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(en) Turkey, Anarchists in Mayday: Istanbul, Ankara, Izmit, Sivas, Antalya [tr]

Date Sat, 06 May 2006 17:57:10 +0300

Anarchist Block&Black Block:
Anarchist Block was in Kadiköy in Mayday with the banners of
Every boss is thief
Every state is terrorist
Every politician is seperatist.
Anarchists were in the square with their destructive enthusiasm.About 60 anarchists
have said we are here against the global capitalism to destroy it, not to be the gear
of the machine. Anarchists marching with the slogans of State makes massacre if it makes,
Land commune freedom, revolt revolution anarchy also painted the whole marching
ground to black with their paints. It was nice to
have graffiti on the ads of killer companies'
billboards especially on the MC Donald's ad slogan
"Dont be late for the work" except this many
billboards belonging to the government took its share
from this graffiti action. Later on, in the demo that
was turned into a real action, also with the
participation of Black block and Lambda Istanbul,
Anarchist block marched up to the police searching
point. In the searching point, under the baffled
looks of the police and organizers of the action,
by waiting in there and shouting slogans without
entering the square, we have left away. Later,
we have carried on our action in Bahariye
Kadiköy, Kadiköy Karaköy streamer and on Istiklal
Street by silently opening their banners and flags.
For the photos:

Anarchist Communist Initiative:

Thirty thousand workers and students participated in
the May Day demonstrations in Kadikoy/Ä°stanbul. Its
size was smaller compared to the previous years,
mainly because 1st May was Monday. Social Democratic
DISK was the biggest trade union on the field. The
demonstration was generally peaceful except the
conflict between Kurdish DTP and HOC. About 60 people
from Anarchist Communist Initiative walked behind the
banner "No War Between Nations, No Peace Between
Classes". We distributed the Turkish translation of
Michael Schmidt's "Five Waves" and a leaflet with a
text on the current events on one side and a summary
of anarchist
communist ideas on the other. Our main slogans were:

"Capitalism Is Occupation, States Are Occupiers -
Class War Against Occupation", Workers “ Will Unite;
Workers “ Will Fight; Workers “ Will Win; We Will
Build A Communist World , Long Live People ™s
Fraternity (In Kurdish And Turkish) , Another War Is
Possible “ Class War Against The War , All States
Are Murderers “ We Shall Destroy The Murderer State
, Murderer State Will Pay Back “ Workers Will Judge
The Murderers , Freedom Will Come With Fighting
Workers , Freedom Will Come With Resisting Workers ,
A Communist World Will Come With Anarchy , European
Union “ A Lie, Democracy
“ A Lie, Human Rights “ A Lie, Down With The
Bourgeois Democracy , In Workplaces “
Self-Management, In Communities “ Self-Management,
For Everyone “ Freedom, For Everyone “Equality, Our
Aim “ Communism, Our Aim “ Communism, Our Aim “
Communism, We Will Build A Communist World , Down
With MGK (National Security Council), MIT (National
Intelligence Agency), JITEM (Secret Counter-guerilla
Intelligence Agency), Counter-Guerilla , Neither
Exploitation Nor Domination, Long Live Anarchist
Communism , Revolution Is The Only Way, Anarchy Is
The Only Way , Neither Parties Nor Leaders, Support
The Workers , Direct Action, Direct Democracy, Long
Live Workers ™ Self-Management , Equality,
Freedom To The Kurds , More Revolts, More Resistance
(In Kurdish) , Long Live Workers Unity, People
Fraternity , "This World Belongs To Us, Down With


& http://www.anarsistkomunizm.org/AKi/portal/


This year Mayday demo in Ankara was held in Tandogan
square. As usual, political parties, unions, various
groups and also anarchists were in the square.
Our group including anarchists from Ankara Anarchy
Initiative has gathered nearby Maltepe Bridge where
some leftist groups DISK and KESK (unions) have met.
While our cortege was entering the square, it had
already passed 13:00:
Our group which was equipped with a circled A banner,
black & black-red flags and a megaphone was
consisting of younger people in general. During
the march which went in an enthusiastic manner
for our side, many anti-tayyip (current Turkish PM),
anti-nuclear, anarchist and anti-militarist slogans
were shouted. Despite the reproofs of older
anarchists, from time to time in some moments
people have run with the screams of revolt. Just
coming from the press, hundreds of leaflets about
the Militourism Festival, 3rd of which will be held
in Ankara on 13rd-14th of May, were distributed
during the demo. After entering the demo square,
anarchists put their banner down on the floor and
finished the action by chatting with friends
and acquaintances sitting on the sidewalk.

