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(en) Towards revolutionary syndicalist struggles! - by Federation of Anarchists of Greece (OAE)- Students Committee -

Date Thu, 29 Jun 2006 12:38:04 +0300

A leaflet by OAE-Students Committee
We stand with the organised direct action and the creation of rank
n’ file bodies which when federally constituted will clash with
those in charge of our problems, up to the final victory!
Dear colleagues
With our demonstration today we close the first circle of the
mobilisations against the law-frame by the Education minister. The
first victory came. The “freeze” of the law about the third
degree education and the upcoming “dialogue” was a retreat
by the New Democracy government which in collaboration with the
PASOK leadership tried to impose it during this summer through
the summer departments of the Parliament. However, this
“dialogue” in which the government call us is a mockery and
a challenge because it places as its base this same law, which
protested students and workers during the last two months.

The fight however does not stop here, it is continuing for the total
withdrawl of the law and all its logic which is restored into the
“dialogue”, and the creation of conditions for another
educational system, in according with the needs of workers and poor
people layers of the society and not for the Capital and capitalists.

So, do not have delusions. The law will come back fragmentarily
after the prefectoral and municipal elections in October, but even
also if they do not dare to restore it, we have a lot of subjects as a
movement to deal with. The beginning was difficult, now with the
proof into practice that we can have victories we should continue
extending and deepening our demands.

This will become drawing conclusions from the last mobilisations in
the fire of organisation of the struggle but also from its preparation.
The conclusions that we draw are as following:

1. The collective action and the long-lasting preparation of the
struggles bring results. The governmental laws are papers without
any force when the people does not want them and organised to
overthrow them. We should not forget that those in the government
and the bosses are trembling when the total of the exploited and
oppressed of the society is struggling as a class. On the contrary,
when the struggles are corporate with the class solidarity broken
then the pressure is small and combatable. Hence, in the current
economic situation the student movement must be supported by the
school movement and, as generally speaking, by the working class
movement on the principles of class solidarity. With this way the
charge that is prepared against the working class conquests can be
confronted and thus a collaboration will be built, which will bring to
us in an aggressive action in the future. With few words, the
correlation of the social forces today are at the expence of the
exploited classes and as a result of this we are found in a defencive
position, but we can and we must aim to obtain the more possible
massivity and quality of demands in order the correlation of the
social forces to be in favour of us and to pass in an aggressive policy
against those in government, which, we should have in mind, serve
the interests of a few while they are supported by the tolerance of

2. The way of the organisation of the struggle has an importance in
order to have victorious results. The attendance also of the rank
n’ file of the interested students, in the level of decision-making
and also in the level of action, makes the governmental powers
trembling. The voluntary organisation of the base is the absolute
organisation, it can be compared with no government or
authoritarian organisation that is based in the fear and in coercion.
When we simultaneously with the organisation of the rank n’
file have General Assemblies with class orientation then it is the
perfect mix for the ignition of radical movements with social
dimensions. This elects also the current student movement, the
power of the rank n’ file that is organised into the General
Assemblies with class demands, that materialise and execute the
decisions from the open sea of the coordinative occupation, that is
organised in Pan-Hellenic scale by the rank n’ file committees
aiming at the crash of the law that ties up absolutely the universities
in the chariot of the Capital.

3. The political fermentation into the movement for more promoted
demands it is necessary, in order to give a final blow in the reasons
that create the problems. No movement solidify demands and it
would be an error if we wish something such as this, because with
this way we would break the open character of the movement
changing it progressively into a caricature. Demanding only possible
degrees, better places of work in combination with those not
graduated, we dig our grave. We are never win if we struggle
corporately, and big sectors of the society will rightly turn their back
to us. We are not blaiming the society for it does not support us, but
our own demands which claim the segregation and no the class
unity of the exploited that is asked in order to achieve victories. We
believe that our main demand should be the equality of wage of all
workers, graduated and not, better life conditions for all. This
demand is adopted by the revolutionary syndicalism more than one
century now, it is the demand that can coil all exploited in a real
class unity and solidarity. Beyond this we can specialise in demands
that concern specifically the university and individual faculties that
will create libertarian cracks in the existing educational system. We
do not wait for the realisation of a libertarian university into a
capitalist system. We believe that through the syndicalist action in
the universities and at extension in the society, with our radical
demands, should prepare and materialise struggle in the prospect of
revolutionary inversion of existing social model of the organisation of
the society, aiming at the creation of another university that will
provide a real education in the new working society of equality and

4. If we need the victory the fight should not be romantic. Many
times as conceiving the freedom as pluralism of ideas and action,
without certain decided principles, we fall in the trap of the
immunity. Many into our movement believe that a person is by its
nature good, is not a few times where the slogan “you leave each
flower to bloom” constitutes our movement. Others, again,
having incorporated the individualism from the capitalist society
transfering it also into our movement slandering the unity and
collectiveness which are necessary for every small and big inversion.
We believe that the person is not good or villain by its nature, we
believe that the freedom of one stops there where that begins the
other’s. Thus every social movement through the General
Assemblies must establish rules of operation in the organisational
sector but also moral libertarian codes in the level of action. Whoever
does not respect and does not self-discipline in the collective
decisions are objectively characterised as people wanted the split.
Those who again under a party expediency make riskyly zigzags in
the backs of the movement can be characterised as provocateurs.
The current student movement does not have time for
romanticisms, wants the victory, and should not hesitate to isolate
each party “avant-garde” that acts with splitting ways at its
expence. Real avant-garde stand as vanguards in the struggle, they
diffuse ideas into the movement leading to a radical progressive
inversion and also simultaneously self-discipline to the decisions of
the masses. On the contrary, those who are “parachutists”,
and present themselves in the big development of the movement,
and denying to respect the collective decisions, they have no place in
the struggle. It is a responsibility of the movement for applying into
practice the isolation of every party mechanism (whatever its cloak
is) which with a “I want so” seeks the leadership of the
movement and in the substance making its dynamics useless.


The movement of this May and June in Greece considered by many
as the continuation of the recent movement in France. It is not the
truth, but it is our duty to become the truth. The movement in
France has other qualitative characteristics, in the level of
organisation and also in the level of demands. It is necessary for us
to not see on the surface the logan “here it will become
Sorbonne” but deepening into the movement of France drawing
conclusions which will help us here, today and tomorrow. The
movement in France has been influenced deeply by the revolutionary
syndicalism, which supported and prompted the anarchists for more
than 100 years, by the Bakunin and the International Union of
Workers (First International) era. It is still influenced by the
decisions of the Congress of Saint Imier of the First International
(1872), which declared that “proletarians of all countries owe to
establish, outside from each political bourgeoisie, the solidarity of
revolutionary action”. With a few words, the tranfer of the
French movement in Greece requires deviation of conscience of the
exploited and oppressed classes in Greece to the direction of the
class solidarity independently from working places, education,
neighborhood. This means that as a first priority we should have the
revelation of the dirty role that the partisanship and the corporatism
play in the social movements of Greece. This revelation is essential
for mass liberation of the people, not only from the two biggest
political parties (PASOK, ND) but from all the political parties. It is
essential to understand that we do not need power experts
(professional politicians, high-standing trade-unionists in order to
resolve our problems. We by ourselves have the power, with the
organised direct action, to resolve them through the creation of rank
n’ file bodies (revolutionary trade unions, assemblies of
neighborhood etc) which when federally constituted will clach with
those in charge of our problems, up to the final victory!

Towards revolutionary syndicalist struggles!

Federation of Anarchists of Greece (OAE)- Students Committee

P.O. BOX 1333, Central Post Office, Patras 26001, Greece

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