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(en) Russia, Primorye: Theater of the Absurd - anarchist Mayday account from the pacific rim from avtonom.org*

Date Wed, 03 May 2006 08:50:02 +0300

Morning, May 1st, the weather blooms. I approach the main square, where all
local action usually takes place. KPRF-ofzcy ("ofzcy" means sheep in
Russian; KPRF -- the Russian acronym for Communist Party of the Russian
Federation) are already bunching up and getting ready (hanging up banners,
etc) around the Lenin statue. Slightly off to the side, our valiant FSB
(contemporary KGB) stands, 4 snouts in total. Somewhat more than 10
representatives of OGF (Obyedenyonniy Grazhdanskiy Front | United Citizens'
Front) show up soon. Spirits are high, song are already being sung... slight
confusion occurs during the song (?) Varshavka when someone from the KPRF
rolled up to the mic and re-yell his own words over the actual song's
"March, march forward working people," which he altered to "Soviet people."
The young were a tad outraged. More people are gathering at this point, the
elderly making up most of the contingent, with a young person here or there
becoming the recipients of a copy of the Situazciya newspaper.

The first rays of festivities begin with the on-stage appearance of some
"comrade" who periodically pontificates that the real culprit is the Jewish
mafia headed by so-n-so-this-or-that. Someone asks: "Would you be so kind as
to annunciate your views?" "Ah, figures, you're Reds!" -- the weirdo answers
his own question. He's follwed by a granny who can barely contain her
enthusiasm as she spews some crap about how, supposedly, 100 skinheads came
to our town to take back local land that was sold to some Chinese. The
origin of such fables remains a mystery to us.

The rally beings... some puffed-up provincial persona from the KPRF takes
center stage. He spoke at length, profusely and tediously, while reading off
a page, pummeling the pentioners's ears with an abundance of highbrow
jargon, something along the lines of: "the consolidation of consolidating
consolidants..." On top of this the songlike speech often soared in it's
appeals to God Almighty. Well, here we go, what can be more classic than
pimping God to gain the trust of sincere old grannies. He called on them not
to avoid the Elections and to vot for....? For them ofcourse, "since this is
the only way we can win!" Later on he urged the crowd not to forget that to
the side of the speakers, on the table next to the newspapers, there's a
collection box to fund flyers and newspapers. One can imagine how all of
this looked from the side.

The folling bunch of speeches consisted of shitflinging at United Russia,
paper-pushers and the "Gov't," praise for the KPRF, calls for the seizure of
power in all local areas, and regrets that there are too few among us that
resemble Lenin and Stalin. Miraculously, they even mentioned a tiny portion
of the history of May Day only they forgot to mention that the workers in
Chicago fought against authority, not for totalitarianism or some slave
system. At this pont we're quite sick of this ol' song'n'dance.

Somehow one of us managed to get on the official list of speakers. The
appearance turned out to be quite the masterpiece... Only a few phrases
sufficed, stuff along the lines of: "You guys've talked a lot today about
how bad United Russia is and how good KPRF is, but essentially they're both
the same thing! Neither has accomplished anything substantial for ordinary
people and they're both against the people. How long have the KPRF delegates
been sitting in the Duma (federal Parliament), for what kind of salary?
Nothing's come of it!" Noises of disapproval came from the forward echelons
of the most dedicated henchmen of the "red-reich." Some started to throw
rubbish at the speaker. In the end, the speaker's microphone was turned off
and ripped out of his hands. Next came accusations to the tune of "How much
were you paid?" How amusing! Shortly after we ended up leaving the event,
watching this circus got too tiresome. In the end, who's really to be

No Gods! No Masters!

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