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(en) Greece, Fighting "globalization" - From Seattle to Thessaloniki

Date Sat, 06 May 2006 13:05:18 +0300

Anarchist OpinionThe so-called globalization has to do with the
process of unification of sovereignty, that started in 1989, after
decades of “cold war”, between the western capitalist and the soviet
communist model, that succeeded the victory of the “antifascist forces”
in the second “world war”, which, just like the first “w.w.”, came to
interrupt the revolutionary attitudes of the people, which never stopped
to shake the foundations of the states.
(introduction to the discussion that took place at the Polytechnic
School of Athens, Greece, on Thursday 4/5, during the Libertarian
Anarchist Antiauthoritarian Forum (Athens 4-7 May).


The so-called globalization has to do with the process of unification
of sovereignty, that started in 1989, after decades of “cold
war”, between the western capitalist and the soviet communist
model, that succeeded the victory of the “antifascist forces”
in the second “world war”, which, just like the first
“w.w.”, came to interrupt the revolutionary attitudes of the
people, which never stopped to shake the foundations of the states.

In the next decades there was intensification of control and
repression by all means, the development of numerous technological
means in order to impose control, the submission of society and its
Speaking of summits and the mobilizations against those
congregations of the scum and criminals of authority, we have,
initially, to point out the following:
• the organized co-operation between states + coalitions of states
in order to apply their anti-social plans (mainly concerning 2 issues:
1) the common international attack to societies, 2) the common
international police measures
• the demonstration of force by statists, i.e. that they decide, at
their luxurious congregations, protected via air, land and sea by state
of the art polemic faculties, about the future of the people, without
having to give reasons for their actions
• the reformist reaction by parts of the left, trying to present
“solutions”-painkillers, negotiable with the system (Tobin
tax, benefits etc.)
• the self-organization of the black block, anarchists,
antiauthoritarians and other people that struggle fro freedom,
presenting, besides the difficulties of our times, revolutionary
perspectives, clash with the police forces and attack against venues
and symbols of the state, humiliating, thus, multi-advertised
summits (NATO, G8, E.U. etc.)
The black block presented as a temporary co-operation between
people who protest, with offensive attitudes towards authority, at
mobilizations against “globalization”. Boosting struggles
against the State and the Capital, against racism, sexism and every
authoritarian ideology, against the destruction of the planet and the
mutation of human nature.
The state, no matter its attempts to present the modern inventions of
civilization, does not hesitate to indulge into raw violence and
terrorism, just like all the states in history squashed popular revolts,
and in many cases shot straight against demonstrators (Juliani,
Westberg etc.).
Sovereignty globally, now, applies the “anti”terrorist crusade
in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Chechnya and other vital regions for
authority, trying to impose slavery. In many of these areas, parts of
the population resist violently to their succumbion. The barbarity of
the (anti)terrorists, the use of toxic and radio-active substances on
the planet, every kind of Guadanamo, seek to scare and terrify
societies, to keep them into oblivion and silence, in exchange with
whatever useless consuming comforts and the alleged
“development” of civilized regions, creating robot-citizens
who just survive feeding the scum of the authority.
But, resistance is expanding. Mobilizations against
“globalizations” never stopped to spread insecurity among
statists, prisons and walls they build don’t seem capable of
interrupting the social revolutionary rage which will crash the state
and its organs. So many scientists, so many analysts, politicians, so
many connected media full of lies and brainwashing, yet, however,
they seem unable to prevent the expression of humanness and
solidarity, which disengage from politics and assault state and
institutions. The parts of society that struggle for freedom won’t
be terrified by Guadanamos, just like they weren’t terrified by
the tortures of Spanish Inquisition, yet, they will be more powerful
and with full consciousness about the, secret or obvious, role of
every part of authority..
SO, FIGHTING “GLOBALIZATION”, not only during the
summits of the rulers, and not only as a conception and process, but
also fighting those who propose it, as well as every ruler, as a part of
the overall social liberation war…
For social and individual liberation, for a free society, for


