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(en) US, The New York Rat new york city's radical anarchist tabloid issue six II. (2/2)

Date Tue, 09 May 2006 18:05:00 +0300

New Projects IN NYC
Love & Resistance
Documenting anarchist resistance and culture worldwide.
We see each other in the streets, on the barricades and in
our neighborhoods. We have heard about each other, about
struggles in far away places, we know that we are every-
where. Although we live worlds apart and come from differ-
ent cultures and backgrounds we share common dreams.
Our project aims to peak behind the masks, to reveal our
stories, our struggles and our worlds.
In our travels we have discovered anarchists in every part of
the globe. They have shared their stories and experiences
with us and now we want to share them with everyone.
We are currently documenting the projects, spaces, and
stories of anarchists throughout the Americas. We are vide-
otaping interviews and transcribing people's stories. All of
these will be compiled in a book and a series of short docu-
We believe that it is important to share our stories and learn
from our struggles, to be inspired by the words and actions
of our fellow anarchists all over the world. If you are interest-
ed in participating in this project, sharing your stories and
experiences email us... amoryresistencia@yahoo.com

The Green Apple Collective

The Green Apple Collective is a new radical group working to-
wards a sustainable New York City. They are working with other radi-
cal groups in both the city and rural areas, such as the Germantown
Community Farm in Upstate New York, a radical collective farm and
community space. With a focus on an organic DIY food
exchange as a starting point, they see healthy food
as an essential need for our communities and
our weakest point in urban sustainability. They are interest-
ed in politicizing the role of food in the city and promoting
new projects in urban agriculture.
Green Apple Collective projects this summer include: "A
tomato in every window" --working with individuals and
groups to create recycled window boxes that can grow or-
ganic/heirloom tomatoes, hopefully planting hundreds of
tomatoes in the city; an Urban/Rural network -- working on
and supporting the Germantown Community Farms (ger-
mantowncommunityfarm.blogspot.com) and others; Food
4 Thought-- holding a number of community dinners that
will focus on various topics of urban sustainability; and ad-
ditionly to these projects, providing mutual aid (skill shares,
compost give-aways, tool libraries, etc.) within the collective
and between other groups sharing a vision of a sustainable
urban landscape.
If you are interested in The Green Apple Collective, please
contact them at greenapplecollective@yahoo.com

A for Anarchy
A for Anarchy is a fucking awesome outreach
initiative that is based around the graphic nov-
el--and subsequent movie--V for Vendetta.
Alan Moore, the author of the novel, distanced
himself from the film because much of the ex-
plicitly anarchist political content does not ap-
pear in the movie. But thanks to some ingenious
anarchists in New York, the omissions are being
used to our advantage.
Anarchists dressed as the main character from
the novel (named V) have been stationing them-
selves outside of movie theaters in New York,
performing street theater and handing out flyers
with deleted scenes, information about anarchy,
and the Crimethinc publication, Fighting for Our Lives. The response from the
public has been overwhelmingly positive, with people clamoring for flyers and large
crowds gathering to watch the fun & festive reenactments of deleted scenes from
the books. The mainstream press has also been surprisingly positive, garnering the
group a full article and front page attention in Metro, a free daily.
On April 17th, for the International Day of Action around the film, local NYC an-
archists met up and did outreach at select locations in the city, including the Time-
Warner Center and DC Comics Headquarters, before heading to Times Square.
For more information, outreach materials, as well as upcoming events, check out
their great web site: www.aforanarchy.org

The New yorkers' guide to military - recruitment in the 5 boroughs

"The New Yorkers' Guide to Military Recruitment in the 5 Boroughs" is a timely and
amazing project by the "Friends of William Blake," that gathers all the loose strands
of information regarding military recruitment in NYC and its converse, counter-re-
cruitment, and puts it into one incredibly well-designed and easy-to-read booklet.
You can find no better resource on the subject anywhere, and with two fronts in the
"War on Terror" already open, and a third with Iran threatening to unfold, it is im-
perative that we all use this information so helpfully gathered for us.
Copies can be found at radical and progressive bookstores in Manhattan and Brook-
lyn, and by visiting the web site at www.counterrecruitmentguide.org
New york metro alliance of anarchists

The New York Metro Alliance of Anarchists (NY-
MAA) is a broad organization of anarchists and anti-
authoritarians who live in the New York metropoli-
tan area. NYMAA calls itself a social revolutionary
organization and according to their mission state-
ment, their ultimate aim is to "eradicate all forms
of authoritarianism, hierarchy, and domination and
help build a genuinely liberatory, self-managed, di-
rectly democratic society." They have monthly Gen-
eral Assemblies, but are organized by borough and
then further organized into working groups. It is un-
clear if any of these groups are functioning however, but individuals identifying as
members of NYMAA are active in different anarchist projects throughout the city.
Hopefully, NYMAA will sidestep the pitfall of many large organizations and will
function as a means to promote anarchist action, instead of substituting for it.

