered the event.

After a not-so-simple discussion with representatives of the "forces of
public order" the solidarity action proceeded as planned. In the end, a
diplomat came out of the embassy building to take the protesters' letter and
asked for a "two-word" explanation of what's going on. He listened, as his
face turned gloomy, said that the statement will be passed on and left.

The statement letter itself was quite brief. It expressed solidarity with
anti-fascists and civil rights activists, condoleneces to the families and
friends of the victims of nazi crimes, and support for civil rights
activists' that stated: "Brown (represents Nationalists in Russian politics)
terror must be stopped, it's organizers and benefactors must get what they
deserve." In addition to this, the protesters distributed pamphlet entitled
"Life exchanged for beliefs."

May 8 in Paris

Around 100 people picketed the embassy of the Russian Federation in Paris on
May 8, the day of victory over nazism, to express support for all who
are those who targets of unpunished/ignored neonazi attacks in Russia, be
they anti-fascist and anti-racism activists, who periodically face
threats and killings, or immigrants and foreign students who're faced with
almost daily aggression. It's important for them to know that
there'll be continued international pressure on the Russian government
regarding this matter.

Several groups involved in tracking the situation in Russia got together in
front of the embassy, including Comité Tchétchénie Confédération
nationale du Travail, Fédération anarchiste, No Pasaran, Observatoire des
Libertés publiques, Ras l'front, REFLEXes, SCALP-REFLEX and
Solidarité Résistance Antifa.

Despite the multi-striped and rather well attended picket line (considering
that the information was distributed only over the
internet and through personal contacts) the participants were met with an
absolute refusal from employees of the Russian embassy. The embassy's
representatives totally refused to accept the group's letter of protest
which was addressed to Russia's Ambassador to France.

Nonetheless, we underscore the fact that this will not stop us. We promise
support to all who struggle against racism and the rebirth of
nazism in Russia and other countries, to ensure that anti-fascist solidarity
doesn't remain mere empty words!

(from www.avtonom.org)
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