AMSTERDAM 12-17/6/1997 (EU Summit).
Demonstration of 35.000 people, banks and police vehicles attacked,
arrests and solidarity demos.
ATHENS 19/11/1999 (Bill Clinton visit)
Generalized clashes in the centre of Athens, dozens of arsons,
banks, ministries, government buildings, stock market and other
luxurious places are targets.
SEATTLE 28-30/11/1999 (WTO)
Generalized strikes, traffic ban, 40.000 people on the streets, banks
and multinational corporations are attacked.
WASHINGTON 14/4/2000 (WTO and IMF)
20.000 demonstratos, clashes with cops and 600 arrests.
PRAGUE 26-28/9/2000 (WTO + World Bank)
Antifascist demo by 3000 people, another demo next days with 3
separate blocks, Molotov cocktails, water pumps and barricades.
NICE 5-8/12/2000 (EU Summit)
Clashes at the borders where demonstrators are blocked, 2 separate
demos on Dec. 7th with 2000 and 3000 people, banks and cops are
attacked, 50 arrests.
ZURICH 27/1/2001 (WTO)
Barricades and clashes with cops, 150 arrests.
NAPLES 17/3/2001 (Technology summit)
30.000 demonstrators, battle at the central square, tear gas and
rubber bullets. About 100 arrests.
QUEBEC 20-21/4/2001 (FTAA)
3,8 km of barbed wire to protect the summit. The largest police
operation in the history of Canada, 100 million dol. Cost. Clashes
with the cops and assaults on luxurious stores, barricades, molotov
cocktails and catapults for 2 days 280 arrests.
GETEBORG 14-16/6/2001 (EU Summit – George Bush visit)
15.000 demosntrators. Cops invade a school, clashes since the
morning, cops attack with dogs, raids on police stations and shops,
Hannes Westberg is being shot. Major destructions at the city, 540
arrested. Charges from 3 months to 4 years for 96 people.
GENOVA 14-22/7/2001 (G8)
4 km barbed wire around the “red zone”, preventive arrests,
bombs explode before the summit at various cities, aiming a labour
service, a tv channel, an industry and a mall. Demonstrators on a
boat in Ancona are attacked by the carabinieri. 50.000 demonstration
on Jule 19th, secret cops beaten. July 20th: 7000-people anarchist,
antiauthoritarians, autonomous and antifascist demo. The black
block is divided in 2 basic parts and other smaller groups.
Government buildings and cops are attacked, shots are fired against
people who attack the local Marasi prison . In Qorso Torino, banks
and shops are set on fire, also government buildings, the regional
headquarters of carabinieri, car dealerships and large corporations.
Generalization of clashes and attacks, assault on a private security
firm parking-lot. Carlos Juliani is being shot in the head by a cop in
Piazza Alimonda. Later another murder, that of a French
demonstrator at the borders, is being known. Fierce clashes the next
day, attack against Marasi prison. Genova is burned, from one end to
BRUSSELS 13-15/12/2001 (EU Summit)
2.500 demonstrators, 2 banks and a police station are attacked.
MUNICH 6-7/2/2002 (ΝΑΤΟ Summit) &
NEW YORK 31/1-4/2/2002 (WEF)
A NATO website is sabotaged by hackers, tens of thousands of
demonstrators and dozens of arrests. In New York, everyone with a
covered face is arrested. There we had an animal experiments
company attacked a few days ago. Big demo in Zurich against
NATO and WEF. 22-year old Eduardo Parodi dies of asphyxia
caused by teargas thrown during clashes. 60.000 demonstrators in
Porto Alegre-Brazil. An anarchist demo which opposes the World
Social Forum occupies a building and clashes with the cops.
BARCELONA 14-16/4/2002 (Informal ΕU Summit)
Clashes with the cops and fierce repression from the first day,
retaliated with clashes and arsons next day.
SEVILLA 21-22/6/2002 (EU Summit)
30-40 thousands of demonstrators, dynamic demos in Madrid
(500.000), Barcelona, Malaga, Saragosa, Valencia.
OTTAWA 26-27/7/2002 (G8)
Chased by the people, the summit is up on the mountains, attacks
with stones at the demo, simultaneous demos in other cities.
JOHANESBURG 3/9/2002 (World Summit on Sustainable
Cops attack and arrest people who sit-in.
ATHENS 16-17/4/2003 (EU Conference)
Clashes in the centre of Athens, cops attacked, 1 month after the
war in iraq started.
EVIAN 1-3/6/2003 (G8)
50.000 demonstrators try to reach Evian, at the France-Switzerland
borders, clash severely with cops. An activist is severely injured
when the cops cut the rope which binds him to a bridge.
Corporations are burned down and a hotel, where some
representatives are staying, is attacked.
THESSALONIKI 20-22/6/2003 (EU Summit)
Occupation of the Philosophical School by anarchists on 16/6.
Workshops, discussions, projections, interventions and a dynamic
black block on Saturday 21/6 burns banks, corporations,
multinationals and severely attacks cops. Dozens of arrests and 7
demonstrators in jail.
MONTREAL 26/6/2003 (WTO)
Multinational shop windows are broken, 236 arrests, most around
the “red zone”.
CANCUN 11/9/2003 (WTO)
Red zone fence is passed by demonstrators, clashes with cops. Lee
Kyung-hae, farmer from Korea, commits suicide with a knife to
protest, while wearing a banner «WTO kills farmers».
ROME 4/10/2003 (Special ΕU Summit)
Shit is thrown onto Berlusconi’s house, cops and state services
MONS 25/10/2003
Hundreds of activists “inspect” a NATO faculty by invading
it and get arrested.
MIAMI 20/11/2003 (FTAA)
Attempts to drop down the police fence and fierce repression.
DAVOS 20-25/1/2004 (WEF)
Many days ago we had clashes in Wintertour and Bern.
Dozens of demonstrators that were arrested were tortured.
Barricades and clashes in Panama against the impending colonial
agreement of free trade between Panama and the USA.
ROME 4/6/2004 (Bush visit)
Big demo and clashes with the cops.
ISTANBUL 28-29/6/2004 (ΝΑΤΟ)
Banks and shops attacked, arrests, 23.000 on the road.
SANTIAGO 20-21/11/2004 (APEC)
Clashes and hundreds of arrests at the demo of 17/11m day of
Bush’s visit, a few days before the mobilizations against APEC.
GUATEMALA 10/3/2005
CAFTA is being passed by the legislature of Guatemala (preceded
FTAA – Free Trade Area of the Americas) amidst teargas and
thousands of cops surrounding the city.
EDINBURGH 6-8/7/2005 (G8)
Mobilizations against the Summit in Glenneagles.
BUSAN 17/11/2005 (APEC- Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation)
Fierce clashes in South Korea. Demonstrators and cops injured.
HONG-KONG 13-18/12/2005 (WTO)
Hundreds of demonstrators clash with the police.
HARTUM 23/1/2006 (African Union Summit)
Cops invade a venue of local and international humanitarian
organizations in the capital of Sudan and arrest 30 people.
ATHENS 25/4/2006 (Condolleza Rice visit)
Cops, a ministry, banks and luxurious shops are attacked in the
centre of Athens against the visit of the secretary of state of the USA.