Thank you for reading issue #6 of the NYC Rat. We are
soliciting contributions for the Summer issue. If you have
art, articles, or design experience, please contact us! We
would also like to thank the following people for their
help: CGB, mAik, Brendan Story, BombsandShields.com,
and everyone else who helped make this issue of the Rat
Questions? Comments?
Update by the Sorbonne University Occupation Committee in Exile

After nearly a month of massive and often violent
protests, the French government announced the
decision to scrap the new labor law that would
take basic job rights away from younger workers.
In addition to the street protests, strikes, and
blockades that crippled France, numerous univer-
sties and high schools were occupied in resistance.
Defiance against the State continues, with
blockades, protests, and the occupation of
several universities across France.
Communique 4
Monday, March 20, 2006
The Sorbonne with its airs of eternity. Full of suspended
history. Marble hallways like a frozen swamp. "When
there is no sun, you should know to mature under the ice."
Then ten days ago, the ice started melting, one evening in
centuries. A fire of tables and final papers: a flame higher
than any man, in the middle of the quad, the quad of cer-
emonies. No more murmurs in the lecture halls and in
the hallways, no more discourses, just jostling together,
searching for a way. It begins. Projectiles, screams, fire ex-
tinguishers, chairs, ladders, against the cops. A monster
The authorities are stupid. They run around. They think
that by evicting us they have destroyed the blast that
emerged here. Fools. Fools as dull as the heavy thud of a
computer mainframe on the helmet of a riot cop. By exil-
ing us they only broadened our field of action. They will
get their just desserts for taking our Sorbonne away from
us, for having dispossessed us. By installing their police
here, they offered the Sorbonne to all the dispossessed.
At the hour when we are writing this the Sorbonne does
not belong to the students anymore, it belongs to all those
who, by the word or the cocktail, mean to defend it.
Since our exile, we've had some thoughts on the state of
the movement.
Update 1: We are fighting against a law passed with
a majority vote by a legitimate parliament. Our
simple existence proves that the democratic principle of
majority vote is questionable, it proves that the myth of
sovereignty of the general assembly can be usurped. It
is part of our struggle to limit, as much as possible,
the tyranny of the majority vote. All that space given
to the general assemblies paralyses us and only serves to
confer legitimacy on paper to a bunch of wannabe bu-
reaucrats. The assemblies are neutralizing all initiative by
establishing a theatrical separation between the word and
the act. Once the vote has been cast for a strike until the
withdrawal of the equal opportunity law, the general as-
semblies should become a space of heated debate, a space
for sharing experiences, ideas, and desires, a place where
we come together in our strength, not a scene of petty
power struggles and intrigues for swaying the decision.
Update 2: The union bureaucracies, even though they
continue with their habitual manipulations, are not as se-
rious an obstacle to the real movement as the reflexes of
pacifism that spread amongst us. The night of the eviction
at the Sorbonne, part of the students had no idea why
they were there or what they could do, let alone what they
should do. They were wandering in anguish of the free-
dom they were offered but could not grasp, because they
did not desire it. A week later, after numerous occupa-
tions and confrontations with the police, their asserted
impotence is finally giving way to an innocent taste for
direct action. Pacifism has finally become what it
has never stopped being: a benign existential pa-
Update 3: The struggle belongs to those who fight,
not to those who want to control it.
Update 4: The constant movement, the circulation of eve-
rything is a paradoxical condition necessary for the func-
tioning of the capitalist machine. In the same paradox,
interrupting its functioning is a condition for its disrup-
tion. By the blockades, we are fighting against the
total freeze of the situation they want to impose.
Update 5: We are referring to 68, it is true, but we are
referring not to what actually happened in 68, to the folk-
lore, the occupied Sorbonne back then, the barricades in
the Latin Quarter, we are referring to what did not
happen in 68, to the revolutionary turmoil that did
not take place. By casting us in the past, some would
like to extract us from the present situation and to make
us lose the strategic understanding of it. By treating 68 as
a simple student movement, they would like to dismiss
the still present menace of what 68 could have been, a
savage general strike, a burst of a human strike.
Update 6: The idea of democratically debating every day
those who are against the strike about its renewal is ab-
surd. The strike has never been a democratic practice, but
a political done deal, an immediate expropriation, a re-
lationship of power. No one has ever voted the establish-
ment of capitalism. Those who oppose the strike are
de facto standing on the other side of the barricade,
and the only exchange we could have with them is of
insults, punches and rotten eggs. In the face of ref-
erendums set up to break the strike, the only thing
to do is to abolish them by all means necessary.
Update 7: A strange idea haunts this movement, the
idea of occupying university buildings only during work
hours. This is an occupation that does not liberate space.
An occupation where vigils, firefighters, administrators,
and pretexts of authority and safety continue to reduce us
to childishness, and where the university will remain sim-
ply a university. It's true that once we've really taken
over the space, we would need to populate it, popu-
