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(en) US, The New York Rat new york city's radical anarchist tabloid issue six I. (1/2)

Date Tue, 09 May 2006 08:47:46 +0300

The Green Scare!
On December 7th, 2005, the arrest of Daniel McGowan,
an environmental and social justice activist from New
York, and six others from around the country signaled
the beginning of a concerted government campaign to
destroy the radical earth and animal liberation move-
ments. The Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a press
release shortly after, that silenced any doubt that the
raids were anything but a well-coordinated campaign
against activists. The DOJ dubbed the campaign, "Op-
eration Backfire," and explicitly stated that their inves-
tigation was far from over and more arrests were to
come. True enough, Operation Backfire has claimed
new arrests and indictments every month since the
campaign was first announced last December, with a
total of 16 people now under indictment, six of whom
are in prison awaiting trial. Many of these individuals
are facing more than a minimum of life in prison if they
are convicted on all the charges heaped upon them.
However, Operation Backfire is but one highly promi-
nent part of what is now widely called the Green
Scare--an expression alluding to the `Red Scare' of the
1940s-50s that was characterized by a government
campaign of raids, arrests, agents provacateurs and
legal prosecution against real and imagined commu-
nists, anarchists, and other radicals--which is to say, a
campaign of intimidation and criminalization against
dissent, now with a particular focus on the radical en-
vironmentalist movement. Aside from the raids of Op-
eration Backfire, there have been a number of other ar-
rests, convictions, indictments, grand jury witch hunts,
and proposed legislation that show us the real scope of
the State's plans.

As we all know, the government serves to protect the
interests of Business, and since 2001, has held the earth
and animal liberation movements as a top domestic
threat. The state, as well as various corporate special
interest groups, have tried to call the economic sabo-
tage that is but one tactic of earth and animal libera-
tion groups, "eco-terrorism," in a clear attempt to ex-
ploit both the fear and paranoia cultivated by the
government post-9/11. It must be stressed that the
direct action--in the form of economic sabotage--to
stop the exploitation and destruction of the natural en-
vironment or animals has not resulted in one person
ever being harmed. However, damages resulting from
these actions have totaled around 100 million dollars
combined. It is fairly obvious that the radical earth and
animal liberation movements are being aggressively
investigated, infiltrated, and incarcerated because they
are above all, absolutely successful.

It is incredibly important to understand how this affects
all of us, not just those of us who are in environmental
or animal rights/liberation circles, but as anarchists, as
radicals, and as individuals in resistance. In New York,
it may be easy to see the Green Scare as something far
away, something that does not affect us, something
"out west." However, a campaign to destroy one move-
ment, one people, one threat, does not exist in isola-
tion for long. It moves on to the next movement, the
next people, the next threat, and it is a slippery slope
indeed. Last month, an FBI official in Austin, in a lecture
at the University of Texas Law School, listed the Austin
branches of Indymedia, Food Not Bombs, and anar-
chists in general, as a potential "terrorism" threat. And
just recently, the FBI has launched an investigation of
Scott Crow, a co-founder of the Common Ground Col-
lective in New Orleans.

The charges filed against the individuals in the Green
Scare are meant to send a message to the rest of us.
These cases are attempts to impede our collective abil-
ity to wage struggles against injustice. If we sit by and
let repression build, it will weaken our ability to resist
future persecution. We must set the course of history
and prove that we can't be intimidated, if for only one
reason: that one day they may come for us.

But that certainly is not the only reason to be active in
this fight against government oppression. We must not
give in to the intimidation and fear that are the State's
real objectives, because besides attacking revolution-
aries and radicals, repression attempts to squelch and
sterilize dissent. Those in power know that it is not
our actions themselves that pose a threat, but rather
the possibility that non-activists will recognize radical
action as something more than unconstructive or im-
possible. Our enemies want to scare people away from
participating in radical action and supporting radical
solutions, and to marginalize us further into small com-
munities of rebels and revolutionaries.