Anarchist Archive of Thessaloniki every journey you make can be
in its smallest detail. Now there are plans to turn it into a general
shopping card for small items. Not only will your journeys be
known, so will everything you buy on the day and where.

Rossport Solidarity Camp

Rossport Solidarity Camp was re-opened on the 25th of February.

The camp is part of a community based struggle against
Shell$(B!G(Bs plans to devastate a remote coastal area in the
West of

The camp is now bigger and better than it has ever been before.

The Rossport Five, five residents jailed last year for refusing to
obey court orders preventing them from protesting the development,
went free from the High Court, without further imprisonment, on
the 7th of

April. One of them, Willie Corduff, attributed this to
power$(B!I(B. Costs were awarded in favour of Shell, though
feeling is it is unlikely they will get

away with trying to claim them.

In April we were visited by Rhythms of Resistance, a London
based samba band, we have also had contingents over from Earth
First!, from Nine Ladies anti-quarry

protest site, and from the Saving Iceland campaign.

On Good Friday, April 14th, there was a march through Rossport,
along the proposed route of the gas pipeline, to commemorate the
Ogoni nine, opponents of

Shell who were executed in Nigeria.

Also in April Roadbridge, the main contractor for Shell, made a
number of unsuccessful attempts to enter the refinery construction
site at Ballinaboy. These attempts were brought to a halt by
picketers, and it

is believed Shell was testing the waters for an attempt to re-start

On the June Bank Holiday weekend, the 4th to the 6th , a
gathering will take place on the camp, this is to commemorate its
first anniversary. The gathering will

feature workshops, a tour of the area, music, and a forum on
privatisation. All are welcome.

For more information see:




No Victory to the Daily Mail
National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns facing closure

THE NATIONAL COALITION of Anti-Deportation Campaigns
(NCADC) provides support 24 hours a day, seven days a week for
people seeking asylum.

It is the only national organisation that campaigns against
deportations and tries to help those at risk set up and run their own
campaigns to stay in Britain.

It has done this for the past ten years and has become the
backbone of support for all anti-deportation campaigns.

The NCADC charges nothing for its work. Now, faced with a
campaign of hate from the national press, it faces closure.

Hate mail

The Daily Mail spurred on this campaign. Angered by a
Copied from infoshop.org
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