late it with things other than the desire to return to
normal. We have to embrace with serenity the fact
that there will be no return to normal, and then in-
habit this irreversibility.
Update 8: National coordination efforts reflect the steril-
ity of a certain classic notion of politics. The unionists,
the million leftist groups and groupings offer to lifeless
general assemblies platforms written in advance by their
leadership. In an atmosphere approaching that of yet an-
other party congress, the national coordination displays
nothing but a soviet-style power play between the "orgs".
We propose instead a parallel coordination effort
modeled after the high-school students' movement
of last year, an open coordination (consulta) that is
nothing more than a temporary space for hashing
out our strategy nationally.
Update 9: We are the heirs of the failure of all the "so-
cial movements" and not just those of the last three
years (teachers, retirees, seasonal workers, high-school
students), but all those dating back to at least 1986. We
have learned some lessons from these failures. The first is
about the media. By becoming the echo of the movement,
the media effectively becomes a part of it, a part which,
when it pulls out (usually at the same time as the union
bureaucracies) provokes the movement's collapse. The
strength of a movement is in its effective power, not in
what is being said about it, or the malicious gossip about
it. The movement must protect itself by all means,
even by force if necessary, from the grasp of the me-
dia. It must develop its own voice.
Update 10: None of the "social movements" of recent years
has achieved in months of "struggle" what the insurgents
of November discretely obtained in three weeks of rioting
­ cuts to public assistance in the affected areas were sus-
pended, funding for local programs was reinstated. All of
this without making any demands. Demanding means
defining your existence in the mutilating terms of
those in power, it means conceding an advantage
to the enemy. Even from the point of view of those who
want to gain certain things it is stupid.
Update 11: No more marches and days of action de-
clared by central committee. Only wild demonstra-
tions and occupations from now on. The assembly of
strikers in Rennes already prefers demonstrations with
"intuitive routes", and refuses to submit to the routes or-
dained by the police and its henchmen. Even their mar-
shals have changed their role, and their name: they are
now the "action division" and are preparing for confron-
tations with the police.
Update 12: No one has the right to tell us that what we
are doing is "illegitimate". We don't have to see ourselves
as spectators of the struggle, even less should we see
ourselves from the point of view of the enemy. Legiti-
macy belongs to those who believe in their actions,
to those who know what they are doing, and why
they are doing it. This idea of legitimacy is obviously
opposed to that of the State, majority, and representation.
It does not submit to the same rationales, it imposes its
own rationales. If the politicizing consists in a struggle of
different legitimacies, of different ideas of happiness, our
task from now on is to give means to this struggle
with no other limit but what appears to us to be just
and joyful.
March 22nd, 2006
Cop Accused of L
and Illegally Arrest-
ing RNC Protestors
The NYCLU demanded a review of
cases brought against protesters
arrested on Aug. 31, 2004, at dem-
onstrations against the Republican
National Convention. The group
contends that contradictory state-
ments given by officers under oath
are grounds to dismiss cases. Two
pending federal lawsuits claim
most of the arrests were illegal. The
NYPD deployed 10,000 cops during
the 4-day event and arrested over
1800 people for allegedly com-
mitting minor violations or misde-
April 1st, 2006
Cop Accused of Kill-
ing a Man While Driv-
ing Drunk
Officer Brandon Colon was off-duty
when he struck and killed Julio Or-
tega while driving on the Queens-
boro Bridge. Mr. Ortega was walk-
ing on the bridge taking pictures.
Officer Colon has been suspended.
He's facing charges for DWI, vehic-
ular manslaughter, and leaving the
scene of an accident.
April 7th, 2006
Cop Convicted of Mur-
dering for the Mob
Two former police detectives were
convicted of moonlighting as hit-
men for the mob. Louis Eppolito
and Steven Caracappa face life in
prison for their roles in eight mur-
ders while on the payroll of the
NYPD and mob boss Anthony "Gas-
pipe" Casso. The two men carried
out two hits themselves, after pull-
ing the victims over in traffic stops,
and delivered the rest to the Mafia
to be killed. Prosecutors said the
two used their law-enforcement
positions to help the Mafia.
April 11th, 2006
Cop Sho ots Her Ex-Cop
Alison Jamison, a 12-year Police
veteran, is facing charges of at-
tempted murder, assault and crimi-
nal possession of a weapon, after
she followed her husband, an ex-
Community Affairs officer, and let
loose a half-dozen or so shots from
her police-issued Sig Sauer. Mr.
Jamison, who was hit four times in
the torso and arms, survived.
April 11th, 2006
For mer Cop Surrenders
in Road Rage Attack on
another Cop
Retired cop, Allen Lau, surrendered
in the shooting death of Steven Vi-
tale, a retired police officer for the
Port Authority. Police said Lau was
driving behind Vitale and became
angry because Vitale was driving
slowly. Lau then followed Vitale into
a parking lot, where he opened fire
and shot Vitale at least eight times,
who later died. He then aimed for
Vitale's wife, but missed, shoot-
ing their Labrador retriever, Philly,
in the ear instead. The 4-year-old
black Lab was expected to live.
April 12th, 2006
Cop Arrested for
Police officer Michael Valentine was
charged with hacking into the e-
mail account of a woman he met
through an online dating service
and using her e-mail in messages
sent to himself and to other men.
He has been suspended from his
job without pay.