The Green Scare is but the current focus of government
repression. If we are to ever create a world made of
our desires, we will need the solidarity and resistance
of everyone. We cannot sit by and rationalize the night-
mare of our fellow comrades as inevitable state repres-
sion, or romanticize action while shirking solidarity. Af-
ter all, an injury to one, is an injury to all.

Walking Out on the 10th by Brendan Story IWW-NYC

In the boroughs and nationwide, April 10th marked an important day for momen-
tum against the criminalization of immigrants and immigrant workers.
It was an important day for a handful of Mexican workers who work in a warehouse
in Bushwick run by Handyfat Trading Inc. They had voted to walk out a few days
before at a foodstuffs workers' meeting at Make the Road by Walking, a nonprofit
organization and community organizing center. They're a proud part of the "May
Day Coalition" which includes the "Workers In Action" project of Make the Road,
as well as the NYC Industrial Workers of the World, and blends radical unionism
with neighborhood community organizing. After several work-stoppages and a
disputed and sabatoged election, Handyfat workers are negotiating a non-major-
ity "solidarity union" agreement with the boss for wages, benefits, and respect. On
April 10th they walked out to march with friends from Make the Road, the IWW,
anarchists, and other immigrant people of New York.

Handyfat was also joined by their fellow workers at Bread & Company, a deli re-
staraunt in Manhattan, who are also negotiating acontract over wages. Another
foodstuffs IWW/Workers-In-Action shop, the Amersino warehouse in Ridgewood,
Queens, was not able to march on April 10th because they were on strike and pick-
eting their shop over being denied wages by managers who had meddled with their
time cards.

On and off the job, on and off the streets, New York is buzzing with a few pockets
of immigrants who are linking arms and marching toward a world without borders
or bosses. Hopefully they will continue to share inspiration with what seems to be
a newly energized movement.

NY Anarchists in Solidarity with Immigrants

On April 10th, NYC anarchists mobilized in solidarity with immigrants and against
the State, whose latest display of oppression is HR-4437, one of several draconian
new bills now being debated in congress that would further criminalize immigrants.
There were several feeder marches to the rally at City Hall, one at Washington
Square Park, pictured, which included members of In Our Hearts, Visual Resist-
ance, and NYMAA (New York Metro Anarchist Alliance), and one from Brooklyn,
which included members of NYMAA and the IWW. Anarchists will also have an
active presence in the May 1st call for action surrounding the issue.

Anti-Imperialist Anarchist Contingent at the St. Pats-for-all ParaDE

On March 9th, the Anti-Imperialist Anarchist Contingent
gathered once again for a fun-filled afternoon in Sunnyside,
Queens at the St. Pats-For-All Parade, the yearly all-inclu-
sive celebration of Irish heritage. With a multitude of circle-
a shamrock flags, green & black flags, a banner reading "US
Out of Iraq ­ US Out of Ireland," and the Rude Mechanicals
Orchestra marching nearby, the contingent succeeded in its
goals of providing a vibrant anarchist presence in the march,
as well as doing outreach in the community. The contingent
distributed well over a thousand flyers, one detailing the an-
archist perspective on the US occupation of Iraq, along with
information about the Irish struggle to stop the US from us-
ing Irish airports en route to Iraq (some 300,000 troops each
year pass through Ireland), and another in support of Daniel
McGowan, an activist and Queens native of Irish decent, who
is facing life in prison.

There was some controversy this year, as many anarchists
from Ireland who learned of the march objected to last year's
banner which read, "US Out of Iraq ­ UK Out of Ireland." The
Irish anarchists stated that the relationship between North-
ern Ireland and the UK is very complicated and felt that last
year's banner oversimplified the situation and reinforced Irish
Nationalism. The contingent decided to show solidarity with
the Irish anarchists and changed the "UK" to "US" and high-
lighted the Irish struggle to stop the US military from using
Irish airports. Although the change did result in some confu-
sion amongst the spectators of the parade, it promoted dia-
log between the contingent and the community about the

All in all, the Anti-Imperialist Anarchist Contingent was a lot
of fun and a great way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon
doing anarchist outreach. Join in next year!
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