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(en) US, Report from the Los Angeles Walk Outs: Rebels and Cops

Date Thu, 30 Mar 2006 20:12:18 +0200

From the Southern California Anarchist Federation -- Los Angeles Chapter 3/29/06
Through out this week students from High Schools and Middle
Schools have been walking out against the racist anti-immigrant HR 4437.
On Tuesday March 28th, members of the SCAF-LA supported the
student walk-outs by marching along with them, talking to them,
and trying to connect them with a revolutionary vision.
A middle school walk out had been organized by the teachers at Los
Angeles Leadership Academy, which had a couple of hundred
students walk out from their school to resist this proposed law.
There were High School students that we met up with in city hall
from all over the city, from Alhambra to South Central Los Angeles.
It was raining on this day, but this did not discourage students from
walking out. Mayor Villaraigosa even had to go on the radio, to beg
the students to not walk out anymore. Students had been organizing
their schools since Friday and the march on Saturday in Downtown
Los Angeles gave their efforts some support and momentum. The
city officials are scared, and are on the defensive. They lose federal
money when students do not show up to school, and they fear the
youth waking up and fighting back, they fear their rebellious spirit,
and the self-organization of the people.

Students chanted and marched from all over the city, meeting up at
different high schools for support and to get other students to walk
out. There were adult supporters and observers marching along with
the youth -- but this moment belonged to them. From downtown we
marched to South Central Los Angeles to Jefferson High School.
There we found riot police protecting the school, and stopping the
youth from walking out.

We heard reports that this happened at other schools as well. Riot
police surrounded schools and the school administration locked in
the students. The fact of the matter being that schools are prisons --
they are used to indoctrinate and socialize and turn us into a new
generation of wage slaves. They lock us in and have cops protecting
the schools and making sure we do not escape behind their class
room walls. The police never have repressed schools in upper middle
class sections of the city. This was an exposure on the system itself.

Besides the attempts of the authorities to stop the youth from
resisting and rebelling -- we talked to a student from Manual Arts
High School in South Central Los Angeles who told us that when
they locked the gates to their school -- the students broke them
down in their hundreds and walked out anyway. Also at Jefferson
High School when riot police tried to push people back and beat
people with their batons -- people refused to move and started
chanting, “La Migra, La Policia, La Misma Porqueria!” (The
INS, The Police -- the Same piece of trash). The youth were
determined, and willing to take bold actions -- some recalled stories
of the day before when they had taken over the 101 and 110

The march passed by workers in down town raising their fists from
their construction sites, and in South Central with Mexicano families
yelling out “Si Se Puede” from their porches and windows.
Students reassured each other, “My mom told me we’re not
supposed to go to school this whole week, because of this law.”
A boy’s mom passed by with water and burritos for those who
were hungry, dropping them off from her van.

Today in Los Angeles there is a lot of revolutionary potential, and we
have to support spontaneous resistance, but also we have to plan and
organize for the long term struggle of changing society and taking
back our communities (and relying on our own organization --
including on ourselves to educate each other -- and giving each
other the tools and resources that we‘re not receiving in our
schools that will help us fight against oppression, build the
revolutionary movement, and survive). The actions that the students
are taking are righteous and we should support it. Many are wanting
to help build this movement -- when were talking to some of them
they grabbed some SCAF flyers and passed them out to other

There are different meetings and forums that are being set up to
support the youth -- and others are trying to stop them and
discourage them (the media, and some liberals) telling them that
they’re causing harm to themselves -- when this government
and system is attacking them.

The Youth Collective of SCAF and members of SCAF-LA (Southern
California Anarchist Federation -- Los Angeles) will be screening the
HBO film Walk Out and actual footage from the East Los Angeles
Blow Outs from the past and helping facilitate discussion after the
screenings on getting organized in the present to not only stop this
racist anti-immigrant law HR 4437 but change the rotten system
that locks us up, lies to us, and kills us. We will be screening the
film in different parts of the city, the first will be in Boyle Heights on
April 2nd, 2006 -- contact morph3030@yahoo.com --
intiale@yahoo.com -- grankilombo@yahoo.com -- for more info or
the Youth Collective at layouthcollective@lists.riseup.net

Right on to the rebel youth -- the world belongs to you, the
oppressed, and humanity -- not the police, the politicians, or the

(Also members of SCAF will be helping organize for a strike in May
that is being called for.)

ays be associated with angry,
frustrated youth, tired of getting beaten around by the cops, sick of
the world of consumerism and war and just fed up! It's time the
youth of Ireland stand up, get organised and fight back!

How can people contact you?

You can e-mail us at anarchistyouth@riseup.net or you can join the
yahoo group at
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/anarchistyouthireland. We are
planning to set up a website and get a PO Box. We also will post up
the details of our (hopefully monthly) meeting on

Thanks to W and Sam.

From Workers Solidarity 90, Jan/Feb 2005
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