Al terna tive
NY Indy Media Center
Paper Tiger TV
Bombs and Shields
Stories of resistance and struggle, from
around the world, meant to inspire
strong hearts.
The Shadow
publisher of underground newspapers,
books, comics and pamphlets
Art & Music
ABC No Rio
A community space with a computer
lab, darkroom, silkscreening lab, art
gallery & punk matinees
156 Rivington abc@abcnorio.org
Rude Mechanical
A radical brass band & entourage
Toyshop Collective
artists transforming the physical and
social structure of their environment
Visual Resistance
creating political art and innovative
projects aimed at raising awareness of
urgent social issues
World War 3
Arts in Action
artists using their work to protest cor-
porate globalization, economic colo-
nialism & the prison industry www.
Black Label
Bike Club
tall bikes! www.blacklabelnyc.com
Critical Mass
2nd Friday of every month
Grand Army Plaza 7pm
Critical Mass
last Friday of every month
Union Square North, 7pm
Time's Up!
direct-action environmental group pro-
moting a more sustainable, less toxic city,
hosts a free movie night and bike repair
Books / Zines
ABC No Rio
Zine Library
lots of independent, underground and
marginal publications.
Open wednesday evenings.
156 Rivington abc@abcnorio.org
feminist & radical bookstore, cafe, activist
resource center.
172 Allen & Houston
Clovis Press Books
Good selection of anarchist books and
zines in Williamsburg.
229 Bedford Ave. & N. 5th St
Housing Works Books
New/used books and volunteer cafe. Pro-
ceeds go to housing, medical services for
those living with HIV
126 Crosby Street
Vox Pop
Union-organized, fair-trade coffee haus
and bookshop in Flatbush.
1022 Cortelyou Road
Edith Garden
free computer classes, workshops, and
food to share with the community, needs
836 Elton Ave, Bronx
LES Park
compost, greenhouse, grey water system,
sports area & solar energy area
1st Street & Avenue A
Nuevo Cabo Rojo
the 4th Cabo Rojo that has been created
since the 1st one was destroyed
162nd & Cortland, Bronx
Other cool gardens
E 6th St & Ave B E 9th St & Ave
Educa tion
Brooklyn Free School
radical free school with curriculum based
on students' desires; no tests or grades
Guerilla Education
working to bring about education and
political awareness in various forms
Libertad Skool
an autonomously-run group of un-
schoolers learning through radical ex-
perimentation and intellectual explo-
ration shewillresist@riseup.net
Heal th Care &
The Door
offers young people (12-21) compre-
hensive educational, health, nutrition-
al and counseling programs, as well as
legal services for young people in need
of civil legal representation.
555 Broome St (btwn Varick & 6th)
www.door.org 212 941 9090 x 3247
The Icarus Project
a place for people struggling with `bi-
polar disorder' to connect and build
an alternative support network
Medical Activists of
New York
referrals to activist-friendly
healthcare 1-888-744-7856
NYC AIDS Housing
collective of people living withHIV/
AIDS, working on social justice issues,
free space for meetings, showers
80A 4th Ave, Brooklyn, 718 802 9540
Streetwork L.E.S.
Offers food, showers, counseling, nee-
dle exchange, medical & legal services
for homeless youth 13-24
33 Essex St (btwn Hester & Grand)
646 602 6404
