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(en) US, Phoenix, Arizona: Upheaval #3 is out!

Date Mon, 13 Mar 2006 17:29:43 +0200

2006: What an awful time to be an American! What a beautiful moment to be an Anarchist!
Since Upheaval #2 came out last Fall, corruption and distress seem
to have become the rule. Bush and the NSA have been exposed for
secret wiretapping of US citizens. Secret US torture camps have
been discovered all through eastern Europe. Scumbag lobbyists like
Jack Abramoff have been outed for buying out our “elected
officials” to up the military-industrial complex. We’ve
already begun the march towards a meaningless war in Iran while
we’re still sinking deeper into meaningless quagmires in Iraq
and Afghanistan. The Christian right is calling for the execution of
all queers; Bush continues his crusade to gut our Social Security.
Meanwhile, Peak Oil is approaching, global temperatures are
breaking records, the glaciers are melting, and no one seems to be
able to do anything substantial to stop any of it. Dick Cheney even
blasted some dude with a shotgun. Every day, there’s less and
less of a reason to pretend that this whole “American
democracy” shtick is anything more than the weakest of
corporate shams. Is it any wonder that everyone but the Minutemen
have stopped waving around those idiotic American flags?

On a heavier note, we at Upheaval mourn the passing of fellow
Arizonan Bill Rodgers. In a jail cell, sometime during the night of
December 22nd, Bill took his own life in a final, brave act of defiance
against his captors. He was about to be extradited to Washington to
serve as a scapegoat for the federal government’s war on
environmentalists, facing charges of “eco-terrorism.”

Anyone who knew Bill — or spent any time in Prescott’s
Catalyst Infoshop, which he helped run — must have found it
profoundly insulting that they tried to paint him as some kind of
public enemy. By all accounts he was a kind, humble man who
worked diligently for the betterment of the planet and the happiness
of his fellow humans. It’s obvious that Bill was no
“terrorist” — and if a court determines that he played a
part in the nonviolent destruction of some rich assholes’ new ski
resort, in defense of the ecosystem it was destroying, then we here at
Upheaval can only say: right on, brother. None of us can afford to ski

While we were working on our second issue, Upheaval received a
mysterious package from the Catalyst people. They’d read about
us on the web, and wanted to exchange a copy of our magazine for
the fist issue of their own zine, the Stray Cat.

The Stray Cat was a charming, hand-worked little thing, bursting
with wit, humor, and optimism about projects that the Catalyst had
planned for its community — a free school; movie nights; an
“alternative tourist bureau.” The tone of the whole thing was
so earnest, laid-back and friendly, it was hard not to think that the
people of Prescott were pretty lucky to have Bill and the other
members of the Catalyst in their town. We were excited about the
bright future this small autonomous zone was going to enjoy
through the efforts of these fun, hard-working anti-authoritarians.

But on December 7th, that bright future was darkened by the
shadows of federal agents, who raided the Catalyst and seized
materials and computers to support their “eco-terrorism”
witch hunt. On the same day, they threw Bill in jail.

The Catalyst managed to survive this temporary setback. Despite all
they’ve been put through, including the loss of one of their
founders, the Catalyst still seems committed to serving the public.
Last week they held a memorial service for Bill.

Let’s take a cue from the Catalyst folks, and look on the bright
side of all this: we anarchists claim that the state is not the friend of
the people, but their enemy. And nothing could make that clearer to
everyone than a dose of heavy-handed, indiscriminate government
persecution. Seeing it hit so close to home — just up the road, as
it were — made it obvious to us that if we don’t hang
together, they’ll arrange to have us hanged separately. It’s
sobering to think that if we’d sent a copy of Upheaval to the
Catalyst just a few weeks earlier, this very magazine might now be
sitting in some spook’s filing cabinet as part of a creepy secret
dossier on America’s Growing Scourge of Anarcho-Terrorism,
or Eco-Fascism, or Deviant Anti-apathy, or Treasonous Action
Against the Holy Corpratocratic Death Machine, or some other
equally specious nonsense. It’s funny — when we started this
magazine, it seemed like nobody wanted to read about anarchism.
But since the Catalyst raid, it’s likely that we’ll now have
readers in some of the highest tiers of the federal government. And
really, could we ask for a better audience to convert?

You too can join the Upheaval anytime you like — we’re
always accepting submissions of words, art, and photographs that
deal with struggles for revolutionary social justice. Past subjects have
included: border issues and immigration; police brutality and
repression; gender, feminist, and queer issues; radical
environmentalism, resistance to white supremacy, white privilege,
and racism; prisoner support; critiques of global capitalism and the
state; and tactics for realizing and organizing our revolutionary

As always, your letters are welcome, and donations are gladly
accepted. Send any and all to our PO box, or go to the PAC website.

This issue is dedicated to Bill Rodgers, and all his efforts. We hope
his passing inspires us all to continue the work that he, and so many
other fallen allies, have begun.

In solidarity,

The Upheaval editorial collective.


c/o the Phoenix Anarchist Coalition

PO Box 3438, Tempe, AZ 85280-3438



Contents of Issue 3:
An open letter from Phoenix Copwatch

Operation Backfire: the FBI’s war on the ELF/ALF

by Katelyn

The Real Eco-Terrorists

by Ken Dahl

They Won’t Stop Gang Violence

by sallydarity

The Importance of Being an Ally

by Elizabeth V.

The Perfect Pope

by frog

Don’t Slice Babies’ Junk Off Dammit!!

by anonymous

bell hooks: two reviews

by frog & sallydarity

Book review: Confessions of an Economic Hitman

by anonymous

Minutemen Invade Phoenix

by sallydarity
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