Tacanka group, consisting of 15-20 people carrying
black-red flags has also attended to the demo:

For all of the photos:


Anarchists were also in Mayday demo in Izmit!

Meeting with their comrades coming from Istanbul
at the train station, anarchists went to the
square where the march were to begin. Anarchist
cortege attending to the march with the banner of
"Equality Liberty Anarchy" with about 40 people
have shouted the following slogans before entering
the demo square: "land, commune, freedom",
"love, revolution, anarchy", "class war against
the war", "reject, resist, say no, don't enroll",
"no liberation on one's own, altogether or none",
"millions in hunger, under occupation, long live
global intifada", "seattle, paris, genova,
thessaloniki, istanbul, izmit, everywhere revolt,
everywhere anarchy", "every state is murderer",
"killer state, we will destroy it", “biji azadi,
biji anarsi”, ["long live liberty, long live
anarchy"-in kurdish], "biji bratiya gelan",
["long live mayday"-in kurdish"], "police
stations, borders, barracks, schools, state,
state, state will be destroyed", "bedrettin,
kawa, börklüce, revolt, revolt, revolt", "no
party, no leader, give a shoulder to anarchy",
"one solution revolution one solution anarchy",
"it'll only be freaks that'll burn the world"
"may, may, mayday, haymarket, our honour",
"shame on the one who serves to the servant".
During the march, with the stickers of "let's
disturb this game", "no passaran to the nuclear",
"nuclear is dump", "another life is possible:
autonomy" the whole marching area have been

As the most enthusiastic group of the demo in which
about 2000 people have attended, anarchists have
been received well by Izmit people.

The action have finished with the slogan of "let's
burn the flags, let's destroy the states" by burning
the flags.



Participation to the celebrations in Sivas was
low.Following long-term debates it was decided
to have the activity on 1st of May, it was taken
to the noon to get the participation of those with the
unions and no marching route has been established.
The low participation of those with the unions,
inadequate participation of the people joining with
time problem could not carry the event to the desired
level. Various groups gathering in Egitim sen,
merging with the groups coming from the political
parties marched through the square.the traffic was
blocked for a while.We have attended with the banner
writing "Storm Against the Wind; Revolt Against
the Authorities" signed as masterless.We did also
have the fatigue of the Sinop anti nuclear demo.
Despite this we did not lose anything from our
enthusiasm. During the march we have shouted
slogans of:

"Land commune Freedom"
"It'll only be freaks that'll burn the world"
"A communist world will come with anarchism"
"Revolution is the festival of the exploited"
"Storm against the wind, revolt against the authority"
“Seattle.. revolt, genova revolt… Sivas revolt"
in the police searching point:
"down with stations freedom to the cops"
during the Moslem call to prayer (ezan) and while all
in the square were going silent with respect!
"no god no state love love freedom"
while shouting special slogans criticizing akp
"destroy the parliament freedom to the apes"
and in certain times frequently
"this world should sink, this dream should end shame
on the one who serves to the servant" [lyrics
belonging to an arabesk singer Orhan Gencabay].
we ran we bounced. In this meaning, our slogans and
all of our attitudes were brand new and interesting
for Sivas people. It was nice to have people
looking at us with curiosity coming nearby
marching together trying to learn about us.
We have left with the hope to be more effective,
enthusiastic on next mayday in Sivas...

Source: Anarchy Forum



Participation was low 15-20 anarchists were
in the march with their black, black/red flags.
Banners of Let the State Not Be and Imagination
Destroys the Authority were carried.

General Source:

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