Food Not Bombs
serves vegan food in Tompkins Square
Park, Fri & Sun @ 3:30pm, volunteer
at ABC No Rio after 1pm, Fri or Sun
fnb@abcnorio.org, 212 254 3697
Just Food
developing a just and sustainable food
system in NYC by linking small farm-
ers with city dwellers
Green Apple
working to bring about education and
political awareness in various forms
bi-weekly vegetarian community din-
ner held at Rubelad space, 338 Flush-
ing Ave, at Classon, in Brooklyn. (G to
Classon). 1st and 3rd Sundays of each
People's Law
an anarchist collective with knowl-
edge of the legal system, provides ad-
vice and legal support
National Lawyers
the largest public-interest human
rights legal organization in the US
Activism Center-
Wetlands Preserve
works on a wide range of projects ad-
dressing the impacts of an economic
system and social structure that re-
duces all life to commodities or waste
Anarchist People Of
developing political space for and by
People of Color relating to anti-au-
thoritarian politics. illegalvoices.org
Critical Resistance
An organization that seeks to build an
international movement to end the
Prison Industrial Complex
Family & Friends of
Daniel McGowan
a group raising money and providing
outreach about the case of NYC ac-
tivist Daniel McGowan, who is facing
life in prison. www.supportdaniel.org
Industrial Workers of the World.
Meetings monthly, union drives, and more
For info email jdcrutch@mindspring.com
NY Friends of Jeff
providing monetary, legal, and socia
support for politcal prisoner Jeff Lu-
ers www.freefreenow.org
Misled Youth
This website is a place for creative
ambitious, caring, or just plain pissed
off young people to share ideas, find
support, and collaborate with peers.
More Gardens!
a direct action group rescuing
land from developers and yuppies
strengthening community among
women, fighting for mother's and chil-
dren's rights
New York City Books
Thru Bars
sends books to prisoners
212 254 3697 x 323
New York Youth Bloc
A coalition of high schoolers fighting
for peace, justice & empowerment.
Radical Cheerleaders
a collectively-run squad open to any-
one interested-no tryouts involved
Radical Reference
librarians who support activists by
providing research support, access to
information, and fact-checking work-
shops for independent journalists
free transportation for ladies and trans
folk to get HOME safely in North
Brooklyn, LES, & East Village
Saturday nights from 12-4:30 AM
www.rightrides.org, 718 964 7781
brings tech to the activists & activ-
ism to the techies; computer security
skillshares info@shiftcontrol.org
Surveillance Camera
conducts free walking tours of heavily
surveilled neighborhoodsSCP@notbo
Upsta te
New York
3FU (Kingston)
youth-run community arts center and
anti-gentrification assault weapon
Ironweed Infoshop
book & zine library, music exchange,
video and media center, free store, silk-
screen workshop in Albany
98 Grand St., 518.436.0929
Wandering Seeds Farm
A budding organic farm, a node in a
network of radical rural activists, a
community gathering space, and an ex-
periment in cross-pollination between
urban and rural in Germantown.
germantownhouse@ yahoo.com
don''t see your
group here?
newyork rat
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